The Strongest Gene - Chapter 364: Opening Up a New Training Camp

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Chapter 364: Opening Up a New Training Camp

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At Chen Feng\'s words, they were angered. Just as they were about to start raging, their gazes met Chen Feng\'s ice cold gaze. Only now were they truly certain that this Wang Feng was really planning to kill them. Was this guy sick? They were somewhat dumbfounded. Granted, they\'d had a minor conflict with this Wang Feng guy, but it wasn\'t so serious that killing was required, right? Moreover, even if they were planning to kill each other off, shouldn\'t they hide their intentions and carry it out secretly? Was this guy stupid for saying out loud that he wanted to kill them?

This… Jin Dian opened his mouth, yet he had no idea what to say. The f*ck? This kid is truly vicious, huh?

They looked at Jin Dian and angrily stated, "Senior Jin. You heard it. This kid is planning to kill us."

Jin Dian scratched his head. "Oh."

Chen Feng looked at them with a inquiring expression. "So what if I kill you guys? I remember that apart from specifying how we are not allowed to kill each other at our bases, the organization had never mentioned that we can\'t kill each other off outside."

Jin Dian wiped his sweat and pulled Chen Feng back. "About that. You still need to hold back. Hold back."

"What\'s the point of holding back?" Chen Feng inquired. "Since I don\'t like them and feel like killing them, I might as well do it. What reason is there to hesitate? I am someone who always does what I feel like doing. You guys are really weird. Aren\'t you guys the ones who provoked me?"

That person opened his mouth, unsure of how to further communicate with this Wang Feng guy. "Even so, you shouldn\'t kill."

"Why not?" Chen Feng asked doubtfully. "If I can\'t even kill someone who has provoked me, what was the point of joining the Mysterious Organization? Wouldn\'t it have been better to join the Genetic Union?"

Jin Dian: "…"

Suddenly, they found what this Wang Feng had said to be perfectly reasonable, to the point they were unable to retort.

True. If even after joining the Mysterious Organization they were still not free to act as they wished and were restricted from kill those that provoked them, wasn\'t it better to just join the Genetic Union instead? At this moment, the atmosphere there became somewhat odd.

That person snorted. "Hmph! Specious arguments! I am not going to waste my time debating you. If you want to kill, you are welcome to try. I want to see for myself how are you planning to deal with the three of us alone. Go!"

With a snort, he turned around and left.

Only at this did the other two come to themselves. True, there were three of them. Moreover, being someone selected by the organization to enter the new training camp, which of them wasn\'t a genius as well? Wang Feng might be a genius, but they were geniuses as well. Each of them was capable of transcending classes to challenge a person of higher class.

Chen Feng was all smiles as he stared at the departing three. "Hehe." He would allow those three to be unbridled for now. Mhm… for a mission like exploring the desolate lands, it would be extremely normal for even an entire squad to die there.

The Jin Dian by the side felt powerless.

He truly felt helpless. "Is there a need for you to offend all of them the moment you meet?"

Although he was a peak A-class warrior with a respected identity, the three that had been able to grab a spot to explore the new training camp were all people with similarly powerful backers.

"From the moment I was granted entry, I had already offended them."

Chen Feng did not seem to mind. Rather than feigning civility with these people and smiling at them all the way, pretending to be their friend while waiting for a chance to kill them, he would rather be straightforward and face them head on. With his present strength, was there a need for him to be mindful of their opinions of him? That was simply ridiculous.

Jin Dian could only nod. "Anyway, you need to be careful." The route heading toward the new training camp had already been set. There would only be a single connecting node, and only Chen Feng and the three selected to explore the new training camp were allowed passage. Nobody else would be able to enter.

Chen Feng nodded solemnly. "I will."

"I am not talking about them," Jin Dian said.

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. "Mhm?"

Jin Dian paused. "Old Tang is the one who wanted me to tell you to be careful."

Tang Lan? Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. Despite the Luck Aura he possessed, when it came to experience in and the usage of certain aspects of arcane studies, he was lacking compared to Tang Lan. Since Tang Lan had asked Jin Dian to pass on this message, something major would absolutely happen.

"Please say," Chen Feng said solemnly.

Jin Dian appeared extremely serious. "Initially, I believed that this would be an ordinary new training camp exploration project as well, but when Old Tang came looking for me… This newly discovered training camp might be a public training camp as well."

Public training camp?

Instantly, Chen Feng\'s expression changed. A so-called public training camp referred to training camps that both the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union could access. Any other parties capable of doing so were able to enter as well. Among the outsiders that would also enter, the Genetic Union had the highest appearance frequency at these public training camps.

Among the training camps available to the Mysterious Organization, at least one-third of them were public training camps. However, since their private training camps were good enough, their members would normally not enter the public training camps, since it would be too dangerous. There, all sorts of enemies might appear.

As the investigation of Wang Feng\'s identity had yet to conclude, he was not allowed to leave the Mysterious Organization. As such, he had not been granted access to those public training camps. Beyond his expectations, the first new training camp exploration he had joined was a training camp that might be a public one. Even Tang Lan was warning him about it…

Immediately, Chen Feng understood what they were trying to say. "The upper levels had not yet discovered that this might be a public training camp?"

Jin Dian shook his head. "No, that new training camp is located in one of the unknown regions. As such, nobody has gone there before. The people of the Mysterious Organization are no exception to this. The only reason Old Tang could even find out about this is due to those arcane studies of his... To be honest, he himself wasn\'t too certain about this either. If he were to rashly mention it to the upper levels, they wouldn\'t believe him anyway. He has already been denounced once for submitting wrong information once in the past."

Jin Dian was feeling extremely helpless as he said all this.

Back then, Tang Lan had had a rather high authority in the organization. After all, arcane studies were something akin to feng shui. 1 Even if one did not believe in it, one would still try to act in manners deemed auspicious. However, ever since Tang Lan\'s failure that one time…

Jin Dian shook his head as he recalled the past.

"Is that so?" Chen Feng said knowingly.

So… the new training camp had been discovered at the same time by both the Genetic Union and the Mysterious Organization? This was in fact quite a normal occurrence. Not all training camps were located on the other side of the planet. This time, the newly found training camp was located in a region between the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union. Furthermore, a short while ago, an intense undulation had been sensed there. This was the very reason the Mysterious Organization had found this place, and it was also how this mission had come into existence. It was likely that the Genetic Union had similarly discovered this place as well.

If so…

Chen Feng urged inwardly.


Luck Aura, activate . Tang Lan had arrived to this conclusion through guessing. As for Chen Feng, he could directly verify it using his Luck Aura. Ultimately, Luck Aura confirmed the conclusion. The Genetic Union had truly found this place as well.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Seems like this will be quite the interesting trip. Chen Feng looked at Jin Dian. "Senior Jin, please tell Big Brother Tang that the Genetic Union has definitely discovered that place."

Jin Dian\'s eyes shone. "You completed your deduction as well?"

Chen Feng smiled. "Mhm. Although I am not as experienced as big brother Tang, I am still rather talented, after all. When both me and him join hands to read something, the amount of information we can obtain is rather huge."

Jin Dian sighed endlessly. "That\'s true." Ultimately, though, he still shook his head. "What\'s the point of telling the upper levels about this? They won\'t trust him; they won\'t send any reinforcements over to you guys either."

"That is why there is a need to tell them," Chen Feng said. "Only by telling them this time will there be a chance of them believing him in the future."

Instantly, Jin Dian came to himself. That was true. Tang Lan only needed to inform them about it. The upper levels could choose to trust him or not to trust him. Tang Lan only needed to prove what he said was correct and he would be able to gain what he wished for. For certain things, an outsider\'s perspective was indeed clearer.

Jin Dian could already imagine the expressions of those people when they found out that Tang Lan was telling the truth. "Hehe."