The Strongest Gene - Chapter 363: Opening the Desolate Land

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Chapter 363: Opening the Desolate Land

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the Gene Production Association, the ashen-faced Hou Liang was staring at the update he had just received. According to the update, Chen Feng had snuck into the Mysterious Organization in order to rescue Wang Yao. Ultimately, he had gotten himself killed. After the Genetic Union had ambushed the Mysterious Organization, they had recovered some recordings from the scene and found out about all of this. The trembling Hou Liang played the recording.


A three-dimensional video appeared midair. In the video, Chen Feng was standing in the command center and was about to perform a suicide attack on the Mysterious Organization. Ultimately, he was killed by someone else. This was clear for all to see. On top of that, even the scene where Lu Hun destroyed Chen Feng\'s entire corpse could be seen. Chen Feng was truly dead.

The Genetic Union had benefited greatly this time, as in this operation, the identity of a huge amount of the Mysterious Organization\'s people had been exposed. For example, people like Lu Hun and Jin Dian. All the members of the Mysterious Organization who were at the Cloudswarm Mountain when Chen Feng was battling them were exposed. With the ability of a superexpert, the Genetic Union was able to restore the information at the scene and figure out the identity of all these people. Subsequently, all these people were listed as wanted criminals. It could be said that the moment these people showed themselves or were discovered, they would have no way out.

The information about these wanted criminals had been sent to all the wristbands in existence on this planet. The moment anyone encountered these wanted criminals, the Genetic Union would be immediately notified. These people no longer had any way out. As for the research projects of the Mysterious Organization, all of them had been halted. One could say that, in this operation, the Genetic Union had seized total victory. The only loss was Chen Feng.

Old Zhu patted Hou Liang\'s shoulder. "My condolences."

Chen Feng was dead, and the Genetic Union had merely commemorated his contributions and expressed their gratitude to him. That was all. Since Chen Feng was a lone ranger, who would truly care about him?

Hou Liang clenched his fists. "Chen Feng…" He had once believed that this child would be able to walk further down this path. Unexpectedly…

Hou Liang sighed. In the end, you still ended up dead like those geniuses as well?

At that moment, he seemed to have aged considerably.

"Who is the one that killed Chen Feng?" Hou Liang asked.

"We\'re not sure. We don\'t have any information regarding him in our database," the person from the Genetic Union said. "However, from our currently available information, we have deduced that this person might be called Wang Feng."

Instantly, Hou Liang blanked. "What?" Wang Feng...? Wait.

Once again, Hou Liang replayed the recording sent by the Genetic Union. Instantly, his expression became somewhat odd. Could it be…

"Oh yeah, had the candidate to enter that place been decided yet?"


"Tell the union that I\'m recommending someone."


"Qin Hai."


Currently, at the Mysterious Organization, Chen Feng was submitting a formal application to enter the B-class training camp.

Jin Dian frowned. "You are applying to enter the B-class training camps?"

It was unprecedented for a C-class warrior to apply to enter the B-class training camps. The strength of the dangers in those camps were already comparatively higher than a regular person of the same class.

Back then, when they had opened up the C-class training camps, the progress structure for all the combat training camps had been set up in a reasonable manner. From initial C-class warriors till peak C-class warriors requiring breakthrough, C-class training camps with corresponding difficulty had been set. One only needed to meet the requirement and one would be able to advance by merely entering the camps.

Even the genetic warriors that were normally capable of challenging those of a higher class would need to exercise extra caution in these camps to survive. Moreover, even if one cleared all the combat training camps, there were still those noncombat training camps that were much more dangerous. The moment anyone was stuck in any sort of bottleneck and failed to breakthrough—or perhaps one just was tired of all the battles in the combat training camps—one could try their luck at the noncombat training camps.

However, they had never expected that a freak like this Wang Feng might exist. Noncombat training camps? He had cleared them all long ago. Combat training camps? These camps were incapable of exerting any sort of pressure on him. As far as Chen Feng was concerned, he was simply visiting these camps to collect the resources available there while obtaining a boost to his ego in the process. After that, these camps were no longer of any use to him. If he wanted to truly advance, he required a camp of a higher difficulty. On this thought he had decided to act immediately. After clearing all the C-class training camps, Wang Feng had gone directly to Jin Dian.

"So…" Jin Dian stared at Chen Feng with an inconceivable expression. "You have cleared all these camps?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm. It was quite easy."

Jin Dian rubbed his head. "And even after clearing all of them, you failed to break through?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Yes. A peak C-class training camp is no longer capable of exerting any pressure on me. I need to go somewhere with a higher level of difficulty in order to even feel anything."

Jin Dian: "…"

Only now did he recall Wang Feng\'s test results during the recruitment. It was indeed true that this child\'s combat power reached peak B class.

They had neglected this because there were a lot of non B-class warriors with peak B-class combat power out there. All these people still had to exercise utmost caution in the C-class training camps. Unexpectedly…

Jin Dian smiled bitterly. Peak B class was already an unsurpassable mount for a new recruit. As such, when they had been setting up their training structure, it had been based on this assumption. Now that he looked at it, it was apparent that even those who similarly had peak B-class combat power would differ greatly from each other. After all, the gap between peak B class and A class was quite huge. And this Wang Feng…

Jin Dian sunk into a solemn mood. This kid was already this powerful? Finally, he realized that the Mysterious Organization had probably gained a true genius this time.

After understanding Wang Feng\'s circumstances, Jin Dian stood up and left. "I will deal with this."

The limitations for the training camps had been put in place to ensure the safety of their members. With Chen Feng\'s special application, the Mysterious Organization decided to approve his request. Somewhat surprising him. though, was the fact that the Mysterious Organization had not granted him entry into a higher-level training camp. Rather, they had issued a new order to him: Wang Feng was allowed to follow the exploration squad to open up the newly found training camp 089.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted furiously. "New training camp?"

Jin Dian nodded slightly. "That\'s right. To be honest, regardless of how ample the resources those training camps contain are, all those are still something left behind. Only the first batch of explorers who were involved in the opening up of the training camps truly benefitted. According to our deductions, the average strength of the existing dangers in this new training camp should not surpass B class. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for you."


Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. What a good opportunity.

Jin Dian smiled calmly. "This is what you deserved. After all, you rescued so many of our members. A lot of people spoke on your behalf to grant you entry into this squad."

Chen Feng expressed his gratitude. "Many thanks."

He was aware that Jin Dian must have put a lot of effort into this.

The opening of a new training camp, huh…

Just imagining a place nobody had visited all this years… With the average strength of the dangers there being B class, that was simply heaven! If he was able to obtain the resources within, Chen Feng would definitely break through. Naturally, such a good opportunity would not be granted to Chen Feng alone. When Jin Dian brought him over, there were already three people waiting there. When they saw Chen Feng, their expressions were scarily dark. Prior to this, they had already agreed on their resource allocation. Now that Chen Feng had appeared suddenly, their share would have to be reduced.

The leader stared at Chen Feng with a gloomy gaze. "You are Wang Feng? I heard that you are that guy whose popularity surged after killing someone by fluke at Cloudswarm Mountain. Hehe. Regardless of who you are, remember this: during this exploration, the three of us will share 90% of the obtained resources. To give Senior Jin face, you will be given 10% of the share."

The remaining two had obviously unhappy expressions on their faces as well. As the amount of resources available in a new training camp was extremely huge, a mere 10% reduction in their share was already an extremely huge amount. Now that they were being forced to share 10% of the resources, it was normal for them to feel unhappy about it. The more they looked at Chen Feng, the more annoying they found him.

"Do you hear me?" that person asked coldly.

The smiling Chen Feng nodded. "Yes."

"Good." That person sneered. "You better be obedient. Or else—"

However, before he even finished his sentence, Chen Feng was already looking at Jin Dian. With a somewhat embarrassed expression, he asked, "Erm, I wanted to ask a question. Is it normal for explorers to die when opening up a new training camp?"

Jin Dian was curious. "Mhm. What\'s up?"

"So…" Chen Feng glanced at the squad of three that were busy showing off their might in front of him and said, "If they all died in there, that would be reasonable, right?"


Instantly, the atmosphere around them sunk to the freezing point.