The Strongest Gene - Chapter 341: Are You Not

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Chapter 341: Are You Not

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Transmigration and rebirth. Both were similarly inconceivable ideas. Ideas that had always been discussed in earnest and mentioned without stop in rumors and fiction. However, up till now, nobody had actually seen anyone who had transmigrated. No one had truly believed that this existed as well. Now, though, the rumors had been transformed into truth.

Huang Guo laughed so hard he was crying. "Hahahahahahahaha." He had succeeded. He had known he would be able to do it! Initially, he had believed that the moment that young lady had been chased away, his dreams and experiments would have stopped there. Unexpectedly, he had already succeeded in a different timeline.

Huang Guo\'s eyes shone. "The current you is the combination of your previous and current life. The only reason you even exist is because of this experiment. If you can\'t complete the experiment, you will definitely die. This is the rule of the law of time. Hence, you are here. You have no other choice but to complete this experiment."

By this point in time, she no longer had any choice but to complete this experiment. Only by doing this could she complete a perfect cycle. If the present her did not travel back in time, this current body of hers that was a combination of the transmigrated body and the main body would cease to exist. As such, the closer she got to this point of time, the more illusory her body became. She did not have much time left.

Chen Feng sighed inwardly. "This girl…" At this moment, Chen Feng finally understood the burden in Wang Yao\'s heart.

In her previous life, she had been sent to this place by the Wang family to be used as a test subject. Ultimately, she had been sent back into the past. As such, she had an extreme hatred for everyone in the Wang family. The only person who had not wronged her in her past life, Wang Yue, the person who had once begged on her behalf, had become the target of her gratefulness. This was also the reason she had aided him in this timeline.

Those people she hated had all been her family! Chen Feng had a vague recollection of how when he had first met this young lady, the thing he had noticed was the aura of solitude she had emitted, the feeling of despair of someone who wandered the world by her lonesome self… exactly the same as he had been when he had first arrived in this world.

So this was the reason for that. This child had experienced too many things that she shouldn\'t have experienced. As Chen Feng\'s thoughts came to this point, his gaze became soft as he looked at Wang Yao.

In a somewhat nervous manner, Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng. "Chen Feng." In her beautiful pair of huge eyes was a tinge of fear. She feared that Chen Feng would blame her. After all, traveling back in time and transmigration were not things just anyone could comprehend.

The path of solitude she walked was too lonely. Up till now, Chen Feng was the only person who had been so sincere toward her, yet she had hidden this from him…

Chen Feng lamented. "I had initially thought that you were a loli. Unexpectedly, you\'re actually a big sister."

Wang Yao stared at Chen Feng. She maintained her silence. However, a slight trace of worry was evident in her gaze that used to be filled with confidence. Would Chen Feng really like her, this person who was a product of transmigration?

Since she was at loss of words, she merely stared at Chen Feng silently.

Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. "What are you looking at?" His hand reached out and started petting Wang Yao\'s hair, messing up her long soft hair. "Regardless of how old you actually are, you are still comparatively younger than me."

Wang Yao\'s eyes flashed. "Is that true? You\'re not a lolicon?"

"…You are the actual lolicon?" Chen Feng rebutted.

He only happened to like a person who also happened to be a loli. How was it possible for him to be a lolicon! See how he still liked her now even after realizing that she was not a true loli? But then, it was also true that her physical body would remain despite her age. Err…

Wang Yao smiled. "Really?"

Chen Feng smiled. "Yes. Obviously, I have my own secrets unknown to you as well. However, you will find out about that soon enough."

"Mhm." Wang Yao recovered the air of confidence she had always had in the past. In this life, Chen Feng was probably the only person capable of causing such a fluctuation of emotions in her. At an unknown time, her unfeeling emotions had changed, becoming richer.

Chen Feng checked the time. "It\'s almost time."

Wang Yao nodded slightly. "Mhm."

They were both waiting for a particular point of time. As long as Wang Yao returned back to the past at the exact same time she had been reincarnated previously, she would be able to complete a perfect cycle. Only with this could she prevent her disappearance from this world.

This was the only thing she needed to do.

Chen Feng looked at Huang Huo. "Are you ready?"

Huang Guo\'s eyes were filled with a fanatical glow. "Yes."

As a person capable of having such an achievement in this topic of research, a person capable of completing a reincarnation and time-travel experiment, was most definitely a top-notch scientist. As for the Mysterious Organization or Genetic Union, he wasn\'t the least bothered with their politics. As far as he was concerned, being able to witness with his own eyes the legendary feat of his in a different timeline was in itself an extremely splendid experience. After all, he had way too many hypotheses that he needed confirmation.

Huang Guo was overwhelmed by emotion. "Hahaha. Now, we have to see if the me in your original timeline and the current me have the same opinions on this."


Light started swirling around.

Wang Yao\'s body floated and slowly lay down on the test platform.

Her elf-like eyes that were filled with worry were focused on Chen Feng. As she had said previously, even she herself could not guarantee success in this plan of hers.

If she were by herself…

She believed that even if she forced her way into this experiment without letting them know the truth and was discovered, those people would still wait for the experiment to first end before actually taking any action. This was simply an opportunity even the Mysterious Organization would not let go of. Naturally, with the intelligence of Huang Guo and the other researchers, the moment something like that happened, they would still be able to guess her true identity as a person who had transmigrated.

When that happened, things would be extremely dangerous for her even if she were able to successfully escape this place.

Now, though... she had Chen Feng here, preventing any bad things from happening to her. However, that also indicated that the moment the reinforcements of the Mysterious Organization or those superexperts arrived, Chen Feng would certainly die.

How could he who could only unleash a peak B-class combat power stop those people? Wang Yao was extremely worried.

Chen Feng walked to Wang Yao\'s side and gently said, "Just lie down obediently. After a nap, everything will be fine."

As the research assistants around them that had been shuddering in fear, not daring to move, saw this, they found this unbelievable. A C-class genetic warrior like Chen Feng dared to talk like this to this monster-like lady?

Even more shocking was the fact that the dreadful demonic young lady actually obediently nodded her head at Chen Feng\'s words. "Mhm." She was aware that the probability of success was quite low. However, she had still chosen to believe that it would succeed. The amount of miracles Chen Feng had created all this while had thoroughly convinced her.

Since he said that it would succeed, then it would definitely succeed.

Next, Wang Yao fell unconscious.

By the side, the Huang Guo that was preparing the experiment shook his head.

Sigh, this is the rotten smell of love. What\'s the good in such an emotion, where they encumber and implicate each other? I still think that the human dolls with similar appearance to the celebrities I created myself are better. The way they feel, those body figures, that experience… tsk tsk.

Chen Feng looked at Huang Guo indifferently. "Can we start now?"

"Cough, cough." Huang Guo recovered from his self-monologue and nodded solemnly. "Yes, we can."

"Very good." After this indifferent reply, Chen Feng walked toward the door. Behind him, with a single command from Huang Guo, the transmigration and rebirth experiment was fully activated. Gradually, the cold gaze of Huang Guo transformed into a fanatical gaze.