The Strongest Gene - Chapter 379: Land of Legacy

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Chapter 379: Land of Legacy

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"Since we have all escaped the barbarians, let\'s separate here," Kong Bai said to Chen Feng and Qin Hai. However, as he turned around, his escape route was blocked by them. "…" Kong Bai stopped and said indifferently, "What? Are you guys trying to keep me here? Hehe, greed will lead to death. Do you truly think that I, Kong Bai, am someone so easily bullied?"

Chen Feng was all smiles as he looked at Kong Bai. "Of course we don\'t think that way. I only want to know your goal, your true goal in coming here to this untamed region."

"Naturally, I\'m here for the pure energy," Kong Bai replied firmly.

Toward his reply, Chen Feng merely laughed. "Hehe." Who was Kong Bai trying to trick? If he was truly here for the pure energy, he definitely would have interrupted Chen Feng when Chen Feng was absorbing it. Moreover, that clump of pure energy had already been fully absorbed by Chen Feng. Then why was this guy still here? What was the reason? To be precise, what was his goal?

Chen Feng raised his hand. "I want to hear the truth." He might not necessarily be able to defeat Kong Bai, but with his present B-class strength, he would at least be able to pose some sort of deterrence toward this guy. At worst, he could attract all the barbarians over here.


The B-class power was about to be unleashed from Chen Feng\'s hand.

Kong Bai: "…"

He started gnashing his teeth. How did such a shameless person exist? He was obviously not strong. Unfortunately, despite this guy\'s shamelessness, he had still recently broken through to B class, and coincidentally, these damnable barbarians were particularly sensitive toward the energy released by a B class. Any slight carelessness and they would all be surrounded by the barbarians. Naturally, he did not mind repeating the process of fleeing from the barbarians. However, what if these two were able to once more stick close to him? That was rather likely.

It seemed like these two guys were now targeting him.

In an indifferent manner, Chen Feng started his countdown. "Three. Two. One!"

Kong Bai sighed. "I will tell you."

Chen Feng prepared to listen."Oh?"

"The legacy of the barbarians," Kong Bai said helplessly. "The members of this barbarian tribe did not possess such a mysterious ability at birth. In the vicinity of their village, there exists some ruins left over from ancient barbarians. As long as one trains in the ruins, one might be able to obtain the legacy of the barbarians and obtain that unique ability!"


The eyes of Chen Feng and Qin Hai shone. Unique ability? Such as that energy immunity? Instantly, the two of them were enticed. Only those who had truly encountered it would have an idea of how powerful an ability that energy immunity was. This was an ability that would enable a genius to challenge those even two classes above him. If they obtained this ability, even when facing an A-class warrior, they would not have to worry about their lives. This was truly a heaven-defying ability.

The legacy of the barbarians, huh? Chen Feng\'s heart started burning, and he narrowed his eyes. "Do you know the location?"

Kong Bai nodded. "Naturally."

"Let\'s go together?" Chen Feng suggested indifferently.

Kong Bai shrugged. "Do I have a say in this?" Since he had decided to tell them the truth, he had naturally been prepared to take them along. Rather than continue wasting time here with them and deal with the prospect of continuously guarding against them, he might as well work together with them. At the very least, the trip would be safer if they worked together. After all, the land of legacy was not a place just anyone could enter.

Kong Bai started talking. "Before coming, I checked the information regarding the ruins. However, I failed to find anything. Regardless of which channel I used for my investigations, I couldn\'t find any information regarding that place. Therefore, this might be a dangerous trip. Even I do not have absolute confidence in surviving it."

Chen Feng and Qin Hai nodded their heads. "Understood." This was understandable. Even the village of the tribe of barbarians was classified as an unknown region. The land of legacy that was located in an even deeper part of this unknown region was most certainly something nobody knew about. As for the dangers there… hehe. For people like them, danger was something they faced frequently anyway.

A smile appeared on Kong Bai\'s face as he continued, "Good. This is why I enjoy working together with geniuses."

They exchanged information on their strengths and established a temporary squad.


Kong Bai: peak C class, combat power at middle-tier B class, possesses numerous trump cards.

Qin Hai: peak C class, combat power at early-tier B class, combat power derived purely from his physical flesh.

Chen Feng: early-tier B class, combat power at middle-tier B-class.


These were the strengths of the three as shown on paper. Both Chen Feng and Kong Bai possessed combat power of middle-tier B class. As for Qin Hai, despite his early tier B-class combat power, he was the only one among the three of them capable of facing the barbarians. As such, neither of the three were at an advantage compared to the others.

After establishing the squad, they started heading toward the land of legacy. Based on what Kong Bai had said, the land of legacy was not a place as worthless as the barbarian\'s village. It was a place that was guarded by a massive military force at all times. Moreover, even the chief of the barbarians might be guarding there. As for the chief\'s combat power, it could very well be above A class. Only now, when that chief was not around, could their infiltration into the ruins stand a chance. Otherwise, that mysterious super expert could very well insta-kill them with a single glance.


At this, Chen Feng recalled the statue he had seen earlier. Was that the chief? The one who had appeared to rescue Wang Yao from the mysterious expert earlier thanks to his Luck Aura? He was still doubtful as to why an expert would appear at this place. So that was someone from the land of legacy? If so, that might explain it.

They traveled along the route drawn by Kong Bai and arrived at the location shortly after. However, just as they reached the entrance of the land of legacy, a loud sound echoed from the sky. Distantly, a faint radiance could be seen flashing. That mysterious chief had apparently returned!

"Not good."

Instantly, their expressions changed greatly. They did not fear any of the normal barbarians; the chief was the only one they feared… After all, that was an existence surpassing A class!

"Perhaps, he has yet to notice us…" Kong Bai whispered.

A cold snort thundered from the sky above them. "Hmph!" Abruptly, that mysterious person moved. His gaze, filled with killing intent, landed on Chen Feng\'s group. "You are all courting death."

They were all ashen faced. "We have been noticed." Escape? They had no way of escaping. The entirety of the 500-kilometer region around them was the unknown region, the territory of these barbarians. They would most definitely be insta-killed after only fleeing for a couple kilometers. Unless…

Kong Bai looked toward the land of legacy. Despite the fact that they were still quite a distance away from the legacy… "Inside!"


They charged toward the land of legacy.

At the entrance, the guards braced themselves for a battle. However, facing the Chen Feng trio who was unleashing their full power, rather than being a match to them, these guards might even get killed themselves at any moment.

Clang! Clang!

The entrance toward the land of legacy was forced open.

An indignant roar thundered from the sky above them. "You dare?!" A huge hand appeared from the sky and charged toward them from tens of kilometers away. The terrifying power from that hand caused the very air around them to start constricting. All their bodies chilled at this sight.

Faster! Faster! Faster! they roared inwardly. From the entrance of the land of legacy that had been forced open, a white radiance started shining.


A dazzling radiance erupted from within. At the same time, the attack of the chief finally reached them, blasting a huge pit in the ground as it landed. However, the three of them were now nowhere to be seen. In a split second after that, the stone statue arrived and stared toward the land of legacy that was radiating with a dim radiance.

A long sigh echoed across the land. "In the end, they still entered? This land of legacy that has not received any visitors for several centuries… Is this something good, or will this bring disaster?"