The Strongest Gene - Chapter 342: Ten Minutes!

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Chapter 342: Ten Minutes!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng had a solemn gaze. "Rise."


Slowly, he raised his hand. At that, the damaged door in front of him started repairing itself rapidly. This was one of the abilities contained within his Myriad Illusions. Myriad Illusions was an ability capable of nearly everything. Along with the increase in Chen Feng\'s strength, the functions he had unlocked had increased as well. If one were to be blunt, Chen Feng was like a bigger version of Doraemon\'s pocket that contained a seemingly countless amount of abilities one couldn\'t even begin to imagine.

Naturally, all the abilities were single-function abilities and were extremely weak. For example, this restoration ability Chen Feng was using on the door. A normal genetic warrior specializing in restoration possessed four or five types of restoration abilities and some other abilities used to match these restoration abilities. Through constant practice, such a genetic warrior possessed an extremely formidable restoration ability, capable of restoring objects, human bodies, barriers, and so on. Almost everything that one could destroy, this ability would be able to restore.

Moreover, there existed some people with weak time-related abilities capable of restoring the state of things to one second prior in time regardless of the amount of damage done. Regardless of circumstances, these people were able to restore the target to how it had been one second prior. Even if such abilities had huge limitations and harsh usage requirements, the result of their usage was extremely astonishing.

This was how a restoration specialist should be.

It was also natural that the restored target would lose one second of its lifespan after the restoration process. As of now, the question of where this one second of life span went was still unanswered.

Comparatively, this restoration ability of Chen Feng\'s was simply too crude.


The alloy door finished its restoration. Completing the restoration, Chen Feng sat down cross-legged and sat in front of the door calmly.

It might sound powerful that Myriad Illusions contained countless abilities, but in actuality, this was an ability akin to a Tiger Balm Oil. 1 It was able to imitate all sorts of ability of various functions; however, the individual abilities weren\'t particularly powerful.

It was an ability that could help ease one\'s daily activities, such as disguising and the like. In their current situation, with all sorts of dangers waiting for them, the only thing Chen Feng could reliably count on was his combat power.

Suddenly, a blue radiance started shining in the whole room. This signified that Wang Yao\'s rebirth was starting. Her body floated as the blue radiance that filled the room enveloped Wang Yao\'s body before they started flickering.

Wang Yao\'s body started flickering, alternating between an illusory and solid state.

"It\'s starting," Chen Feng muttered. He checked the time. Based on Wang Yao\'s previous record, a total of 10 minutes would be required to complete this experiment. As long as they persevered for 10 minutes, the experiment would be successful.

Ten minutes…

Chen Feng shook his head. Anywhere else, 10 minutes would be an extremely short time. However, they were currently in the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters. In order to rush here, they hadn\'t stopped anywhere without daring to waste any of their time. Only after doing so had they managed to arrive here in time.

However, this was as far as they could achieve.



Outside the door, an orderly marching noise could be heard. Chen Feng knew that, after the initial confusion, the Mysterious Organization had already reorganized their manpower and once again started charging toward them. It was impossible for them to hide the fact that they were currently here. This was even more so since they were currently at the very headquarters of the Mysterious Organization.

Chen Feng heard the sound of activity outside the door. "Here they come."



The terrifying sound of bombardment started resounding. Earlier, before the experiment had started, Chen Feng had already forced Huang Guo to activate the highest defense system of the laboratory. This was something that would only be activated during wartime.



The laboratory trembled unceasingly. A lot of the research assistants paled as their thoughts raced. Evidently, now that the Mysterious Organization was making their move, these people were extremely anxious.

Chen Feng\'s indifferent voice drifted into their ears. "Focus on your experiment properly. Don\'t wait for their rescue. Trust me, even if they were standing right in front of us, any one of you that dares to escape will still be the first to die."


At that, the researchers paled.

Chen Feng calmly continued, "Just focus on your experiment. Don\'t raise your head, and don\'t look. With this, regardless of who it is that obtains victory, you all will be able to stay alive. Isn\'t that right?"

Only at this did everyone regain their calm and continue with the experiment.



Multiple radiances started condensing around them as the countdown on the screen began.

Ten minutes!

Nine minutes and 59 seconds!

The laboratory sunk into a bizarre mood, a scary kind of bizarre mood. Amid the blue radiance, Chen Feng was seated cross-legged in front of the door. Behind him was a huge amount of researchers putting their all into the experiment. As for Wang Yao, her body was hovering midair.

This was indeed quite a bizarre sight.



Accompanied by a huge explosion, the door broke apart. The hearts of the researchers trembled. However, as they recalled Chen Feng\'s earlier words, they obediently lowered their heads and continued with their respective tasks, not daring to raise their heads at all.

It was indeed as Chen Feng had said. If they were to raise their heads, only death would await them. At this point, only by maintaining a low profile and being ignored by the combatants could they possibly survive.


The group of people from the Mysterious Organization swarmed into the laboratory.

C class!

B class!

Even A classes were included among them.

Rows of genetic warriors appeared. These experts that were ordinarily rarely seen were now appearing like cabbages. This was the only thing that could happen anyway, since Chen Feng had essentially intruded into their headquarters, their home!



Countless people surrounded the laboratory.

Chen Feng had a serene expression. "You all are here."

The people from the mysterious organization snorted coldly. "Hmph."

One of them was staring at Chen Feng. "It\'s you indeed!" It was indeed this walking disaster!

By the time they had realized that something was off, Square had already been dead and the building imprisoning Wang Yao had already collapsed. All information related to that incident had been erased as well. They hadn\'t even been able to figure out the way in which Square and the rest had died.

Based on their deductions, someone had broken into the jail to rescue Wang Yao before escaping. They had never imagined that the prison breaker was actually Chen Feng. How had he found out about this place? This was their headquarters!

Wait. If he knew this place, what about the Genetic Union? What about the Gene Production Association? Was he truly here to rescue Wang Yao? What was his true goal here? Everyone\'s gaze was racing around. Now that their leader was not here, they had to make their own decisions.

An A class made his move. "Let me kill him." However, right as his attack was about to kill Chen Feng, he was stopped by someone else. They stared at the Chen Feng that had remained seated there cross-legged, not moving a muscle.

The A-class warrior\'s gaze was filled with suspicion. "He is not even dodging?"

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. "Why should I dodge?"

That person stared at Chen Feng coldly. "If you don\'t dodge, you will die."

Chen Feng smiled. "If I die, you all will die as well. What you said earlier was correct. This is an extremely hidden location. No matter what I do, I won\'t be able to locate this place. This fact applies to the Genetic Union as well. Even my appearance here is pure coincidence. In here, I have no methods of sending a message back to the Genetic Union either. However, if I were to die here…" Chen Feng ended his words with a smile.

At that, the hearts of those from the Mysterious Organization trembled.

There indeed existed some things that could avoid detection in this world. However, a roundabout way of detecting those things existed. If Chen Feng was killed here, it was very probable that some powerful forbidden ability capable of locating Chen Feng existed.

They no longer needed to detect the Mysterious Organization\'s location. It would be sufficient for them to locate Chen Feng alone.

When that happened…

"How meticulous."

They were filled with fear as they thought of this. So this Chen Feng guy was already done with his preparations? The attack that had been about to be launched toward Chen Feng stopped, as the attacker was unsure as to his next course of action.

Right at this moment, an ice-cold voice could be heard.

"Isn\'t this method of dragging out the time somewhat childish? Since we can\'t kill him, crippling him is sufficient."

Behind the crowd, a tall and sturdy guy walked slowly in front. On his body was a light-gold robe, and his entire being was radiating a heroic aura.

This was Jin Dian, a peak A class and the head of the Mysterious Organization\'s war department.