The Strongest Gene - Chapter 339: Hack Activation

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Chapter 339: Hack Activation

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

How powerful was Wang Yao? All this while, Chen Feng had not truly understand how powerful she was. Every time he had seen her, the enemies they had encountered had been too formidable, to the point even Wang Yao had only been able to hold on with great difficulty.

Moreover, there had even been several times where Wang Yao had the been one in danger and Chen Feng was the one doing the rescuing. As such, all this while, Chen Feng had not had a clear idea on the exact strength of Wang Yao. He was aware that she was peak A class, but then, how powerful was she, exactly? He had no idea. Now, after Wang Yao led him out of this prison, he finally had a clear idea of exactly how terrifying Wang Yao was.

"How are we going to reach there?"

"Walk there directly."



Around them, clumps of fire started exploding. Those trying to stop them couldn’t even get within 100 meters of them. Everywhere they passed, apocalypse descended. The boundless flame unleashed by Wang Yao was sufficient to cause any onlookers to choke from fear alone. Even a peak B-class warrior would not dare touch these flame unleashed by Wang Yao.



Everywhere the flame passed, nothing was left behind.

The petite Wang Yao strolled forth amidst the flame. Together with Chen Feng, they approached the center one step at a time. This terrifying scene alarmed every onlooker.

An A-class expert appeared. "You dare!"

Wang Yao merely pointed midair. "Scram!"


A bloody hole appeared in that person’s head, and he noiselessly collapsed to the ground, dead.


Everyone else around them inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

A class! That had been an A class!

"What terrifying strength."

"She’s this powerful?"

"No wonder the leader moved personally to capture her back then."


"Request reinforcements."

The people of the Mysterious Organization kept seeking reinforcements in horror. However, nobody was able to prevent the advance of that petite silhouette. The only thing they could do was watch on with their eyes opened wide as Wang Yao and Chen Feng advanced.

So… this is your real strength?

Chen Feng was shaken. It was at this moment that he realized he had still been underestimating Wang Yao all this while, underestimating this young lady that seemed somewhat foolish and dreamy when facing him.


Turning on his screen, Chen Feng checked their current location. Similar to Star City, the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters were extremely huge as well. With the size of their headquarters, it might as well have been a city. According to the map he had previously copied, they were currently at the outer layer of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. In layman\'s terms, they were currently at the suburban district of this city-like headquarters and were heading toward the city center.

Presently, they were still within the zone the Mysterious Organization used to lock up their prisoners. As such, the amount of A-class warriors was still rather low. When they reached the center of the headquarters, though…

Chen Feng was very anxious. Wang Yao’s plan was quite simple: Kill her way to her target before accomplishing her goal. Next, they would leave. Since they had already been noticed by the Mysterious Organization, they had no choice but to use the fastest method to accomplish her goal.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Wang Yao’s plan was indeed the simplest and fastest method of accomplishing her goal. However, this was a plan where they chased after time. If she was able to accomplish her goal before the enemies rushed back to headquarters, everything would proceed smoothly. If they failed to complete the goal in time, they might very well die here. Based on Wang Yao’s estimation, they only had a success rate of 50%.

"This won’t do…" Chen Feng muttered. The rate of 50% was too low. What if Luck Aura was activated?

He checked his luck value and noted that he had 500 points remaining presently. Since he rarely used his luck value for gene production nowadays, most of his luck value were only be used during moments of crisis. However, it still did not seem enough for his usage. From the previous depletion of his luck value until now, not much time had passed. As such, he did not have too much luck value saved.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "If I use them to affect the success rate…"


The illusory world before his eyes started its calculation. Noiselessly, the power of luck started spreading around as it calculated the potential appearance of A classes and leaders when they were en route to Wang Yao’s target. However, before the calculation could complete, the illusory world of Luck Aura before Chen Feng’s eyes collapsed. Luck Aura had failed its calculation!


This was something that would only happen when the total luck value he had was insufficient to accomplish the assigned task. After all, the enemies they needed to face this time were too powerful and terrifying. A very huge amount of luck value would be required to affect reality itself if he wanted to alter the success rate.

If so, what should he do, then?



Around them, the flames were still exploding without stop. Bringing Chen Feng with her, Wang Yao was advancing rapidly. Chen Feng inhaled deeply and decided that since his luck value was insufficient, he would have to use his own methods to ensure their success.


His eyes shone.

Luck Aura, activate.


His luck value started decreasing.

Before his eyes, the coordinates of countless people started appearing. On Chen Feng’s minimap, numerous red dots and numbers appeared. These were the coordinates of all the experts of the Mysterious Organization. Within this minimap, not even B-class warriors were taken into consideration. Only A class and above were included here.

Fortunately, their timing for launching this attack was just nice. Those super experts such as the Mysterious Organization’s leader and Lu Hun were all not here.

Wang Yao glanced at Chen Feng and said, "They all have something else to do. That is why I chose to come here at this time."

So that’s the case. Chen Feng contemplated. None of those people were here? If so…

Chen Feng suddenly asked, "If I can take you there successfully, will the success rate increase?"

"Eh?" Wang Yao blanked at this question. Chen Feng taking her there? She was aware of the difficulty of this mission and had been prepared for a bitter battle. From here all the way to the center, the start would be smooth. However, a bitter battle would start soon. At that time, almost all the A-class experts here at the headquarters would be making their move. For her, this would definitely be a bitter battle.

This would be an extremely dangerous trip. Regardless of how powerful her combat power was, it was very possible that she would be exhausted to death by the sheer number of the enemies. However, if Chen Feng could do what he said…

"Eighty percent!" Wang Yao replied without hesitation.

"All right." A grin appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "I told you, I won’t be much help in combat. However, don’t look down on me when it comes to other aspects. Conceal your aura and leave the rest to me."

Chen Feng stepped out in large strides. Holding Wang Yao’s tiny hand, they walked forth and vanished noiselessly at a certain corner. The flame burning everywhere abruptly stopped.

As for the people of the Mysterious Organization, they were only watching all this from far away. None of them had the courage to even approach Wang Yao. As such, none of them were aware of what had just happened. The only thing they could do was stand there waiting. However, regardless of how long they waited, the duo seemed to have vanished forever, as the two did not appear anymore. Only after waiting for a while did they gather enough courage to approach the place, only to find that the two were no longer there.

"They escaped!"

"Damn it, go and chase after them!"

"Quick, get someone here. We can’t let her escape."

"Yes, the leader will probably return soon. Before that, we must stop their escape. Block all the doors; we must not allow her to escape."


Everyone’s heart burned with anxiety. In order to capture Wang Yao, they had paid too high a price. If she were allowed to escape, they would suffer too disastrous a loss.



The whole Mysterious Organization started bustling with activity. Almost every single one of them started looking for Wang Yao. Even if they couldn’t defeat her, they only needed to discover her and slow her down slightly. That would be sufficient.


The Mysterious Organization’s headquarters were fully locked down. At the same time, unknown to any of them, the world before Chen Feng’s eyes seemed to have turned into a two-dimensional map. Every single person, every single coordinate of theirs was extremely clear to his eyes.

Catching the current him? Was that even possible? The current him was akin to someone who was using a map hack in a game!