The Strongest Gene - Chapter 350: Collapse

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Chapter 350: Collapse

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Chase after them? Just because Chen Feng\'s group was courting disaster, that did not mean he had to do the same. That was a region of space turbulence. There was no point in a super expert like him risking himself in such a place with those death seekers. That was too dangerous. Moreover, that was space turbulence, which people rarely survived. Those who entered were as good as dead.

Based on the gathered statistics, so far, people that had been dragged into regions of space turbulence numbered in the thousands of millions. All of them had entered due to various reasons, but none of them had ever returned alive.

Space turbulence was so scary that there was a particular space-related secret art called Banish, whose single function was to banish one\'s enemy into a region of space turbulence. This was an extremely feared ability. Now someone had taken the initiative to enter such a thing? Chen Feng\'s group was truly courting death. This was a fact apparent to everyone there.

But then… if he decided to not go after them, what if Chen Feng\'s group truly survived? Since Chen Feng had had the courage to enter, it was possible he had a method of surviving that place as well. Chen Feng was too bizarre a person, to the point that even Lu Hun himself had failed to kill Chen Feng after two previous attempts. Who dared to guarantee that Chen Feng would definitely die this time?

Moreover, together with Chen Feng was Wang Yao and another mysterious expert.

As for the statistics indicating that no one had ever survived a space turbulence, similarly, never had someone as astonishing as Chen Feng, who was capable of killing A class and peak A class while in C class, appeared before. On top of that, someone like Wang Yao, who was capable of killing peak A class at this young age, had never appeared before either.

Chen Feng\'s group was simply comprised of super geniuses that wouldn\'t even appear in a thousand years. The entire Mysterious Organization had tried preventing their escape. Despite the fact that a lot of their members were not here, Jin Dian and Lu Hun were both here. If even with this, Chen Feng was able to escape, the people of the Mysterious Organization might as well livestream themselves eating shit.

Lu Hun clenched his teeth. "Chase!"


Jin Dian and the rest were instantly stupefied. The f*ck? For real? That\'s a region of space turbulence!

Lu Hun inhaled deeply as his eyes gleamed coldly. "Don\'t chase after him blindly. Chen Feng\'s group indeed planned meticulously. However, they ignored an extremely important point: my strength is not something they could have imagined." Lu Hun sneered and pointed midair. "Condense!"


Multiple torrents of terrifying green radiance rushed out into the air above him. Next, the entire space turbulence was enveloped by a bright and resplendent green radiance. With this, the endless leaking energy that was streaking everywhere slowed down by several hundred times.

Lu Hun ordered, "Go! A radius of 50 kilometers will be temporarily under my control."

Jin Dian and the rest were overjoyed. "All right."


With excitement, they charged forth.

It was indeed as Lu Hun had said. The initially chaotic space stabilized, as the region of space turbulence transformed into a thick and stable space tunnel. However, Lu Hun was also clear that this would only remain for 50 kilometers. That was as far as he could control. Hence, they had to catch up to Chen Feng before Chen Feng and his group escaped further.



Numerous figures charged into the region of space turbulence. Within that space tunnel that appeared unstable and might collapse anytime, a hunt began. Jin Dian, Lu Hun, and the rest were chasing after Chen Feng.

Chen Feng\'s expression changed slightly. "Not good." From the moment he had felt the space tunnel stabilizing, he\'d had an ominous feeling. He had never imagined that Lu Hun would possess such heaven-defying ability. An expert at this level was indeed something unpredictable.

"What should we do?"

Chen Feng calmed himself down. Their initial plan had been quite simple: charge into the chaotic space before using Luck Aura to avoid all danger and then leave the space tunnel after putting some distance between them and the Mysterious Organization. Now, though, with Jin Dian and the rest chasing after them, his original plan had to be given up.



Sounds of activity could already be heard behind them. In this narrow space tunnel, the moment a battle erupted…

Chen Feng looked at the space walls around him. If this tunnel was in its normal chaotic state, the mere activation of his Luck Aura would be sufficient to kill all these people. Now, though, the initially chaotic space that could collapse at any moment had been frozen by Lu Hun. Chen Feng had lost the only advantage he had held over them. As for the distance left for them to travel…

Chen Feng stared ahead of him. The remaining path seemed endless.

He was aware of the fact that, despite Lu Hun\'s strength, it would be impossible for him to lock the entire region of space turbulence. The question now was whether the three of them would be able to even escape the area that was under Lu Hun\'s control.



Green radiance started bubbling up behind them. The Mysterious Organization\'s members had arrived.

Ming Yue looked at Chen Feng. "What should we do?" She could return to her world to save herself, but what about Chen Feng?

"I\'m thinking." Chen Feng\'s brain started working overtime.



A boundless killing intent could be felt. Fortunately, Ming Yue and Wang Yao were able to block their attacks. Due to the tunnel being narrow, the both of them were sufficient to stop the advance of all the pursuers. As for Lu Hun, he could only use a part of his power to attack, since most of his power was occupied with stabilizing the space turbulence. As such, Wang Yao and Ming Yue were able to defend against his attacks as well.

However… A-class and B-class warriors were arriving without stop. These people were not quite at Jin Dian\'s level, but they were not weak. With their quantity, the moment they worked together, they would be able to unleash a terrifying attack as well.



As more and more members of the Mysterious Organization arrived, the pressure exerted on Wang Yao and Ming Yue increased. They truly couldn\'t hold on much longer.

Ming Yue was anxious. "Chen Feng!"

"I know." Chen Feng had never stopped thinking. Every single piece of information available to him was flitting past his brain as he deduced without stop. He was simulating all sorts of available escape methods in his brain. Unfortunately, regardless of the method he simulated, the conclusion he reach was their eventual death.

He checked his luck value and noted that only 300 points were left.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Too little."

Back then when he had been weaker, every single luck value had seemed so effective. Every single point had been able to play a big role. Now that his strength had increased, the enemies he faced had grown increasingly stronger as well. With that, the consumption of his luck value had become increasingly terrifying as well. The recovery rate of one point per hour was no longer able to keep up with his usage. What could he accomplish with 300 luck value? Nothing! In moments of crisis like this, without 5,000 or 6,000 luck value, he wouldn\'t be able to do much.



A crisp sound could be heard. It was clear that the defense barrier erected by Wang Yao and Ming Yue was on the verge of collapse. When defending passively like this, it would become a competition of energy exhaustion. Since there were only two of them, how was it possible for them to compete with the entire Mysterious Organization?

What to do? Suddenly, Chen Feng\'s eyes became sharp.

With an overcast tone, Chen Feng called, "Wang Yao."

Wang Yao looked at him doubtfully. "Mhm?"

Chen Feng looked at the point connecting their defense barrier and the Mysterious Organization\'s attacks. "Detonate it." The amount of energy concentrated there was sufficient to cause any onlooker to tremble in fear. This was a chaotic clump of power unleashed by four peak A-class experts and various other members of the Mysterious Organization.

Ming Yue gnashed her teeth. "Have you gone crazy? We haven\'t even traveled far. If we detonate it now, the entire space will collapse, and even without the influence of the space turbulence, we will fall back into the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters after leaving this tunnel. With Lu Hun there, it is simply impossible for us to escape. Everything we have done so far will have been a waste."

"Trust me." Chen Feng stared straight into Wang Yao\'s eyes. "Now."

A smile appeared on Wang Yao\'s face. "All right."


An alarming energy abruptly emerged, and instantly, the entire space tunnel collapsed. Everyone was flung out as a terrifying energy started engulfing everything around the center of the explosion.