The Strongest Gene - Chapter 355: Trending Again

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Chapter 355: Trending Again

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Wang Feng, an 18-year-old newly recruited genius of the Mysterious Organization. In the recruitment tests, he had obtained multiple first places. Next, he had left with the leader of the research department and joined the research department. During the Wang Yao incident, he had been assigned to the command center for information gathering and been lucky enough to avoid the massacre that had happened at the research department. During Chen Feng\'s subsequent attack on the command center, he had survived by fluke as well.

Witnesses: Xie Zhongtong.

Eyewitnesses: Numerous members of the Mysterious Organization.

Background check: Passed.

Now, Wang Feng became incredibly popular in the Mysterious Organization. What kind of person was Chen Feng? He was the organization\'s most wanted person, the person even Lu Hun had failed to kill multiple times in the past. The several A-class experts that had encountered him had all lost their lives as well. He was a horrifying person.

Now, he was dead. Dead by Wang Feng\'s hands. Moreover, Wang Feng had killed Chen Feng while Chen Feng was in the midst of a suicide attack on the entire Mysterious Organization. In a certain way, Wang Feng had saved a huge amount of Mysterious Organization members by killing Chen Feng. As such, after the end of that incident, his popularity had risen at an inconceivable speed.

As for the adverse reactions toward the growth of his popularity? It was nonexistent. Those who were against Wang Feng were all beaten badly by the people who had been saved by Wang Feng when he had killed Chen Feng. These people were treating Wang Feng as their beneficiary. In a single night, Wang Feng transformed into the most welcomed genius of the Mysterious Organization, with none capable of surpassing his popularity.

Naturally, the Mysterious Organization performed multiple checks and verifications on Wang Feng. Through these checks, his identity was ascertained. After all, Wang Feng was someone who had gone through the recruitment together with Xie Zhongtong. As such, there were no issues found in his identity.

Jin Dian stared at the results of the recruitment test. "Wang Feng…" Wang Feng was already astonishingly talented just from his results in the early rounds. To top it off, in the final test, he had also obtained a stunning score of 100 points. One had to know that luck was something that one normally couldn\'t control.

A person so lucky…

Jin Dian sighed. No wonder Chen Feng had been killed by this guy. Chen Feng had been too freakish a person, and he\'d had astonishing luck to top it off. Apart from his intelligence, the scariest advantage Chen Feng had held over others had been his luck. Now, he had finally encountered Wang Feng, a person with even better luck than him. Just look at Wang Feng\'s history. When Chen Feng had been slaughtering people at the research department, Wang Feng had been assigned somewhere else. If that hadn\'t happened, Wang Feng would have ended up dead right there at the research department. This was how luck could contribute to a person\'s success.

At the command center, Chen Feng had launched the simplest of attacks to kill the people there in order to reduce his energy exhaustion. In the process, he had underestimated Wang Feng and Xie Zhongtong\'s strength and only left them injured instead of dead. Only with all this had it led to the ending they had all witnessed, where the injured Wang Feng crawled back up before killing Chen Feng. This had all been thanks to luck! This was also the real reason luck was one of the tests in the recruitment.

The Mysterious Organization had been in operation for so many years. They had long been aware of the several rare types of powers that ranked above others in this world. Evidently, they had recruited an exceptional genius in this batch of recruitment.

Naturally, unknown to Jin Dian, with the death of everyone in the research department, regardless of what "Wang Feng" said, nobody was able to prove otherwise. Moreover, thanks to Chen Feng, a part of the gathered information in the command center had been lost as well. As such, nobody could actually verify Chen Feng\'s stories, which proved a great help for him assuming the role of Wang Feng.

Jin Dian\'s eyes shone. "Perhaps…" What height could this Wang Feng kid reach in the future? Thanks to Chen Feng and Wang Yao, the organization had suffered disastrous losses during the past two years. As a result, their strength had been greatly weakened. Now, the Mysterious Organization had to nurture a new batch of talents as soon as possible. As for the person who would receive the highest priority, it might very well be this Wang Feng.

Jin Dian burst out in laughter. "This kid…" Luck… truly something a commoner would have difficulty understanding. "This kid\'s future achievement might not be any lower than mine. He is a person I can consider befriending."

Jin Dian started drawing his plans. At the same time, Ji Feng, who was hidden somewhere not far away from the Mysterious Organization, was staring at the update he had received with a bewildered expression. It said that Chen Feng had been killed.

Ji Feng was dumbfounded. "Dead just like that?"

Come on man, I only started following you recently and you\'re already dead?

He was sure that with this death of Chen Feng\'s, it was now certain that he would have to roam the world aimlessly in the future. Regardless of the Mysterious Organization or the Gene Production Association, none would let him off.

Chang Luguo\'s eyes shone. "Chen Feng has been killed?"

"What the hell are you being happy about? Now that he\'s dead, soon, it will be our turn to die," Ji Feng snapped.

Chang Luguo shook his head. "No, no. Have you forgotten why we were hunted back then? Due to the allegations that we colluded with Chen Feng. That is not true. Since Chen Feng is too freakish a person, when he\'s alive, we won\'t be able to find any proof of that, since he could block any sort of investigative ability. Now that he\'s dead…"

Ji Feng\'s eyes shone. Wasn\'t that the case? Wouldn\'t everything be fine as long as they found out the truth of what had happened during the Mysterious Killing Command back then? There had always been some sort of bizarre power lingering around Chen Feng that would block all their investigative abilities. Now that this guy was dead, wouldn\'t it be possible for them to find out the truth?

Instantly, Ji Feng became spirited. "Let\'s go." He contacted the informer he had left in the Mysterious Organization and prepared to return. However, right at this moment, the informer sent him a new update. As Ji Feng glanced at the new update, his body turned stiff.

"What happened?"

The curious Chang Luguo looked at the newly received update and was instantly dumbfounded as well. After a long while, the same word was spat out of both their mouths: "F*ck!"

Chen Feng was dead? Killed by Wang Feng?! These two were simply the same f*cking person! Moreover, the name Wang Feng was even a name Ji Feng himself had come up with. Ji Feng\'s mood had remained joyful for less than two minutes and was now dropping to the freezing point. He knew that this Chen Feng guy could not have died so easily.

Just as Chang Luguo was standing there with a bitter expression, suddenly, Ji Feng thought of a possibility. Immediately, his expression changed greatly and he dragged Chang Luguo before he started running crazily.

Chang Luguo was puzzled. "Boss?"

Ji Feng did not bother answering him and focused on running alone. "Shut up."



His A-class power was fully activated just to run.

One second. Two seconds.

Two figures streaked through the wilderness. Two minutes after Ji Feng started running, suddenly, a beam of light started descending from the sky. This beam of light was locked onto the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters.


A huge beam of light descended from the sky.


A terrifying heat wave engulfed the entire Cloudswarm Mountain, and the several tens of mountain ranges nearby were instantly disintegrated.

"This is…" The speechless Chang Luguo watched on as all this happened. Even so far away, they could still feel that terrifying shockwave from the explosion. Ji Feng wiped the beads of sweat on his head as he trembled with fear. "It\'s them. The Genetic Union is making their move."



Numerous beams of light started descending. With the landing of each of the beams was a huge explosion. The whole world was seemingly enveloped in white. Both Ji Feng and Chang Luguo could no longer see anything clearly. That terrifying radiance that seemed capable of penetrating everything pervaded the entire area. Out of the huge amount of clouds that had been surrounding Cloudswarm Mountain for an unknown number of years, the clouds that possessed a formidable defensive capability, only three clumps remained.


The fourth beam of light landed. Finally, the clouds were all erased. The beam of light landed on the headquarters of the Mysterious Organization.


Where the headquarters stood, a huge mushroom cloud could be seen rising. The earth trembled. Fear was planted in the hearts of Ji Feng and Chang Luguo. Even so far away, they could feel the might of that explosion. The headquarters was most probably gone with that attack. The only thing they wondered was whether those members of the Mysterious Organization had survived this attack.