The Strongest Gene - Chapter 372: Nightspring Festival

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Chapter 372: Nightspring Festival

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In the unknown region, Chen Feng was silently reading the information he had gathered. All this gathered data was in the form of simplified keywords summarized by his Luck Aura. Despite the fact that only keywords were given, he was still able to arrange a complete set of information from these keywords.



A tribe located in the unknown region.

Scope of strengthening provided by their mutation: body quality. Usage of energy-based abilities nearly nonexistent; however, due to the unique structural makeup of their bodies, they had a high degree of immunity to energy-based attacks.

A normal adult barbarian possessed an energy immunity of 90%.

Through training and battle, the energy immunity was able to reach 95% or higher. As for the comparatively stronger barbarians, their energy immunity was able to reach 98% or higher.

Today was the Nightspring Festival, celebrated by the tribe once per year. Since these barbarians were considered to be a life-form that was borderline human and beast at the same time, a layman\'s term to describe this festival was "mating season."

As such, every year at this time, a bunch of male and female barbarians started mating and went to the bushes to complete that deed. Unfortunately, during this year\'s Nightspring Festival, due to the entry of Chen Feng and the rest, this activity had been interrupted. As such, the tribe had started chasing after them.


"So this is what happened."

Chen Feng was speechless. No wonder every single bush contained barbarians. So it was because of this Nightspring Festival?

Chen Feng contemplated. His initial goal was to clear this newly discovered training camp. Now, though, it did not seem like that would be possible. The reason for this was quite simple. There was a superexpert whose strength couldn\'t be estimated here. How strong was that guy? That guy was strong enough to stop even the mysterious expert chasing after Wang Yao. With an expert at this level here, both the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union would probably fail to transform this place into a training camp.

If so, all that was left for him to do was maximize the benefits he could gain here. He would have to locate some of the so-called pure energy before using it to break through into B class. If that superexpert was still around, Chen Feng would not have had the courage to even think about this. Now, though, said expert had just left. As such, he might still stand a chance. Based on the information he had gathered, the life-form possessing the pure energy had been killed by the barbarians long ago. Now, the pure energy was located within the tribe of these barbarians.

"Barbarians… Nightspring Festival…" Chen Feng muttered. There were still some methods available to him if he truly wanted to take the pure energy from the barbarians. After all, their Nightspring Festival had been interrupted due to the appearance of outsiders here. However, would they stop the festival just because of this? That was quite unlikely. Chen Feng might not have been aware of how barbarians would act when they were horny, but he had once seen what his neighbor\'s cat looked like when it was horny. Back then, the pure bliss demonstrated by the cat…


Light started surging out of Chen Feng\'s hands.

Myriad Illusions: Flame of Spring. This was an ability that was somewhat similar to the ability of Lady Xie Zhongtong. The only difference was that the potency of this ability was much weaker than that of her ability. It couldn\'t be helped, as this was a rather low-level ability. It might fail even when used against an ordinary C-class or D-class warrior. However, against these barbarians with no energy in their bodies…

A plan formed in Chen Feng\'s mind. "You guys are indeed immune to energy damage, but what about this kind of energy? Are you immune to such energy of pure nourishment that is good for your body? Even if you guys are immune to it… looking at how horny and sexually deprived you guys appear presently, only 1% of the energy needs to leak through your immunity. That will be sufficient…"

Soon, he followed the trail and found the tribe. True indeed, due to the awakening of the mysterious expert, all the members of this tribe had gathered here. However, all of their expressions were rather unsightly. Evidently, they weren\'t feeling particularly comfortable at this moment.

"Then… let\'s begin."

A transparent aura started drifting out of Chen Feng\'s hands. It drifted along the breeze, along the air, and dispersed toward every single nook and cranny of the tribe. After a long time, suddenly, the crowd started stirring restlessly. Confusion erupted.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "Almost there…"

Now that the barbarians were dealt with, the next task at hand was to locate the pure energy. For others, this might be a hard task to complete. For Chen Feng, though…


With one point of luck value, the coordinates were confirmed. And now, his remaining luck value had been completely exhausted as well.

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. "Found it!"

He snuck into the tribe, and within a comparatively polished building, in the small compartment built using stones, a crude-looking stone chest was found.


The chest was opened. A faint radiance started leaking out of the chest. Along with the leakage of this radiance, an extremely harmonious and comfortable feeling started rising within Chen Feng. His entire being felt refreshed by this. At the same time, the stifling aura he was being subjected to by this region seemed to vanish around him as well.

"This is the pure energy?"

Chen Feng grabbed at it with his hand. It felt rather gentle and snug in his hand. A sliver of that faint energy entered his body, and instantly, all the spiritual energy in Chen Feng\'s body was seemingly affected, as it felt more lively than before. A feeling arose within him, a feeling telling him that if he were to absorb this thing here, he would definitely be able to break through. The Mysterious Organization had indeed not been lying about this.

"Very good."

He started looking for a suitable location for his breakthrough.

Suddenly, a cold voice drifted into his ears. "Hehe, if I were you, I would not leave with that thing just like that…"

"Oh?" Calmly, Chen Feng turned around. Next, several people appeared noiselessly and blocked all possible escape routes. The newcomers were the Ri Guang trio.

"Weren\'t you guys been caught up with the barbarians?" Chen Feng asked with a faint smile.

Ri Guang was ashen faced. "Hmph! You have your ways of escaping them. The same applies for us."

Chen Feng glanced at Ri Guang\'s lower body and noticed several bruises there. "Is that so?" Mhm… Damage that would remain on the body of a peak C class until now… Ri Guang\'s method of escaping the barbarians probably entailed…

Ri Guang was furious. "What are you looking at? Wang Feng, do you think that you can still return alive? You might be powerful, but against the three of us, you have no way out."

Chen Feng shrugged. "I\'m aware of that. However, don\'t forget that we are not the only ones here."

Ri Guang sneered. "You are talking about the others? I\'m afraid they probably escaped this place long ago."

"That\'s not for sure." Chen Feng glanced at a certain corner and said, "See, they\'re still here."


Instinctively, Ri Guang and the rest turned around to look at the corner. Indeed, at that rather sheltered corner, a faint silhouette could be seen.

Ri Guang\'s trio was alarmed. "Who is it?" However, when they get a clear look at who the newcomers were, they breathed out in relief. "So it\'s the little attendant tagging along with the Genetic Union members? Hehe… Were you sent here to spy on us by the Union? Haha, for them to send an attendant like you for such a task, tsk tsk…"

They shook their heads and started laughing. Xing Hui walked toward that person as they laughed. However, right at this instant, with a single wave of that person\'s hand, Xing Hui\'s body stiffened and collapsed onto the ground. As the Ri Guang duo saw this, they each inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. Xing Hui\'s body had actually been punctured in a split second.

Ri Guang\'s expression became solemn. "Who are you?" It was not possible for a person with such strength to be a mere attendant.

"Me?" He raised his head calmly and answered, "Gene Production Association, Qin Hai."

Qin Hai…

Ri Guang\'s heart jolted furiously. He had heard of this name before!

In prior years, Qin Hai had been a legendary genius. Even the internal members of the Mysterious Organization had considered Qin Hai a future member of the organization. This had remained until that incident where Qin Hai had been crippled… How was it possible for this guy to still be this strong? The answer to that was unknown.

Yue Hua charged forth. "I refuse to believe that…"


With a crisp sound, his body collapsed onto the ground. With that, Yue Hua was dead as well. Next, Qin Hai raised his head and stared at Ri Guang.


Ri Guang stared at Qin Hai, glanced at the corpses of Yue Hua and Xing Hui, and, next, turned around and started fleeing without any hesitation, not daring to stop. Qin Hai merely watched on mockingly.


He shifted his gaze to Chen Feng.

"It\'s your turn."


With a cold flash, Qin Hai\'s attack neared Chen Feng.

"Is this how you treat an old friend?"

The helpless Chen Feng could only use his original voice to talk. At that, the Qin Hai\'s attack halted and a bewildered expression appeared on his face.

"Chen Feng? The f*ck?"