The Strongest Gene - Chapter 356: Super-Advanced Technology

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Chapter 356: Super-Advanced Technology

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Cloudswarm Mountain.

This mountain range that had stood tall for an unknown number of years had, in a split second, been reduced to ruin. All the buildings of the Mysterious Organization were falling apart.


The sky itself was ripped apart. A huge space tunnel appeared and numerous powerful figures started descending from the sky. Each of them was emitting a terrifying aura, shocking all onlookers. All these were experts from the Genetic Union. They had finally arrived.



Countless silhouettes appeared. Was the Mysterious Organization powerful? Yes, they were. However, they had still remained hidden in the dark all this while, not daring to allow any information about them to leak. The Genetic Union was the only reason they had not had the courage to announce their existence to the world. In the end, the Genetic Union was still the true tyrant of this planet. Genetic system… ability research… these were different facets of the Genetic Union that had long permeated the very marrows of the masses of this planet.

How was the Mysterious Organization supposed to compete with this? What could they use to compete with this? The only reason they had remained hidden all this while was so they could continue working hard to surpass the Genetic Union. Only when they possessed sufficient strength to surpass the Genetic Union would they dare reveal themselves.



Countless A-class warriors descended. Compared to the Mysterious Organization, it was evident that the Genetic Union had a greater number of members.

Just by recruiting from their subsidiary families, the Mysterious Organization was able to recruit a huge amount of geniuses. As for the Genetic Union, they were able to recruit from the human population of the entire planet. Nearly all genetic warriors in existence dreamed of joining the Genetic Union. As such, the number of talented warriors of the Genetic Union and the Mysterious Organization were simply in two different leagues.

In the air, the person in charge of the current mission from the Genetic Union hovered. His cold gaze glanced past the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters and noted that not a single living person remained.

"It seems like they have all retreated."

"We rushed over immediately after receiving the information. Unexpectedly…"

"No worries. The amount of things still left here is already sufficient for us to study."

Around them, amidst the ruins of the Mysterious Organization, the members of the Genetic Union were able to locate a huge amount of data-storage items. Hard copies, soft copies, and all sorts of progress records for various projects and research materials were found. A huge amount of them had been destroyed earlier, but the remaining amount was still sufficient for the Genetic Union\'s research.

The only reason the Mysterious Organization had been scary all this while was due to them being an unknown entity. The Mysterious Organization had had all sorts of research projects running and had appeared so scary to the rest of the world. Now, though, the moment having been forced to escape in a panic without even first destroying all these things, the Mysterious Organization was no longer an unknown entity as far as the Genetic Union was concerned. This organization was finished.

"Start studying the materials."

"Locate all the members, subsidiary families, and personnel related to them before arresting all of them. I want to thoroughly turn them into an existence akin to a rat scurrying across the street."


In a casual manner, the person in charge concluded the fate of the Mysterious Organization. If everything progressed smoothly and the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters were truly destroyed, this organization might very well disappear from the face of this planet from now on.

"Where\'s the person who sent us the information?"


"It\'s her?"


"It\'s that young lady, huh…"

The person in charge sighed. In a short amount of time, this place was locked down by the Genetic Union. Several experts had joined hands to create a teleportation formation to link this place with the Genetic Union. This place might very well become a new domain of the Genetic Union\'s. Countless members of the Genetic Union appeared and started searching this area. The time had arrived to unveil the mask covering the Mysterious Organization.

Core members… structures… projects… all the data of the Mysterious Organization landed in the Genetic Union\'s hands. Any data that still remained would be analyzed by the union before using all sorts of genetic abilities to reinstate the full set of the data. With this, the Mysterious Organization was not just unveiled—it would be more apt to say that the Mysterious Organization was stripped naked.

However, unknown to all of them, several kilometers underground, Chen Feng and the rest were descending without stop. Moreover, their speed was increasing with every moment. Prior to this, Wang Yao and Ming Yue had successfully escaped the headquarters. With that, it had been a sure fact that the Mysterious Organization\'s location would be exposed. As long as these people possessed a brain, they would realize the folly of staying at the same place waiting for their death.

As such, from the start, Chen Feng had already prepared to escape together with them.

He was sure that as an organization capable of surviving for so many years despite the Genetic Union\'s grasp on this planet, the Mysterious Organization definitely had their secrets. Even a crafty rabbit would have three holes to hide in, let alone these people. Chen Feng wanted to see with his own eyes where the concealed base of the Mysterious Organization was, where their actual domain was located.

But then, he had never expected that they would have to travel underground to reach there. All their members were currently traveling within something akin to a long subway that, instead of travelling horizontally, was traveling downward perpendicularly. The speed at which they traveled was still increasing.

"Where are we going?" Chen Feng asked.

A smile appeared on Jin Dian\'s face. "We are going to our actual headquarters."

"Headquarters…" Chen Feng contemplated. "Our headquarters are located underground?"

Jin Dian shook his head. "No. If it\'s underground, it would definitely be found by the Genetic Union. Hehe, you will find out soon enough."

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow and stopped questioning. What did he mean? Will find out soon enough… underground?



The subway streaked forth amidst the darkness. Around them, a faint energy barrier started appearing. The speed of the subway was still increasing. However, along with the increase in speed, Chen Feng could clearly see the energy barrier trembling. The energy consumption rate increased as the world outside the subway turned red from its previous darkness.

A huge expanse of red. Outside of everyone\'s expectations, a sea of flame was here, hidden deep underground. Every single clump of flame was burning at an alarming temperature. Just like that, this unique subway charged head-on into the sea of flame.


Di, Di, Di—

An ear-piercing alarm started resounding. The energy barrier became somewhat transparent, like it was going to fall apart at any moment. Right at this moment, in the deepest region of the sea of flame, several energy seals appeared.


Every single one of the seals was shining. With several tens of them together, they joined to form a bizarre shape. Accompanied by the whistling sound of the energy, the subway knocked into the energy seals. Just like that, it seemed to fuse with the formation formed by the seals.


With a faint undulation, the subway phased through the formation. Instantly, the world before everyone\'s eyes became bright. Once again, that familiar sunshine was shining on their bodies. Opening his eyes, Chen Feng found with shock that they were now aboveground again.

This place…

He turned around and noted that they had just come out of a cave.


Luck Aura, activate. Using the little amount of luck value he had, he found with amazement that they were currently right below Cloudswarm Mountain. No… to be accurate, they were on the exact opposite side of the planet.


Chen Feng was somewhat dumbfounded. Opposite side? So, in the short few minutes, they had traveled through the entire planet to reach the other side of the planet? Was this a joke? Yes, the technological level of this world was truly advanced, but… what kind of technology was it that was capable of taking a shortcut through the core of this planet to travel to the other side of the planet? Was it a super-advanced technology surpassing humanity\'s current technological level?

Jin Dian patted Chen Feng\'s shoulders. "Welcome to the Mysterious Organization. This is our real home."