The Strongest Gene - Chapter 373: Forcing the Enemy to Retreat

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Chapter 373: Forcing the Enemy to Retreat

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The f*ck?

This was Qin Hai\'s first reaction when seeing Chen Feng.

Chen Feng: "…"

Was this how this guy treated an old friend? He had most probably relented to Lady Xiao Rou\'s "attacks" and had since indulged in a shameless lifestyle. Look, even the way he talked was different nowadays.

"Why are you everywhere?" Qin Hai asked with a darkened face. There was no trace of joy at having encountered Chen Feng. What a stupid question had Chen Feng asked. He had been tagging along silently, acting like an idiot around the Genetic Union members. What had been the reason for all his effort? For the pure energy here. But the moment this Chen Feng guy had appeared here, would Qin Hai still be able to obtain the pure energy? Even if he ignored the question of whether he was Chen Feng\'s match, he would be somewhat embarrassed to fight over it with Chen Feng, the one who had saved his life. Therefore… this time, he had worked hard for nothing? He sighed helplessly. "Why are you here?"

"I am now known as Wang Feng," Chen Feng replied calmly.

"Wang Feng…" Instantly, Qin Hai guessed the truth of what had happened. His eyes shone as he asked, "Do you want to return to the Genetic Union\'s side? If you choose to return, we can work together…"

What an excellent opportunity! With this, Chen Feng would be able to follow them back to the Genetic Union and escape the clutch of the Mysterious Organization. Surprising him, Chen Feng rejected his proposal without the slightest hesitation. "No."

Qin Hai was curious. "Why?"

Chen Feng smiled happily. "Because if we work together, I will have to share the pure energy with you."

Qin Hai\'s face darkened. "..." This guy…

Chen Feng stopped kidding around and stated seriously, "I still have something else I need to do." He whispered, "All this started in a rather accidental way, but now that I possess the perfect identity as a member of the Mysterious Organization, I will not give up on it. There are certain things easier done with this identity."

Qin Hai sighed. "You take care then. If any mishaps happen to you, I will be sure to burn some incense 1 for you."

Chen Feng: "…Keep watch for me."

He wasn\'t bothered with feigning courtesy toward Qin Hai. Without hesitation, he started using the pure energy he had found. He sat down cross-legged and started absorbing the pure energy to charge straight into B class. By the side, Qin Hai\'s mouth twitched. Before coming, Xiao Rou had asked Lady Xiao Yue on his behalf to read his future. Based on the original plan, Qin Hai would only encounter a slight danger toward the end of this trip. Moreover, that opponent wouldn\'t be too powerful. As such, his plan would not be affected. There wouldn\'t be any problems. Despite the slight danger that would arise, Qin Hai would be able to deal with it smoothly.

But then, Chen Feng was evidently a variable that was beyond their calculations. Chen Feng could be labeled with the term "slight danger"? If Qin Hai truly believed that, he would be an idiot. As such, even that lady\'s readings on Chen Feng were incorrect? Or to be precise, whoever it was that read the future, they would reach the same conclusion as Lady Xiao Yue? It was simply too hard for someone to read any future concerning Chen Feng? Forget it, he would treat this as an act of repaying Chen Feng\'s favor. With a bitter smile, Qin Hai concealed himself.

Since he had agreed to keep watch for Chen Feng, he would do what he had promised. Distantly, where the group of barbarians was, the atmosphere seemed to be sizzling hot with passion. There, some outsiders seemed to be approaching.

"Yi? Qin Hai?" a familiar voice called out. Qin Hai looked over and noted that the newcomers were those from the Genetic Union. Cautiously, they took a detour around the barbarians and neared Qin Hai. As they saw the one behind Qin Hai, they were instantly overjoyed.

"The guy from the Mysterious Organization?"

"Wait… that thing in his hand, the pure energy?"

"The hell? Qin Hai, you sure are lucky."

They were overjoyed.

"Haha. Now I feel like their decision of sending you along with us was totally the perfect choice."

"That\'s true."

"Luck is part of a person\'s strength, after all."

In a gratified manner, they patted Qin Hai\'s shoulder before starting to walk toward Chen Feng. "Hehe. Take care of this guy. We can share this energy equally."

They were extremely excited. Which of the people sent here wasn\'t an intelligent person? Since Chen Feng could determine what was going on with the tribe, the same applied to them—the only difference was them not having the exact coordinates of the pure energy. As such, they had arrived later than Chen Feng. After finding out the rough location of the pure energy earlier, despite being chased after by the barbarians, they had still decided to take a huge detour before returning here.

"Is this the pure energy?"

"Hehe. Coincidentally, this guy is in the midst of breaking through. I suppose he won\'t be able to sense what\'s happening around him."

"Haha, that\'s true."

"Don\'t continue wasting time. Even now, one tenth of this energy has been reduced. Every second we drag this out, the lower the amount of energy that remains."


They walked over in excitement. However, right as they were walking toward Chen Feng, Qin Hai raised his hand and obstructed them.

Their expressions darkened. "Why?"

"Hehe. Qin Hai, are you thinking of hogging this all for yourself?"

They sneered. "We are already giving you face by giving you an equal share. If you don\'t know what\'s good for you, you won\'t even get that equal share. Hence, you can choose to either scram or…"

Their eyes gleamed with killing intent.

Qin Hai shook his head in a disappointed manner. "You all…"


One of them decided to show no quarter and directly attacked Qin Hai. Trash like Qin Hai, who was only here as a drag, had only discovered this Mysterious Organization member, who couldn\'t move due to being in the midst of breaking through, due to his luck. Just because of this, Qin Hai was thinking of hogging everything for himself? How ridiculous. However, when that person\'s punch landed, he found with astonishment that a hand had been raised in front of him, blocking his punch. In a seemingly casual manner, the hand stopped midair. However, this very hand that had stopped casually midair felt like an unmoving mountain when his punch landed on it.


He exerted so much pressure on his punch that even his expression was flushed red, yet his fist failed to advance.

With a shout by Qin Hai: "Scram!"


That person was smashed away and lost consciousness immediately.

"B class…"

The expressions of the other Genetic Union members changed. With that single move of Qin Hai\'s, his strength had been revealed. Never had they imagined that this guy here only to carry their luggage had actually reached B class.

The one leading the Genetic Union\'s group merely stared at Qin Hai calmly. "No wonder you\'re acting in such an egotistical manner." The leader sneered and continued, "Unfortunately… you are not the only one capable of combating those of a higher class here. I hereby declare that Qin Hai has betrayed the Genetic Union. Since you are not interested in your share, you don\'t have to have any share at all. Go!"


They surrounded Qin Hai.

Battle! As they looked at the clump of pure energy that was reducing without stop, they did not hold back, as they wanted to end this battle as soon as possible. However, beyond their expectations, even without holding back, they were unable to defeat Qin Hai. This guy\'s strength…



Qin Hai took on two attacks head-on.


Even after spurting out a mouthful of blood, Qin Hai maintained his calm expression while blocking all the Genetic Union members. Without any spiritual energy, without any genetic abilities, with his physical strength alone, he blocked the 10 of them.

"So powerful…"

Everyone was alarmed.

"We can\'t continue on this way," the leader said after noticing that another 10% had been reduced from that clump of energy. If this continued, even if they were able to defeat Qin Hai, they wouldn\'t be able to obtain anything.

"We can\'t hold back anymore. Activate the group secret art!" the leader shouted.

"Yes," everyone else replied.


A clump of radiance surged out of one of them. Next, the radiance spread and enveloped the rest of them. Multiple power sources interwove together, and at this instant, all their power seemingly merged.


Suddenly, that clump of radiance formed through the power of the 10 of them exploded, summoning a huge three-meter-tall energy-based giant with a strength at peak B class.



As the giant landed, it started walking toward Qin Hai. The earth trembled with every step it took.

"Peak B class?" Qin Hai glanced at Chen Feng before looking at the rest of them. "Let me have a taste at what you are all capable of then."


A dazzling radiance erupted. Next, blood splattered around.