The Strongest Gene - Chapter 371: Awakening!

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Chapter 371: Awakening!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Energy immunity! This stone statue was actually immune to energy attacks! Previously, the old man had indeed encountered some of those barbarians. Even for them, the so-called energy immunity they possessed was in fact a damage-reduction ability rather than pure immunity.

For example: reducing the damage by 90%, 95%, 98%, or even more.

As such, the damage dealt by any attack that landed on them would be miniscule. This rendered them nearly unequaled. However, they were only nearly unequaled rather than being truly unequaled. Facing someone at the level of this old man, 1% or even 0.1% of his damage was sufficient to destroy those barbarians. As such, he hadn\'t been bothered with their immunity. Unexpectedly, though, this stone statue here… was truly immune to energy attacks. All energy attacks were ineffective against the statue.



The stone statue smashed all the energy attacks apart before charging toward the old man. The old man\'s face greened. Even with energy immunity, there were still other methods of dealing with this opponent. Methods such as space banishment, environmental transformation, and so on. Any sort of energy that would not directly affect the body of that stone statue would be able to deal with this energy immunity. Unfortunately, he had yet to obtain any of those. He had yet to even obtain the Rebirth Flame. Regardless of how powerful he was, he was still a user of energy-based attacks.


A fireball started blooming. This fireball was launched with the strongest power the old man could muster.


The fireball exploded. The stone statue merely stared coldly at the black mark left on its chest by that explosion.

Old man: "…" Finally, the old man was angered. "Time!" Since he couldn\'t kill this statue, he would lock it down. Even if he did not wish to utilize this ability…


Everything around him was frozen in time—even the air seemed to be somewhat stifling when one tried to breathe it in. However, alarmingly, the stone statue merely paused slightly before it started moving again, totally unaffected by the ability.

This time, the old man was truly alarmed. "You…" Even time couldn\'t trap this damnable stone statue?

The stone statue stared at him with a mocking gaze. "The power of time is also an energy-based ability."

The old man sighed. "Damn it…" With a regretful expression, he glanced in the direction Wang Yao escaped. Why had he coincidentally stumbled upon this thing here at the exact same time it had woken up from its slumber? Moreover, the timing was just nice. If this stone statue had appeared one second earlier, Wang Yao would have been held back here together with him as well. At that time, he would only have needed to kill Wang Yao to obtain the Rebirth Flame before killing this damnable stone statue.

If it had been one second later, he would have already left this place to chase after Wang Yao. At that time, even if the stone statue chased after him, what\'s the point? He would be able to kill the stone statue after obtaining the Rebirth Flame. Why had the timing been so coincidental? Even luck itself was not on his side?

The old man\'s gaze became cold. "You will ultimately fail to escape me. Soon, I shall…"


A silhouette appeared in front of him with a flicker. Next, the gigantic fist of the statue launched toward the old man\'s face. That wizened face of the old man was beaten up to the point it started swelling, resembling a bun. At this, the old man\'s eyes widened.

He grabbed at his swollen face. "You…" Only now did he recall that he was currently facing a never-before-seen monster. In the past, he had been seemingly omnipotent. Everywhere he had gone, nothing had escaped his sensory abilities, including even worms deep underground. As such, he had always maintained a relaxed manner, akin to a god that had descended upon this plane of existence. Now, though, this newly appeared stone statue was a variable that had changed everything. It was immune to every attack he could launch. Its speed was so fast it was able to escape his sensory abilities. But then, that was understandable. Since it was immune to all energy-based abilities, it was natural for it to also be immune to his sensory abilities.


As the old man was pondering, the stone statue launched another punch at him.


The old man was thoroughly dumbfounded. Damn it. How long had it been since he had last been beaten up? He was a…


Another punch landed, interrupting his thoughts.

The old man started escaping fearfully. A superexpert like him was actually being beaten in such a wretched manner by a barbarian. The only thing he could do was run, to leave this place. How lamentable!

The old man eyes shone and his expression turned unsightly. "Stone statue…" He did not fear this stone statue. Indeed, he had been beaten up by the statue during their short encounter. However, he was ultimately much stronger than the statue. The only thing the statue relied on was its energy immunity. As such, even if the old man couldn\'t kill the statue, the statue wasn\'t able to actually kill him either. What truly alarmed the old man was the variable! The variable that was the stone statue! The incidents today were not supposed to have unfolded in such a manner!

The one soul he had fused with was an existence surpassing A class and the possessor of the Reincarnated Flame. This power possessed the ability to read and analyze the future. Everything that had happened today shouldn\'t have happened. Before coming, he had deduced the future and, based on his readings, what should have happened was him capturing Wang Yao smoothly before returning.

Why… has this happened? Is it due to that stone statue? Or Wang Yao? Or… someone else?

He had no idea.



The old man started deducing without stop as every event flitted past his brain. Unfortunately, it was unfruitful. No matter how he deduced, the result still indicated that the occurrences today shouldn\'t have happened. Even after rearranging the plan and his test, the final result was still unfruitful.

The old man had an ominous feeling. "What\'s going on? What on Earth happened?" This was also the first time he had realized that there actually existed something out of his control out here. What was alarming was the fact that he had no idea what on Earth had happened. The present old man was akin to a programmer who had discovered a problem yet failed to discover the bug. Even after numerous tests and rewriting of the code, nothing changed.

"Variable… what is the variable, exactly?"

The old man\'s eyes shimmered, and once again, he again looked at everything that had happened today. Ultimately, he could only place the blame on the stone statue. Perhaps, due to the immunity of the stone statue, it was something unpredictable? That was quite likely .

"Energy immunity… Why does such a power even exist? Could it be…"

Shock appeared on the old man\'s face as he recalled a certain legend. However, no matter what, he could never imagine that the one altering everything today was actually Chen Feng, who appeared to be completely unrelated to everything that had happened.

Currently, at a certain location far away from the old man, Chen Feng was still immersed in operating his Luck Aura. After a long time, when his luck value was nearly exhausted, suddenly, the Luck Aura stopped automatically. At this, the luck value consumption stopped as well. Wang Yao\'s crisis had been solved!

Chen Feng was overjoyed. "Done?" This was the first time he had fully activate his Luck Aura to alter reality.

"The arcane studies learnt from Tang Lan are still quite helpful after all."

Chen Feng was gratified. Even things like the usage of luck value and his thought process when using Luck Aura had been improved by the study. As such, he was able to use every single point of luck value in a more effective way. This was the charm of arcane studies.


A pleasantly scented wind flitted past him. Before he could even see the approaching figure clearly, the figure was already gone.

"An unknown expert seems to have emerged from the tribe of aboriginals here. That seems to be related to the space undulation that resulted from the entry of us, existences surpassing A class, into this place. I have no idea if I have been discovered, but I will leave first. Don\'t worry about me."

Chen Feng stared ahead. Wang Yao\'s figure was already nowhere to be seen.

Unknown expert… A different party from the one chasing after Wang Yao?

Chen Feng contemplated and was able to guess some of what had happened. So, earlier, two different superexperts had battled it out, giving Wang Yao the chance to escape? As for Wang Yao, she was aware that she might be discovered at any time and was worried that he would be dragged in as well. As such, she had decided to leave speedily.

His guess was proven shortly after as a streak of light could be seen chasing after her.


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Unknown tribe… Mysterious expert… This mysterious expert had to have discovered Wang Yao\'s aura and was chasing after her. If so, presently, there was no superexpert guarding this tribe of barbarians? If so…

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone.