The Strongest Gene - Chapter 378: The Weapon of the Third Party

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Chapter 378: The Weapon of the Third Party

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The Profitable Third Party, an ability whose greatest advantage was its hidden nature when used. Only by doing things in the dark could one become the third party who profited over the fight of others. The moment the hidden third party was exposed, this ability lost its advantage.

"The f*ck." That person was dumbstruck. Evidently, he had no idea how he had been discovered. There was also that red flash that was rather thick and long. What on earth was that?

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. "It\'s indeed him." Previously, when the Genetic Union and the Mysterious Organization had fought, it was this same guy who had suddenly appeared. Was he using some sort of unique ability? This guy seemed to specialize in reaping profit from the fights of others. Presently, the battle between Qin Hai and the barbarian had stopped as well. They were both eyeing that person fiercely. Immediately, over ten barbarians started taking large strides toward that person.

That person sighed. "Everything is so unfavorable today!" This was truly weird. No problems whatsoever had ever appeared when he had used this ability in the past. Why were problems cropping out one after another here at this place? Was he trying to scheme against the wrong opponent? Or was it due to the energy immunity the barbarians possessed? But then, that red radiance…

He shook his head. "Forget it. It\'s better to run for now."


A misty sphere condensed on his hand and was tossed on the ground.


Instantly, endless mist gushed out. The dense white mist enveloped the entire tribe instantly. Immediately, the visibility level dropped to only one meter. Someone would not even be able to see a shadow any further than that.


In a well-practiced manner, that person vanished among the mist.

As a neutral party trying to survive among all these huge organizations, how was it possible for him to not have made any preparations? He had indeed been discovered, but so what? He glanced at everyone indifferently before leaving easily.

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. "This is a good opportunity. Go." He was overjoyed.

"We can\'t see clearly either," Qin Hai said with a solemn expression. This odd white mist had blocked out all energy. As such, there was no way of for them to even perceive the direction. Forget about the barbarians, even they were unable to perceive anything amid this mist. This, coupled with the drop of visibility…


The moment Qin Hai turned around, he knocked against the crotch of one of the barbarians. The impact pained him greatly.

He smiled bitterly. "I can\'t see clearly…"

Chen Feng started pulling Qin Hai. "Here."

"You can see?" Qin Hai asked in amazement.

"Nope," Chen Feng said with a smile. "However, I have a way to figure out which direction to go."

Qin Hai followed Chen Feng. "All right."



They started traveling through the white mist. Chen Feng with his pair of bright eyes was cautiously avoiding all the barbarians along the way. Despite that, he was still heading in the same direction, seemingly sure of his goal. Underground, a red phantom was streaking around rapidly. From the start till the end, Xiao Ying followed that third party. Despite the rather huge energy consumption when doing this, for the present Xiao Ying, who was filled to the brim with an energy it did not even know how to utilize properly, this was the last thing it needed to worry about.


One scene after another appeared in Chen Feng\'s mind. Faithfully, Xiao Ying was transmitting everything it saw to Chen Feng.


Bringing Qin Hai along, Chen Feng traveled through the mist. Currently, the third party that was fleeing hadn\'t even had the chance to feel the joy of his successful escape before he saw two familiar figures behind him. Those two had actually caught up to him!

His expression changed slightly. "The f*ck?" This white mist was something released by the mist bomb unique to him. It was capable of blocking all sensory abilities, vision, sense of hearing, sense of smell, interference abilities, and so on. How had these two caught up to him? He calculated the distance and noted that he was now not far away from the mist\'s exit. He clenched his teeth and decided that he could now allow them to follow him out.

He inhaled deeply. "I need to shake them off."


With a turn, he changed direction. At the same time, the Chen Feng duo that was behind him changed their direction noiselessly as well. They were seemingly capable of sensing what the third party was doing, as Chen Feng had decided to stick even closer to him.

One round… two rounds…

The third party had traveled around the tribe two times now, yet those two were still following him closely. Moreover, they were closing the distance. Now they could nearly see each other with the naked eye alone.

The third party had an unsightly expression. "The hell?"

The white mist was already fading, as the active duration was ending. If this continued, he wasn\'t sure he would be able to shake them off. However, he was certain that he would fail to escape.

D*mn it! he cursed inwardly, and he started running speedily. As the white mist faded, finally, he left the tribe of barbarians. Next, he turned around and saw that the two were still following after him closely. Now, without the mist, both sides could see each other clearly. As far as the third party was concerned, if he failed to even shake them off in the mist, out here, it was a no-brainer that he would fail to escape them. Chen Feng and Qin Hai increased their speed, seemingly about to catch up with him at any time.

Chen Feng was all smiles when they caught up as he looked at this guy in front of him. "It\'s indeed you."

"The one who schemed against us earlier was him as well?" Qin Hai asked in amazement.

The third party laughed awkwardly. "Hehe." He personally believed that he was a rather powerful person with a huge amount of trump cards. However, these two guys were rather troublesome. Even if he were to ignore the pure physical body strength of Qin Hai, there was also the guy called Wang Feng, the most troublesome of the two, because that guy was B class. As long as Wang Feng started fighting, the barbarians would be attracted. Wang Feng was simply akin to a lighthouse telling all the enemies where they were. Even sadder was the fact that he couldn\'t shake this guy off no matter what. He had yet to find out the reason for his failure to shake this guy off either.

One more thing he couldn\'t understand was the reason these two guys had joined hands despite the obvious fact that one was from Genetic Union and the other was from Mysterious Organization.

Cautiously, he pointed at Qin Hai and Chen Feng. "You both…"

"Us?" Chen Feng glanced at Qin Hai and said indifferently, "Our friendship bloomed in a time of danger. As such, our relationship transformed from that of enemies to friends."

The third party: "…"

Fine, he would accept this reason for now.

Chen Feng was about to make a move. "Who are you, then?"

"Bro!" The third party stopped him hurriedly, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. "Bro, if there\'s a problem, we can talk it out. Please don\'t do anything. It hasn\'t been easy for us to escape the barbarians. If we get ourselves surrounded once again, it\'s going to be troublesome."

Chen Feng stared at him indifferently. "If so, tell me, which organization are you from?"

He was truly curious. Who exactly was this mysterious third party that could seemingly appear and vanish at any time? What exactly was the reason he was able to remain hidden yet profit from the fights of others all the time?

In a somewhat embarrassed manner, the third party scratched his head. "Oh." Seemingly realizing what Chen Feng wanted to ask, he said immediately, "I am a vagabond with no allegiance. The only reason I was able to tail after you guys is the unique ability I have. It\'s this ability."

He show them the data of his ability.

"The Profitable Third Party?"

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. The h*ll? Such a treacherous ability existed? No wonder… Finally, they understood the reason for the things they had encountered earlier had happened. What could they say when encountering an ability like this? The only thing they could say was this was indeed a miraculous world where all sorts of abilities existed. This was probably the reason this unique neutral party that was not part of any organization had been able to survive all this while.

Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, "Oh, yeah, what\'s your name?"

"Me?" That person calmly stated, "I am Kong Bai."