The Strongest Gene - Chapter 354: A Man’s Dignity

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Chapter 354: A Man’s Dignity

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At a certain location, Wang Yao and Ming Yue could be seen. Presently, they were already far away from the Mysterious Organization. Only when they were certain that nobody from the Mysterious Organization was chasing after them did they stop running.

"Finally, we\'re out," Ming Yue grumbled. When had she, the illustrious leader of the Nether World, been made to act in such a wretched manner? If she possessed her peak strength, she absolutely would not have feared that green guy. Now, the only person she was worried about was Chen Feng. If Chen Feng died, Xiao Ying would most certainly end up dead as well. If Xiao Ying was dead, then she would…

Ming Yue inhaled deeply. Something like the marriage link was not omnipotent. Since she dared to use it, she naturally possessed the means of getting rid of the link. However, the price she would have to pay for that was something she was unwilling to pay.

"Hopefully you can truly escape," Ming Yue muttered. She stopped her steps and looked at Wang Yao, only to notice that this young lady\'s expression was still as serene as in the past. Apart from the faint trace of worry in Wang Yao\'s eyes, she did not appear too anxious.

Ming Yue was somewhat shocked. "Hey, are you not worried for him?"

"He said that he will definitely come back," Wang Yao answered calmly.

Ming Yue was speechless. "You trust his words?"

God, in that circumstance, it was obvious that Chen Feng was sacrificing himself to save them. Those tricks of Chen Feng\'s might be able to stay undiscovered momentarily, since his Myriad Illusions was truly a stunning ability. However, all of that was, after all, still mere tricks. In the end, Myriad Illusions was still too weak when it came to pure strength. The most it could accomplish was covering their escape…

If so, what was going to happen to Chen Feng? Perhaps he truly had a way of surviving. But then…how was he planning to stay alive? One had to know that being captured and tortured for information was a form of staying alive as well. Perhaps he could directly swear his allegiance to the Mysterious Organization and be one of them?

Ming Yue shook her head. She was not optimistic about Chen Feng\'s future. Even if he survived this…

Somewhat mockingly, Wang Yao said, "What should I have done, then? Should I have told him that I would never give up on him and started wasting my time, weeping endlessly? When he told me to trust him, should I have covered my ears and refused to listen to him? Next, we could start discussing who was the better candidate to sacrifice? Finally, the enemies reach and none of us are able to escape?"

Ming Yue: "…"

"Since he said he will survive, I shall place my trust in him." Wang Yao paused and shut her eyes. Her somewhat trembling eyelashes were the only evidence of her worry. "Even if this is a suicidal plan, I will believe in him! That is a matter of his dignity, the dignity of a man!"

She understood Chen Feng well. He once said that there would be a day where he stood before her, blocking everything for her. This time, during their moment of danger, when they had managed to reach the outer layer of the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters, when he had told her his plan, she\'d had to listen to him! She hadn\'t been able to think of any other options anyway.

As a result, Chen Feng had indeed accomplished what he\'d said. He had attracted all the enemies, allowing Wang Yao and Ming Yue to escape. This was Chen Feng\'s dignity. Even if he had to die, he would die smiling. What if she refused to listen to him? She would most certainly have died there, dying in front of Chen Feng. If Chen Feng was able to survive after that, he would be carrying hatred and guilt in his heart for the rest of his life. As such, she\'d had to leave! Wang Yao had been able to see all this clearly. As such, she had decided to leave without the slightest hesitation.

Ming Yue glanced at Wang Yao. "What if he really ends up dead?"

"…" Wang Yao sunk into silence and stared in the Mysterious Organization\'s direction with a resolute gaze. "If he ends up dead, I will slaughter the entire Mysterious Organization before dying myself as well."

After that, she no longer said anything.

Lunatic! Ming Yue stared straight into Wang Yao\'s eyes and noted that this young lady was truly serious. The hell? I\'m supposed to be the villain, right?

Ming Yue felt somewhat helpless. The way this plot was developing, where one wanted to eliminate the entire world due to the death of one\'s love, was supposed to be the plot for supervillains like her. Why the heck was this couple here snatching her plotlines? Now she was finally aware that these two were similarly lunatics. Chen Feng was a lunatic who always threaded the edge of death and immersed himself in situations where he could die with any slight carelessness. As for Wang Yao, she was similarly a lunatic, a lunatic accompanying Chen Feng!

Is this how the people of this world behave? Suddenly, her head ached. Now, she somewhat missed Wang Chun. Mhm… my Wang Chun is still more adorable, after all. Obedient and clever. On top of that, when I\'m bored, we can have a quickie at any time.



The sound of footsteps could be heard. When Ming Yue raised her head, she noticed that Wang Yao was leaving.

Ming Yue was surprised. "You… are not waiting for him?"

Wang Yao stared into the distance and, with her cold yet tender voice, said, "He told me not to worry. Since I have already shattered the bottleneck of my A-class limit, it\'s time for me to break through, surpassing A class… Wait for my return. I shall personally welcome him."



She drifted away.


Ming Yue was speechless.

Trust… was trust something that truly existed? At least, in the world she had come from, something like trust did not exist.


A cold breeze drifted past her. Ming Yue\'s figure vanished as well.

Presently, in the Mysterious Organization\'s command center, at the same moment Chen Feng was performing a suicide attack on the entire Mysterious Organization, when that red radiance reached the peak of its intensity, a particular person awoke.

It was a girl. Somewhat vacantly, she looked around. The sight of numerous corpses sprawled all over welcomed her.


Her memories started recovering.

Chen Feng…

As she recalled what had happened, her body shuddered. Earlier, this guy who was scarily young had stepped in here wearing Energy Equipment. After his arrival, everyone here had instantly been killed. She had only been able to give him a single glance before losing consciousness.

That guy…

She tried standing up and noticed that her body was aching all over. As she lowered her head, she saw that the wound on her chest was still dripping with blood.

She pointed at her chest softly. "Condense!" A pink radiance flickered into existence. Next, her wound started healing slowly.

"Luckily… the attack landed three millimeters away from the fatal point…"

The mere recollection of what had happened earlier scared her endlessly. If the attack had landed three millimeters away from where it had landed, she definitely would have died. Back then, Chen Feng had merely been attacking casually. If he had truly been focusing on her, she would most certainly have ended up dead then and there.

She rejoiced. Lucky. Suddenly, she sensed the distant red radiance.

Doubtfully, she walked over. "What happened there?" When she opened the door, a scene that caused her to choke welcomed her. A person was silently approaching Chen Feng. Next… he arrived, stabbed, and killed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng seemed tenacious, as he wasn\'t immediately killed. However, that cold-looking figure did not utter a single word, focusing only on stabbing Chen Feng. A countless amount of wounds were left on Chen Feng\'s body by that sharp dagger.



Blood splattered everywhere. Only when the entire body of that person was soaked in blood did he stop stabbing. Chen Feng was definitely dead.

She was incomparably stunned. "How powerful."

Soon, that person removed the command center\'s energy barrier. The seniors of the Mysterious Organization came over and destroyed even Chen Feng\'s corpse. With that, the crisis of the Mysterious Organization ended. That person had rescued everyone in the Mysterious Organization.

Doubtfully, Jin Dian stared at this cold-looking person. "Who are you?" This was someone Jin Dian had never seen before. Presently, that person was turning around slowly. Finally, the young lady got a clear look at his face.

The young lady\'s emotions surged. "It\'s you?!"

Jin Dian was surprised. "Little Tong, you know him?"

The young lady nodded. "Mhm, mhm. After Chen Feng attacked the command center… perhaps due to me being too weak, he only landed a casual attack on me and did not notice that I survived. I thought that everyone was already dead and I was the sole survivor here. Unexpectedly, someone else survived."

She was crying tears of joy. Everyone she knew was already dead. Most of them had been killed trying to save her by blocking in front of her before being killed by Chen Feng. Surprisingly, she was still able to see an acquaintance here.

"Oh, oh, oh."

Only at that did everyone understand how she had survived. It was reasonable, since a person as meticulous as Chen Feng would most certainly kill everyone here the moment he entered the command center. He definitely would not leave anyone alive and risk getting sneak attacked. Xie Zhongtong had merely survived by fluke…

"Very good." Jin Dian patted the cold-looking person\'s shoulder. "You are truly not bad and have great potential. Hehe, what\'s your name? In the future, you can follow me."

That person raised his head and calmly stated, "Wang Feng."