The Strongest Gene - Chapter 347: Final Moments

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Chapter 347: Final Moments

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Ming Yue\'s solemn voice could be heard. "Chen Feng, I\'m afraid I won\'t be able to help you any more than this. If you want to leave, I can take you away right now, but if you stay, I\'m afraid that when Soul returns…"

Escaping was the only thing she was still capable of doing at this time.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply as his gaze darted across the crowd around him. On his face, a faint smile appeared. "There\'s no need for that. It is sufficient for you to block Jin Dian alone. As for the rest, leave them to me."

Ming Yue blanked. "Mhm?" Leave them to you?! Are you kidding?

Indeed, among the crowd on the ground with Chen Feng, none of them were peak A class. However, there were more than 10 A-class warriors among them, as well as countless B-class and C-class warriors. Even she would not dare to have a direct confrontation with them.

Leaving them to Chen Feng? But then, they had no other options anyway. At a time like this… she could only choose to put her trust in Chen Feng. Despite that, Ming Yue also decided that the moment Chen Feng fell into any danger, she would take him away immediately. She was definitely not willing to die for no apparent reason at a place like this just because of the marriage link she had with that snake. For this very reason, she had specifically left a part of herself back there.

Chen Feng… do you truly have a method of dealing with this?

Currently, as Jin Dian and Ming Yue started their battle in the air, the other members of the Mysterious Organization finally arrived in the vicinity of Chen Feng. This scene of Chen Feng being swarmed by a huge crowd was rather spectacular, in a way.

If everything progressed in a regular fashion, Chen Feng would definitely not last longer than three seconds under the attack of this crowd. Facing such unfavorable circumstances, it would be extremely easy for Chen Feng to end up dead. He would not be able to do anything against this bunch of A-class warriors.

At this moment, nobody realized that Chen Feng had seen a familiar figure among the crowd. She did not recognize Chen Feng, but Chen Feng recognized her.

What is she doing here? Oh yeah, the new recruits were all dispatched to various departments, like how I am here because I was dispatched to the research department. Perhaps this is the reason she\'s here as well? If so… my dear friend, I will be counting on you.

A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face.


Light swirled around, and instantly, Chen Feng vanished, reappeared beside her, and slashed toward her. "Scram!"

Xie Zhongtong was shocked. "Psychedelic – Dreamland!"

At the same time, Chen Feng\'s Myriad Illusions was activated as well.

Myriad Illusions, hypnotize!

With Chen Feng\'s current strength, the power he was able to unleash with his Myriad Illusions was something a mere Xie Zhongtong was incapable of resisting. Instantly, she was hypnotized by him before she unleashed her power.

Instantly, that dense fog of pink started spreading around. This ability was capable of ignoring class, of ignoring defense, of ignoring everything, as this was essentially not an ability meant to do any harm to others.


Almost instantly, the magical fog enveloped the entire entrance of the research department. The members of the Mysterious Organization that had been about to rush into the research department blanked momentarily before halting their steps. Presently, there were still 20 seconds left before the countdown ended.


A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face, "Dear members of the Mysterious Organization, here, feel the love of the organization."


Once again, Chen Feng activated his Myriad Illusions.

Ability filter: enhancement!

Chen Feng himself was already powerful enough to confront a B-class warrior. Now, with his full-power enhancement, the powerful ability unleashed by Xie Zhongtong was able to instantly cover every single B-class warrior present. All of them started embracing each other as the pink fog drifted around them. Even some of those powerful A-class warriors couldn\'t escape the effect of the pink fog.

"This aura feels somewhat wrong…"


"Ah… what poked me?"


"Don\'t touch me!"

Within the dense pink fog, countless people sunk into confusion. There were indeed some of them that had managed to maintain their reason. Unfortunately, they were swarmed by the others that had been affected by the pink fog.

Just like that, at the entrance of the research department, a "large-scale show" was being performed. Even though Chen Feng had made use of Xie Zhongtong this time, she was, after all, considered an acquaintance of his. As such, Chen Feng did not mean her any harm. Just as he was about to take her out of the crowd, he noticed that she wasn\'t at all affected by that ability. Finally, Chen Feng recalled that this pink energy was her very own ability, and as such, she shouldn\'t be affected. If so, that expression she currently had on her face…

Enjoyment? Looking at the excited expression on Xie Zhongtong\'s face, Chen Feng\'s lips twitched and he shook his head. Well, seems like she does not need any rescuing after all.

"It\'s about time," he muttered inwardly. Looking at his luck value, which was dropping rapidly, Chen Feng knew that Soul was going to arrive very soon.

The consumption of luck value when affecting reality was extremely terrifying. However, if his target was doing something involving probability, Chen Feng could use this as the very lever with which he moved the world. Hence, when Luck Aura had indicated that only a certain amount of luck value would be required to increase Soul\'s travel time when returning, Chen Feng had activated his Luck Aura without any hesitation.

Fifty points of luck value had caused Soul to spend twice as much time to return.

Naturally, as for what role exactly luck played in Soul\'s journey back here, that was unknown to Chen Feng. And now…

Chen Feng looked at the countdown timer. Twenty seconds, 19 seconds, 18 seconds…

Even with this confusion caused by him, even with the nonstop activation of his Luck Aura, how much longer could he last? Even he himself couldn\'t answer this. This was especially true because the Mysterious Organization had a huge amount of experts.

"This energy is capable of ignoring all defenses and invading one\'s body directly."

"Destroy the energy first."


Some of the smarter ones among the crowd started sitting down cross-legged to force the pink energy out of their bodies. Xie Zhongtong\'s strength was still too weak, after all. Even with Chen Feng\'s enhancement, she was unable to truly affect these A-class warriors. After a slight amount of time, these A-class warriors were able to recover. The only reason for their delay was because they were trying to avoid being messed up by the crowd around them.


From a particular person, a terrifying light wave started dispersing. At another side, a cold snort from a person stunned all the low-level warriors around him.




There was also another person who, with a wave of his hand, summoned cold icy rains that descended from the sky.


It only took several seconds to clear the pink-filled world. Only at this did the genetic warriors who had sunk into confusion earlier start waking up.

"End Chen Feng."



Several A-class warriors split apart the pink fog and charged toward Chen Feng. This time, they were sure that Chen Feng had already exhausted all his trump cards and could only wait for death.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Come!"


Energy Equipment, full activation!

The attacks started landing on him. At this instant, an intense radiance resulting from this clash started blooming.



The bright radiance intensified, and the area Chen Feng had stood in was directly reduced to ruin by the bombardment. The attacks launched by several A-class warriors at the same time were indeed astonishing.

"Is he dead?"

Instinctively, they looked over. However, when the radiance faded, what they saw caused their expressions to change greatly. There Chen Feng stood, perfectly fine. In front of him was a petite silhouette that had blocked off all attacks on his behalf.

"Wang Yao?!"

The expressions of almost everyone there changed greatly. When their gazes once again landed on the laboratory, they noted that the countdown on the screen had reached zero at an unknown point in time. The countdown had ended. Wang Yao\'s rebirth experiment had formally completed.


Wang Yao stepped forward in a serene manner.



With every step she took, there was a flicker of bright light. Wang Yao\'s strength, which had previously been peak A class, had actually increased!


The A-class experts retreated uniformly. What joke was this? This was Wang Yao… They might not be familiar with the Ming Yue that had appeared earlier, but they were too clear on Wang Yao\'s strength. In their hearts, Wang Yao was an existence that was a hundred times scarier than Ming Yue!