The Strongest Gene - Chapter 344: Can Only Fight with Everything!

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Chapter 344: Can Only Fight with Everything!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the Mysterious Organization, the Chen Feng\'s domineering reveal stunned everyone present. None of them dared to move. This was not due to them being too stupid or naive; rather, Chen Feng\'s past battle history was truly too astonishing. On top of that, the peak A-class power radiating from Redmoon alone was sufficient to subject them to a sense of pressure. As such, they did not even have the courage to move toward Chen Feng.

However, this did not apply to everyone present. Among the shocked gazes, there was one particular pair of eyes fixed on Chen Feng. The more that pair of eyes stared at Chen Feng, the more that person felt that something was off. Ultimately, this transformed into a deep suspicion.

Jin Dian\'s eyes shone. "That thing…"

Indeed, that was the power of peak A class. But then…

"If you truly possessed such strength, would there have been a need to waste your time talking to us?" Jin Dian asked coldly.

Chen Feng sighed. "This sword is known as Redmoon. Each day, it can only kill 10 people. Although it\'s powerful, the limitations are quite huge as well. Otherwise, I would have killed all of you long ago."

Everyone sunk into silence. It was quite reasonable for such a powerful weapon to have limitations. If that was the case, how should they progress with fighting him? Using B classes? C classes? What a joke! Chen Feng would not even require Bloodmoon to defeat these warriors. But if A-class warriors were the ones fighting him… did that mean they had to sacrifice 10 A-class warriors or even a peak A-class warrior just to take Chen Feng down? Was that worth it?

Everyone sunk into silence. Suddenly, they were much more agreeable with the act of dragging things out. These were the headquarters of the Mysterious Organization. There were a huge amount of experts that had been away for missions who were now rushing back. The longer they dragged this out, the more advantageous it would be for them. When those people returned, even 10 Chen Fengs would not be sufficient to deal with them.

Someone silently proposed, "Boss, perhaps, we should…"

Jin Dian snorted coldly. "Shut up."

The more believable Chen Feng\'s words were, the more certain he was that this guy was tricking them.

Redmoon? Only capable of killing 10 people per day? Who is he trying to trick?

Jin Dian checked the time and noted that, at this point, only seven minutes were left on the countdown.

Jin Dian\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Redmoon or something else, whatever."

Since he was already suspicious of Chen Feng\'s words, he would not allow Chen Feng to continue dragging this out. So what if the sword had the power of a peak A class? At worst, they would only be engaged in a bitter battle. Moreover, even if he ended up losing, couldn\'t he escape? He was confident that he wasn\'t too much weaker than Senior Soul\'s clone.



Golden radiance started surging out. Jin Dian inhaled a deep breath in preparation. Even if he suspected Chen Feng\'s words, now that he had decided to make his move, he absolutely had to use his full power. He was also very curious as to whether his guesses were actually correct. After he launched this attack with great risk, the answer would be known to him.

Chen Feng… let me see. How powerful you actually are then.


The golden radiance that was seemingly everywhere converged together, forming a huge attack that smashed toward Chen Feng.


Chen Feng\'s heart thumped violently.

From the first instant he had seen the surging golden radiance, he had an ominous feeling. Unfortunately, he couldn\'t do anything. Everything happened too fast. A peak A class was simply too terrifying, far exceeding Chen Feng\'s imaginations.

He couldn\'t even react in time. By the time he got a clear look at the attack, the golden radiance was already gushing toward him.



The world before Chen Feng\'s eyes turned into a huge expanse of gold.

Damn it!

Chen Feng\'s scalp felt numb.

The golden radiance had blocked all his escape routes. It was apparent that Jin Dian was already suspicious of him and had prepared accordingly. Now, Chen Feng was without an escape route.

Chen Feng sighed inwardly. Have my lies been seen through?

Indeed, when one acted tough too frequently, it would only be a matter of time before one was discovered. How could a person who walked along the riverside prevent their shoes from getting wet? This time, it seemed like Chen Feng had stepped in mud.

As for Redmoon…

Chen Feng glanced at the sword. The moment that golden radiance had started rushing toward him, the initially perfectly straight and firm red beam on his hand had gone limp. Evidently, Xiao Ying was terrified of this attack as well.

There was no helping that. Xiao Ying\'s actual strength was deeply interlinked with Chen Feng\'s. Since Chen Feng was a mere C class, as Chen Feng\'s spiritual underling, Xiao Ying was certainly limited to C class as well. Even the A-class power it had obtained had been a mere coincidence. Moreover, it did not even know how to utilize the A-class power it possessed. As such, it was natural for the both of them to have no method of dealing with this terrifying peak A-class attack.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. No choices left, then…

He turned around to look at Wang Yao. The young lady\'s body was still hovering midair, an endless radiance swirling around her. The present Wang Yao appeared so very similar to a fairy. He had promised Wang Yao that he would definitely catch up to her, that he would be by her side, that he would protect her against all harm. But now…

Chen Feng sighed. At least let me fulfill my promise, okay?

Xiao Ying , Chen Feng called inwardly.

As Xiao Ying received Chen Feng\'s thought transmission, it moved its body slightly in response.

Chen Feng\'s gaze became resolute. "Seems like we can only put our lives on the line now."

Since he had been acting tough all year round, it was natural that he had also considered that a day would come when acting tough would fail. However, if there were still any other choices, he would not choose to do what he was about to do. But now…


He raised his hand, and the Redmoon in his hand started to once again radiate intensely.

Opposite him, Jin Dian merely sneered. "Hehe."

That short instant where Chen Feng had looked back and had a change of expression had obviously not escaped Jin Dian\'s notice. His guesses had indeed been correct. Chen Feng was truly playing tricks here!

If so… you guys can go die now!


Jin Dian increased the intensity of his attack and smashed it into Chen Feng with a malevolent expression on his face.

Chen Feng\'s eyes became sharp, and the Redmoon in his hand started flickering. "Come."


A-class power erupted!

Indeed, Xiao Ying was incapable of utilizing the power it possessed. However, no matter what, it still possessed that A-class power. Hence, in such a situation where they couldn\'t do anything about the incoming attack, they might as well take the attack on forcefully, without using any skills, techniques, or secret arts. A pure collision of peak A-class powers. Xiao Ying was unaware of the finer ways of utilizing such power. However, if it only used the power purely to defend, that might work…


In the room, two colors could be seen. The gushing gold was Jin Dian\'s full-powered attack, and the flickering red was the eruption of Xiao Ying\'s full power.


The impact of this collision caused even the air to crack.

As the two terrifying powers collided, the impact of the collision was powerful enough to alarm everyone present. The dreadful fallout of the collision started spreading within the room.

The whole world seemed to tremble at this moment.

"Be careful."

Everyone started avoiding the aftermath in horror while on Jin Dian\'s face, a smile appeared.

Peak A class? Scr*w your peak A class!

Yes, the red radiance earlier had indeed been terrifying. However, at the instant of collision, the real strength of his opponent had been revealed to him. He was not aware of why this was happening, but he was sure that his opponent was simply incapable of unleashing peak A-class power. This Chen Feng kid had indeed been trying to trick him!

Suddenly, Jin Dian increased the force of his attack. "Hmph!"


At this moment, every single bit of red in the room seemed to fade. Only a single color remained: gold!

There was no need for any powerful secret arts or abilities. A mere eruption of energy was sufficient for Jin Dian to completely crush this opponent.

As for Chen Feng\'s red energy, it was suppressed to a single clump that couldn\'t even budge anymore.

"Goodbye." Jin Dian punched forth. With that single punch, the golden radiance intensified and flooded the room. Jin Dian was sure that with this single punch of his, Chen Feng and that "Redmoon" would be crushed by him.

However, to his surprise, as this punch landed, an astonishing feeling of softness welcomed him.

"He still has other trump cards?"

Curiously, he dispersed the golden radiance. However, when the golden radiance faded and he saw clearly what was in front of him, he was dumbstruck.

This, this, this…

The one blocking him was actually a super-beautiful woman that had suddenly appeared. All over her body was foam that was giving off an extremely nice scent that caused one to feel comfortable when breathing it in. Draped over her body was a faint white bathrobe, seemingly something draped over her at the last minute, since it failed to cover this woman\'s alluring figure. The pair of peaks on her chest that were so worthy of pride appeared so steep that they seemed unconquerable. As for our comrade Jin Dian\'s fist, it had coincidentally landed…

Jin Dian did not dare to believe his eyes. "This…"

His attack, his peak A-class attack, had been blocked just like that? It was rumored that Chen Feng had a figurine on him that seemed to be related to Senior Soul, a figurine with a mysterious power. No other additional information on that figurine was available. Perhaps this woman here was that figurine? And the so-called mysterious power of that figurine was actually a super powerful defense?

But then… he was peak A class! There existed a defense so powerful in this world? Was this fake? He tried groping the peaks. They seem real…