The Strongest Gene - Chapter 362: Unable to Satisfy

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Chapter 362: Unable to Satisfy

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Chen Feng was unaware of what that power was. However, at the instant he was about to obtain that information, the chill and fear rising from the depths of his heart were evidence that he would probably die right here if he continued on and obtained that information. He had believed there wouldn\'t have been any problems asking that question due to the amount of A-class experts he had seen nowadays. Even a peak A class like Jin Dian did not notice Truth Divination being used on him. Unexpectedly, this single question he had asked had almost ended his life.

I asked a question I shouldn\'t have asked , Chen Feng thought knowingly. Despite this, he wasn\'t disappointed. The fact that this had even happened was sufficient to showcase the prowess of his Truth Divination. It was so powerful that even those terrifying existences couldn\'t escape its detection. The only limitation was the present him being too weak. The mere act of obtaining the knowledge itself would bring with it a consequence he couldn\'t face. If he was stronger, he would definitely be able to obtain the answer to his questions.

As for now…he would have to first focus on increasing his strength. Naturally, in the future, he had to be careful when using his Truth Divination. There existed some questions he definitely could not ask casually. Otherwise, if something similar were to happen in the future, he could very well end up dead. The experts of this world were much stronger than he had imagined.

Chen Feng clenched his fists. "I need to be stronger." Now that he was done with his arcane studies and his research of Truth Divination, he could finally focus on his own plan: using the Mysterious Organization\'s resources to increase his strength.

For now, there was no need for him to think of the Spirit Sea wood. With his current status, he was not qualified to access anything related to the Spirit Sea wood. However, as long as he did well in this organization, he might be able to obtain access after increasing his strength. This was also his actual purpose here.

"Now that I\'m at mid-tier C class, my next target is to reach high-tier C class," Chen Feng analyzed. The Mysterious Organization had an ample amount of resources. The amount of training camps for C class alone was already more than ten. Naturally, the determining factor for the amount of benefits one could obtain from most of these camps was not one\'s combat power. Rather, they relied on one\'s luck and accumulation.

For example, within a certain training camp, there were all sorts of mysterious herbs capable of increasing one\'s strength. However, this was a desolate area filled with poison. As such, anyone attempting to enter would have to purchase all sorts of reagents to protect themselves against poison. The poisons there weren\'t particularly powerful, but the variety of poisons was astonishingly high. Fire poisons, wind poisons, gold poisons, all sorts of unimaginable poisons could appear there. Apart from this, unknown poisons and never-before-seen poisons would probably appear there as well. This was an extremely dangerous place.

Due to the unique environment there, even mutated beasts couldn\'t survive this place. Despite the lack of mutated beasts, this was still one of the most dangerous C-class training camps. Regardless of the benefits one stood to obtain there, most people were still unwilling to enter. Based on the recorded data, to enter the depths of the poisonous region, increase one\'s strength, and return smoothly, a huge bag of antidotes would be required just to survive. Even this survival was with the premise that one was lucky enough…

An absolute majority of the noncombat training camps were similar to this camp. Due to environmental issues, and various other reasons, mutated beasts were not able to survive in these places. However, these places where even mutated beasts couldn\'t survive were usually extremely dangerous. Hence, most people preferred the combat training camps. Simple, direct, and safe. An example of such would be training camps requiring XXX amount of combat power. One only needed to have a combat power higher than the specified XXX and one would be able to return smoothly from the camp.

With no apparent reason, who would willingly risk their life going to those noncombat training camps? As far as Chen Feng was concerned, though, this was the perfect opportunity. The huge benefits he stood to gain and the easier method of strength improvement at these noncombat training camps were extremely attractive to him. As for the dangers posed by the environment? They were nonexistent to him.

Thereupon, using three days, Chen Feng cleaned up all the noncombat training camps. The great variety of poisons? It was truly unfortunate that with Chen Feng\'s Myriad Illusions his ability had much more variety. Luck? This was something Chen Feng specialized in. To top it off, since Chen Feng himself was a gene producer, these training camps posed no problem to him. Easily, he obtained all the rewards he could obtain from these noncombat training camps. With this, his strength once again greatly increased. Even those training camps with an extremely high difficulty were easily cleared by Chen Feng.

Using three days, Chen Feng reached the peak of C class. Presently, at a certain location, Chen Feng was standing up calmly.

"Peak C class…"

He sensed the power contained within him. Since this was the first time he had entered those training camps, the rate of his improvement had been rather huge. Moreover, he had obtained all sorts of precious materials thanks to the ten-plus training camps he had cleared. All of these contributed to his great improvement. Unfortunately, this was where his rapid improvement stopped. These few days, he had been sticking to a monotonous schedule, traveling from the Mysterious Organization to the subway before going to the various training camps. The most time he had spent doing this was five hours.

Chen Feng sighed. "The amount of resources at the Mysterious Organization\'s disposal is indeed terrifying."

Now it was time for him to enter those combat training camps. Since he was already a person capable of combating those of a higher level than him, now that his strength had increased, he was definitely not weaker than a peak B class. These C-class training camps were simply incapable of stopping him.

He had a very simple goal: clear all the combat training camps and reach B class.

However, he seemed to have overestimated these training camps. Despite the obvious improvement in his strength, due to him being too strong, these C-class training camps were incapable of exerting any pressure on him. Since he wasn\'t able to properly temper himself, it was natural that he failed to break through. After clearing four or five training camps in a row with no signs of a breakthrough, he was forced to stop. He was stuck!

Those combat training camps that were proclaimed as camps that would enable one to advance through experiences of life and death had all been attempted by Chen Feng. Unfortunately, he wasn\'t the least pressured by those camps.

Mhm… indeed, he had obtained some other benefits. His strength was much more stable now, and his accumulation was also thicker, but then, what was the f*cking point? What he wanted was to break through. Only after he increased his strength in the truest sense by entering B class could he once again fuse with a new genetic ability, and only with that could he once again greatly increase his combat power.

As for his attributes? Along with the increase in his combat power, the effects of his attributes were now minimal. What should he do now? Chen Feng\'s head ached. To be safe, he had left all the combat training camps for the end and gone after those noncombat training camps first. Unexpectedly, he had actually failed to break through due to him being too strong.

Nowadays, he was too used to having experts as his enemy. As such, he had forgotten what an ordinary C class looked like. If these C-class training camps could make even Chen Feng experience the pressure of life and death, the other C-class warriors would likely have had no hope of clearing these camps.

"Things are getting somewhat troublesome," Chen Feng muttered. The C-class training camps were insufficient for him, yet he wasn\'t qualified to enter the B-class training camps. Was he going to be stuck here? Yes, during the past two days, his improvement could be described with the word "skyrocketing." However, he was still dissatisfied. He had initially expected the Mysterious Organization\'s resources to be sufficient to push him up to B class. Did he have to break through slowly from now on? Perhaps… he could try facing a life and death crisis to exert some pressure on himself?

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. "This won\'t do."

Suddenly, he thought of something. Perhaps… I could try applying for B-class training camp access?

Even if there were rules regulating entry to these training camps, Chen Feng was, after all, the savior of a lot of the Mysterious Organization\'s members. That, coupled with his Luck Aura, meant his application might be successful after all. This was worth trying.