The Strongest Gene - Chapter 370: Me, Nuwa, Give Me Money

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Chapter 370: Me, Nuwa, Give Me Money

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In an unknown region.

This seemingly peaceful region was in fact filled with danger. Presently, Chen Feng was hiding carefully within a certain rather-well-concealed bush. He did not dare to make any unnecessary movement. When being chased by countless barbarians, the only thing he was able to do was activate his Luck Aura before "coincidentally" separating from Ri Guang and the rest and hiding himself. As for the rest? They would have to take care of themselves. As for Qin Hai…

Chen Feng thought about it and noted that Qin Hai did not need any saving. Those barbarians were mostly at the level of C class or early-tier B class. As such, they weren\'t particularly strong. The only reason they seemed so scary was due to their immunity to energy-based attacks. They relied purely on their physical strength when fighting. As such, these genetic warriors who specialized in energy-based attacks were unable to do anything to them.

As for Qin Hai, he was similarly a person whose strength was derived from his physical body alone. If anyone here could deal with those barbarians, it was Qin Hai. One had to not be misled by the huge size of the barbarians\' bodies. If they encountered Qin Hai, the role of oppressor might very well change.

"I don\'t think there is a need to worry about him," Chen Feng muttered. But then, their new training camp exploration mission had effectively failed. At this point, the Ri Guang trio, the Genetic Union members, and the third party here were all inconsequential. Only the barbarians proved troublesome. If he wanted to complete this exploration smoothly, he had to deal with those barbarians.

Chen Feng\'s head ached. "This is troublesome." He had to draw up a perfect plan to have any hope of dealing with them. Just as he was wracking his brain, his wristband buzzed. Instantly, Chen Feng\'s pupils widened. Wristband? Was that a joke? This was an untamed region; as such, his wristband should not be able to receive any signals. Could this be the work of some superexpert?

He was aware that some superexperts with space-related abilities were be able to ignore the limitations of such primal and chaotic regions and transmit information in and out of such places.


As the screen popped out, Chen Feng blanked. Due to the limitations imposed by this primal and chaotic aura, the information transmitted to him was rather incomplete. The name of the sender couldn\'t be seen, and the message he had received was comprised of a bunch of messy code and some weird things. Only five words could be clearly seen.

As for the five words: "Me, Wang Yao, in danger."

Chen Feng: "…"

The hell, this looks so similar to those "Me, Nuwa, give me money" 1 scam messages… is this a scammer?

Chen Feng\'s first reaction was to think this was a scam. Had someone hacked his communication tool and was now trying to scam him? But then, who was it that would pay such a price just to scam him? And the content of this message… Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Regardless of the truth, he would know by using his Luck Aura.


Luck Aura was activated, and soon, Chen Feng received the feedback. Wang Yao was truly in danger.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Something really happened?" Since she was able to transmit a message to this location, Wang Yao must have surpassed A class and reached a level comparable to Lu Hun and the other superexperts. But even at that level, she had still encountered danger? As Chen Feng figured out what had to have happened, his heart trembled in shock. However, even if he was aware that Wang Yao was in danger, he wouldn\'t be of much help. Wang Yao was too strong. Her current opponent had to be even stronger. How was he supposed to help?

"Please believe in me."

"I can help you now, right?"

"I told you… I will definitely save you!"

"I told you… one day, I will stand by your side."

Suddenly, the words he had once told her surfaced in his mind. He had been working hard to increase his strength without stop. Finally, he had been able to rescue Wang Yao from the Mysterious Organization. Finally, he had been able to act like a true man in front of Wang Yao for once. This was the reason for Wang Yao\'s confidence in him. Even this time, having encountered an opponent she had no confidence in defeating, she had sought help from Chen Feng. If it was in the past, Wang Yao would have instead avoided Chen Feng with all her might upon encountering such an opponent.

Chen Feng smiled. "Is this the so-called trust?" It had been truly hard for him to get the young lady who had been an introvert for two lives to open up to him and truly trust him.

"I can\'t go back on my words," Chen Feng mumbled.

Chen Feng shut his eyes. Superexpert, huh? An enemy stronger than Wang Yao? Mhm… Let me think about it.

It was certain that he would not be able to directly participate in a battle at such a level. However, that didn\'t mean that he couldn\'t affect the result of the battle using unique methods.


Both his eyes were sharp as he checked his remaining luck value.

Without any hesitation, he activated his Luck Aura. "Activate!"

Help Wang Yao get free of her current predicament…

He was not sure what, exactly, Wang Yao was facing. However, the power of luck was a power ranked far above other powers…

"Luck Aura… time to do what you are best at!" Chen Feng muttered inwardly.


A dim radiance started spreading. Luck Aura usage, successful!

If Chen Feng tried to use Luck Aura to help him personally kill an enemy at such level, it would be nearly impossible. An astronomical luck value would be required. However, if he was merely affecting reality to allow Wang Yao\'s escape, using Wang Yao\'s strength as the base in which Luck Aura worked on, everything would be much simpler.

At an unknown location, deep underground, a huge stone statue awoke from its slumber. When its heavy eyelids trembled, the earth itself seemed to tremble as well.

The stone statue asked with an oppressive voice, "Power of space… Have those humans reached this place after all?" It was able to sense the existence of a super-powerful existence. Based on its ancient memories, this was a power surpassing A class, a top-notch existence of humanity. Such an existence should not have appeared here.

The descendents of this stone statue might be powerful and immune to energy-based attacks, but they were still helpless against the power of an existence surpassing A class. This helplessness was even more pronounced when facing the power of space. The moment those banish-related abilities were used, their entire race might go extinct.

"Seems like it\'s time for me to end my slumber."


Accompanied by a thundering bang, its eyelid closed heavily. At the same time, a stone statue worshipped by the barbarian at the center of their tribe started shining, and instantly, it came alive. At this sight, countless barbarians knelt down to kowtow at it. It had returned! Presently, the old man had just arrived here while chasing after Wang Yao. Before him, Wang Yao flickered before vanishing, and the old man prepared to follow her. However, right at this instant, with a flash, a radiance appeared and blocked his path.

His ice-cold gaze glanced in a certain direction. There, a stone statue was staring at him. "What is this?"

The newly awakened statue spoke in a somewhat clumsy manner. "Is… it… you?"

"What the hell are you talking about? Scram!" the old man stated impatiently. Nowadays, even a stone statue dared to block his path?


An energy attack streaked forth. That power that was supposed to surpass everything landed on the stone statue. However, it was ineffective.

"Yi?" The old man was astonished. This stone statue was capable of blocking his attack?

"Such… level… indeed… it\'s you…" The stone statue\'s eyes glowed red as it said, "Invader of my race\'s lands… Death!"


The huge stone statue erupted in power and charged toward the old man.

The old man snorted coldly. "Hmph!" Next, a terrifying power converged at his fingertips and shot toward the stone statue. However, the moment the attack landed, his expression changed greatly. He was so shocked he almost cried out in alarm. "How is this possible?"