The Strongest Gene - Chapter 357: Is the Senior Surnamed Ma?

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Chapter 357: Is the Senior Surnamed Ma?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

This is the Mysterious Organization\'s actual base?

A hint of amazement could be seen in Chen Feng\'s gaze. Indeed, this location was much safer than Cloudswarm Mountain. Even if they knew where it was located, the Genetic Union might not be able to get here, since this base was located in one of those unknown regions, a completely different world than the main continent humanity was concentrated on. This was too perfect a location.

However… how were their members here supposed to leave for missions? All sorts of assignments, missions, and material-related projects… Could it be that the only thing they could do after leaving the branches and coming to this actual headquarters was retire? Even they had only reached this place due to Jin Dian bringing them along. Jin Dian might have a certain level of authority, enabling him to travel around as he wished, but how about the other ordinary members? Would they need Jin Dian to bring them out every time they needed to go out on a mission?

Furthermore, the action of traveling through the planet\'s core was most definitely costly, regardless of whether they were using super-advanced technology or not. If it was too costly, traveling out and back just for missions might not even be worth it, like a person taking the train to a different city just to purchase a towel. Only an idiot would do this. As such, how did the Mysterious Organization plan to deal with this?

Chen Feng was truly curious. After spending half a day gathering information, he was stupefied. This place… to be accurate, this region here was a region developed by a superexpert. It was rumored the senior that had developed this region was a person with a diamond on his forehead—a person with a blue diamond on his forehead, capable of traveling through different regions easily, and who was charismatic and powerful.

With utmost care, he had researched his power and improved his ability throughout the years. And now, after so many years, countless underground nodes had been established, nodes that could be used to travel between two different locations. Moreover, the users of these nodes would not need his escort when traveling. By possessing a certain level of authority, these people would be able to travel using the underground subway freely.

The scope of authority was as follows:

High-level members obtained the authority to travel through the planet\'s core.

First-class core members obtained the authority to travel through the planet\'s core and were able to bring along one extra person.

Second-class core members obtained the authority to travel through the planet\'s core and were able to bring along two extra people.

First-class supervisors obtained the authority to travel through the planet\'s core and were able to bring along 10 extra people.

Second-class supervisors obtained the authority to travel through the planet\'s core and were able to bring along 20 extra people.

The long list detailing the different levels of authority shocked Chen Feng. As for the so-called level of authority, a person with the corresponding level of authority was able to easily travel through the planet\'s core by swiping their card after verifying their identity. Regardless of the nodes required or the location one needed to travel, one only needed to select the location and one would be able to travel anywhere one wished to.

Chen Feng was inwardly alarmed. "What a terrifying ability." In short, this senior had used all these years to silently develop a transportation system at the planet\'s core? A terrifying system that was outside of all known transportation systems?

This was only the beginning. On this planet, there were a lot of locations that couldn\'t be fully explored due to unknown dangers. On the Genetic Union\'s list, all the locations labeled "awaiting development" were such locations.

There were locations only A classes could enter. Anyone else would die when entering. There were locations where only peak A classes could enter. Anyone else would die when entering. There were also locations where anyone could enter. However, those people would all be stuck halfway and only those possessing certain unique abilities would be allowed passage. All of these were categorized as "unique geographical regions."

These unique geographical regions were also the regions containing all sorts of mysterious and powerful energies. A person capable of training using these energies would be able to benefit greatly. This was also how some of those limited quotas for special training sessions came about. The mere act of sending a genius to those regions for training cost a great amount.

As such, every single year, when these new locations were opened, only a small amount of geniuses were allowed entry. The Genetic Union had always wanted to solve this issue of the limited number of individuals they could send to these unique regions, but unfortunately, they had yet to find a way to do so. As such, the only thing they could do was limit the number of entries and only allow entry for true geniuses who also possessed a sufficiently powerful background. Due to this, all sorts of elimination matches were held to determine the candidates for these limited spots.

But here at the Mysterious Organization…

Chen Feng checked the information he had obtained. This underground transportation system covering the entire planet did not only contain nodes connecting different regions. Part of this underground transportation was also nodes leading to some mysterious regions. Regardless of how dangerous the areas surrounding these regions were, it wouldn\'t affect them in any way. With the existence of their underground transportation system, they were able to easily send all their members to the best training locations, allowing their members to temper themselves there.

This was also the main reason the Mysterious Organization had always believed that their organization was superior to the Genetic Union\'s. The regions the Genetic Union could reach were regions they could reach. As for the regions the Genetic Union couldn\'t reach, they might be able to reach those too.

Besides that, among the huge amount of people wanting to go, the Genetic Union could only send a limited number of people to these regions. As for the Mysterious Organization, they were able to easily send anyone they wanted to these regions. As long as a certain region was judged to contain unique energy that was beneficial to training and improvement, several superexperts would start opening up that region. Next, a connecting underground node would be constructed. With that, the Mysterious Organization would obtain yet another "secret training camp" that their members could go to any time they wished.

Naturally, the Mysterious Organization had their own limitation to each of their nodes. However, the limitation was not the quantity of people entering; rather, it was a limitation on the strength of the people entering. This was put in place to prevent their members from dying after attempting to train at a region whose level was much higher than their own.


Chen Feng turned on the map of the underground transportation system.


A three dimensional map appeared in front of him. Looking at the lifelike landmarks on the map, the nodes connecting to the region where humanity was concentrated, and the nodes connecting to the numerous training camps, he blanked.

After a long time, he gasped. "Dungeon Fighter Online?"

The person performing security check at the gate did not quite get what Chen Feng had said. "What are you talking about?"

He shook his head. "Nothing." This was too astonishing. Perhaps that senior with a diamond on his forehead was from the same sect Soul had come from? Only a person concentrated on studying a single type of ability and growing in strength according to the chosen ability type would be able to reach such a level of mastery in his chosen ability. Due to the differing types of abilities they each focused on, the different colors of diamonds on their foreheads had come into existence, such as the green diamond, white diamond, and blue diamond that Chen Feng had heard of.

Since even these people were already so formidable, how powerful was the person who had trained them? Lu Hun… Senior Mu… which of them wasn\'t a superexpert? From what he had gathered presently, even the leader of the Mysterious Organization was merely an apprentice brother of Soul\'s. If so, how about their master?

There was always the possibility that their master had passed away, though. However, even if that were the case, these related superexperts of the Mysterious Organization were already sufficiently terrifying. There might be more of them out there as well. The Mysterious Organization was indeed not as simple as they appeared to be.

Different colors of diamond…

This underground system…

With a respectful expression, Chen Feng looked at the guy beside him. "Oh yeah. May I ask if that senior who developed this region is surnamed Ma?"