The Strongest Gene - Chapter 361: Truth Divination

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Chapter 361: Truth Divination

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Success! This was the very first time Chen Feng had managed to obtain a full set of information instead of a basic yes or no answer using his Luck Aura. Even if he had only managed to deduce Tang Lan\'s words one second in advance, even if this was a simple sentence while Tang Lan was defenseless, the significance of this feat was still large.

The function of this new ability wasn\'t as simple as predicting words. What if Chen Feng wanted to know about something else? For example, what were the secrets of Tang Lan? How many secrets did Tang Lan have? Who was the leader of the Mysterious Organization? How many members were there in the diamond club? No, wait, the correct question to ask was how many people out there with a diamond on their forehead existed? He would be able to figure out all of these using his Luck Aura. As long as he had sufficient luck value, Chen Feng would be able to find out everything.

This method of information gathering would be the foundation for everything. With this, Chen Feng could find out nearly anything he wanted to know. Naturally, the premise of all this was sufficient luck value. Chen Feng preferred to use a simpler term to refer to this new ability of his: Truth Divination.


Ability: Truth Divination

Function: Able to obtain any information the user wishes to.

Consumption: Only luck value can be used to power this ability.


"Try it out?"

Chen Feng was extremely tempted.

Now that Chen Feng had created this ability, he needed to figure out how powerful this ability was, exactly. Would the luck value consumption be related to the number of words? This was something worth researching. Presently, the perfect target was here for him to test this new ability out. At this thought, Chen Feng laughed.

Tang Lan frowned. "What are you laughing about?" Every time this Wang Feng laughed, his hair stood on end.

Chen Feng scratched his head. "Nothing."


Light started swirling before his eyes, and once again, Truth Divination was activated.

First test: How many girlfriends has Tang Lan had in the past? Chen Feng asked inwardly. With that, Truth Divination started working as his Luck Aura was activated, before finally, it transmitted the result back to Chen Feng.

Luck value consumption: five points

Result: Zero

Chen Feng: …

Zero? The zero here did not signify the failure of his Luck Aura. Rather, it signified that Tang Lan had had zero girlfriends before. At this reveal, when Chen Feng\'s gaze once again landed on this Tang Lan who was already rather old, his gaze softened. What a pitiful forever alone fellow.

Chen Feng started asking some crucial questions.

Second test: Has Tang Lan ever betrayed the Mysterious Organization?


Soon, he received the feedback.

Luck value consumption: 10 points

Result: No.

Chen Feng: …

Ten points of luck value?

The number of words used in the feedback was the same as the previous question. Why had the consumption increased by five points? Moreover, his first question had been shorter than his first test, so why had the consumption for the two been the same?

Three different questions with three different consumptions. What was the reason for this? Chen Feng frowned. It seemed like he would have to perform more tests. When encountering theories he was uncertain about, only a huge amount of tests would be able to answer his doubts. Hence, countless questions appeared in Chen Feng\'s brain.

How old is Tang Lan? What\'s the name of Tang Lan\'s father? What\'s the color of Tang Lan\'s underwear? And so on.

Any question he could think of, he asked. Finally, he found out that, when used against the same person, the more private the question and the more hidden the truth was, the higher the consumption.


Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

Was it due to Tang Lan hiding certain secrets at the depths of his heart, to the point where, even when using this mysterious power known as luck, a certain amount of consumption was required?

If so…

With a sharp gaze, Chen Feng asked his final question: What is Tang Lan\'s deepest secret?


Light swirled before his eyes. With astonishment, Chen Feng noted that 50 points of his luck value were consumed. His remaining luck value was nearly emptied out.

The f*ck?

Chen Feng was startled. During his previous tests, the highest consumption for a single question had been 15 points. Now, suddenly, 50 points had been lost. Could it be that this Tang Lan guy…

Chen Feng\'s brain started racing. During this period where he was in the Mysterious Organization, he had heard some rumors as well. These rumors had only been circulating among the grassroots, but eyewitnesses existed. For example, a rumor stating that Tang Lan\'s true name was Tang Shan. Once, someone close to him had been humiliated by the White Church. This was why he was opposed to the White Church in the organization. The reason Senior Mu had beat him up so badly he had almost been crippled was quite complicated as well.

All this while, Chen Feng had believed that these had merely been rumors. After all, he\'d had a hand in what had happened that day as well. But this consumption of luck value…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He was truly curious about the actual secret of Tang Lan.


A row of words appeared.

With a glance, Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. This…

Even after preparing himself mentally, he had never expected that this would be Tang Lan\'s secret. It was no wonder that this secret was hidden within the depths of his heart.

Tang Lan had a son with the wife of one of his elder brothers.

A simple description. With a single glance at this simple row of words, a melodramatic romance story with over 300 chapters formed in Chen Feng\'s brain.

No wonder this guy has had zero girlfriends…

Tang Lan noticed the change in Chen Feng\'s gaze and asked, "What\'s up?"

Chen Feng coughed and said, "Thank you."

Tang Lan was extremely gratified. "Don\'t worry about it." This transformation of Wang Feng\'s, from the initial doubt to the present admiration and gratitude, gave him an extreme sense of accomplishment. "This is something I ought to do anyway. The Mysterious Organization will be depending on you in the future. Use the arcane studies you have learned properly and push them to a new height."

"Yes, Teacher," Chen Feng answered respectfully.

Tang Lan burst out in laughter. "You don\'t have to call me \'Teacher.\' With your talent, in a few years, you will probably reach A class. It\'s improper for someone like you to call me \'Teacher.\' If you don\'t mind, you can just call me Big Brother Tang."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "All right, Big Brother Tang."


Tang Lan was extremely satisfied. This kid wasn\'t as cold and arrogant as Jin Dian had said. In fact, he was rather nice.

"Practice more after you go back," Tang Lan advised. "This is not all arcane studies can accomplish. I am limited by my talent; I hope that a day will come when you surpass me."

Chen Feng nodded solemnly. "Mhm! Big Brother Tang, I will work hard to be someone like you!"

Tang Lan: "…"

Why did this sentence feel somewhat off to him? If Wang Feng was truly going to be like him, it would be better for Wang Feng to not refer to him as Big Brother…


These days, Chen Feng spent his time learning from Tang Lan. He mastered nearly everything about the art of arcane studies. This amazed Tang Lan to no end. Evidently, Chen Feng\'s grasp on and comprehension of luck was much higher than he had imagined. Toward all this, Chen Feng merely smiled.

This was the kind of person he was. There was no need for him to explain his grasp on luck. Tang Lan would come out with his own conclusions anyway. The rest of his time was spent enjoying himself. Occasionally, when his luck value had regenerated, he would try using his new ability. Ultimately, he found out that the luck value consumption was dependent on the target\'s strength, how hidden the information was, the environment his target was in, and even the number of words required for the reveal.

After several days of rest, Chen Feng finally accumulated a certain amount of luck value. Now, he wanted to test if his Truth Divination was capable of more.

For example, figuring out something that was truly a secret. He tried using Truth Divination: Who is the strongest genetic warrior currently alive in this world?


Midair, words were about to appear.

Suddenly, the illusory world of his Luck Aura started collapsing. A terrifying power started surging out somewhere. Chilliness surged from the depths of his own heart, and instantly, his luck value was fully exhausted.

Not good!

Acutely, Chen Feng could feel that something wasn\'t right. He knew that an extra half second was all that he required for the words to be fully formed. However, it was even more probable that he would die immediately the moment he saw the answer.


Without any hesitation, Chen Feng left the world of his Luck Aura and returned to the real world.


The entire illusory world collapsed. As for Chen Feng, his whole body was dripping with sweat, akin to someone who had just gone through a huge battle.

"What exactly was that power I felt earlier?"