The Strongest Gene - Chapter 374: World of Midgets

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Chapter 374: World of Midgets

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Light dispersed everywhere.

"Not good."

The expressions of the Genetic Union members changed. That imposing giant was blasted apart just like that, transforming into countless energy clumps.

"Damn it!"

They were all endlessly alarmed. That was a giant unleashed through the combined power of the 10 of them, something that truly had peak B-class power. Qin Hai was actually capable of blasting that giant apart. What kind of freak was he? Wasn\'t he crippled? Wasn\'t he incapable of using any energy-based abilities? With his flesh alone…

"We can only use that thing now."

"But elder told us to only use that during a moment of crisis?"

"Is this not a crisis?"


The leader took out a blue crystal.


He crushed the crystal and a blue radiance instantly bloomed in his hand.


A faint radiance started spreading and engulfed their surroundings, akin to a blue wave. Along with the spread of the blue wave, the energy clumps of the blasted giant that had fallen to the ground started radiating dazzlingly.

Chi chi chi—

Limbs started growing out of these crystals, and ultimately, all the energy crystals transformed into a group of vigorous-looking midgets.


Bloodstains were dripping down Qin Hai\'s chest. He rubbed at his chest, and his hand was painted red with blood. "Indeed, it is still too difficult for the current me to deal with a peak B class?"

He felt somewhat regretful. He had initially believed that he would be able to defeat that giant. Unexpectedly, the giant was capable of transforming into midgets after its destruction.



Numerous midgets charged at Qin Hai. Each of the midgets was at the level of C class. Individually, they weren\'t powerful. However, their terrifyingly high quantity was sufficient to plant fear in their opponent\'s heart, an opponent at peak B class included. Moreover, the present Qin Hai did not have much combat power remaining.

"Goodbye," the Genetic Union members said malevolently.

Suddenly, light laughter resounded. "Ha."

The Genetic Union members were alarmed. "Who?" After looking around, they found that the laughter had come from that Wang Feng guy who was still in the midst of breaking through. He was capable of talking even though he was still not done breaking through 60% of the remaining pure energy.

The leader was amazed. "Attention splitting?" It was rumored that there were some people capable of splitting their attention. These people were able to focus on the control of their energy circulation while doing a different task simultaneously. Such a person would normally be a person of great talent.

The leader sneered. "Ah. There\'s actually such a genius in the Mysterious Organization? Even if you can split your attention, so what? You are still in the midst of breaking through. How much of your power can you spare to deal with us?"

Regardless of whether that Wang Feng was splitting his attention, with his current condition of being midbreakthrough, he would not be able to use more than 10% of his power. The moment he used too much of his power, his breakthrough would fail. On top of that, after that happened, he would no longer be able to break through in his whole life. What was to fear about such a person? He wouldn\'t even feel any fear if a peak-condition Wang Feng was standing here, let alone the present Wang Feng who was as good as a cripple?

Chen Feng merely smiled as a response. "Hehe." Naturally, he was incapable of the so-called attention splitting. In fact, he was relying only on Xiao Ying to maintain the energy circulation in his body. Even if Xiao Ying only possessed the intelligence the level of a child, it was still capable of this. What the Genetic Union member had said was indeed correct. Presently, he could only utilize 10% of his power. Moreover, even this 10% was on the premise of the constant supply from that clump of pure energy he was absorbing. Otherwise, Chen Feng would not have been able to even move. But then, 10% was sufficient for him to deal with these people.

"Are you truly so confident?" The leader did not plan to continue blabbering on with this guy. He believed that even if both Wang Feng and Qin Hai worked together in their peak condition, he would still be able to kill them easily. Now that even the blue crystal had been used, was there still anything to fear?

"Shh..." Chen Feng whispered. "Ten. Nine. Eight."

Suddenly, Chen Feng had started counting down. At this, the expressions of the Genetic Union members changed. What was this guy planning? Countdown? A countdown for what? His breakthrough?

They glanced at Wang Feng and noted that he was still far from breaking through. Why was he counting down, then? Despite not knowing the reason, the leader could acutely feel that something was off.

"Five. Four."

Chen Feng\'s faint voice reverberated.

"Charge!" the leader ordered without the slightest hesitation.


The numerous midgets started charging toward Chen Feng. At the same moment, Chen Feng finished his countdown.



The world sunk into silence. All the Genetic Union members started looking around cautiously. As for the charging midgets, they all became cautious as they braced for the eruption of a battle. However, nothing happened.

The leader started laughing from his anger. "Hehe. Are you trying to drag this out?" He barked out, "Charge!"

All the midgets charged forth crazily. This time, Chen Feng was the one smiling. Previously, the countdown had not been for his breakthrough. Rather, it had been for the recovery of his luck value. Right after the finish of his countdown, one point of luck value had been regenerated. It wasn\'t a high amount, but it was sufficient.

Chen Feng smiled as he said, "Group battle?" I\'m much more proficient at this than you guys.


His hand started radiating. Myriad Illusions, activate!



Along with the eruption of an odd radiance from Chen Feng\'s hand, clumps of red radiance appeared midair before they all started transforming into midgets.

The Genetic Union members blanked.


Energy midgets? This… How had he learned this ability? Even when using such midgets, did he not need to first make some other preparations? Even the Genetic Union members had only summoned the midgets after the energy giant earlier had been blasted apart. Only with this had there been sufficient energy to summon these midgets. But this guy here…




Numerous vicious-looking midgets appeared. The Genetic Union members were all rendered speechless when they saw that some of the midgets were wearing energy armor, some were carrying forks, whips, or other weapons… All of the newly summoned midgets were armed!

The Genetic Union members were all dumbfounded. "What the h*ll is this?" Energy midgets could be utilized in such a manner?



After 36 energy midgets appeared, Chen Feng\'s 10% power was fully exhausted. Even if he was now much stronger compared to the past, with only 10% of his power and one point of luck value, this was as much as he could do.

The Genetic Union members breathed out in relief. "Luckily." Their midgets were somewhat lacking when it came to equipment, but they had the numerical advantage! Over 300 of them against 36 of Wang Feng\'s midgets!

Mhm, a disparity of tenfold. There shouldn\'t be any problems, then.


The numerous blue midgets of the Genetic Union clashed with the red midgets of Chen Feng. The difference of might between the armed and non armed midgets was apparent from the first crash. Almost instantly, the blue midgets suffered heavy losses, countless amounts of them dead.

Even with this, the Genetic Union members did not have any change in expression. It was nothing if some of their blue midgets died from this. The only thing they cared about was the final victory. However, as the battle progressed, their expressions started changing, and they kept changing until the end.

When they saw a red midget piercing through their blue midgets like a lamb kebab…

When they saw a red midget riding on a blue midget with a whip around it like a mount…

When they saw this, their expressions greened. Why? They were completely stupefied. These midgets were essentially something formed purely of energy with no wisdom of their own. Only a faint trace of consciousness existed in these midgets. However, those red midgets seemed capable of learning while in the midst of battle? This was too excessive!!