The Strongest Gene - Chapter 336: At Cloudswarm Mountain

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Chapter 336: At Cloudswarm Mountain

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Cloudswarm Mountain.

In this mountain range of numerous mountains enveloped by dark clouds, numerous incomparably enormous buildings stood. This was a mountain range no outsiders could approach. The dark cloud enveloping this place also functioned as a blocker of all electromagnetic induction and signals from the outside world. The energy contained within the air here was powerful enough to defend against all attacks below A class. This was precisely the headquarters of the Mysterious Organization.

Presently, a certain symbolic building that was filled with cold radiance was being used to lock up a girl who appeared to be 13 or 14 years old.

The girl was seated on the ground in her red clothing. Despite the shackles all over her body, she still appeared incredibly serene. The few B-class genetic warriors guarding the door occasionally glanced inside to ensure the girl was still there before proceeding to once again ignore everything in the building.

They weren’t really slacking by ignoring everything in the building. Rather, they did not have the courage to get too involved with anything that was happening in there. This girl had only been imprisoned here for a short while, yet a total of 30 B-class warriors had already perished here. As for the number of C-class warriors providing support here who had perished, their numbers were so numerous one couldn’t even begin to count them. On top of that, all this had happened even when the girl was locked within a cage built from a special material.

For an unknown reason, even after her power had been sealed and all her limbs chained using the shackles built using the special material, she was still able to easily break free. Those energies and seals seemed useless when used against her.

Under normal situations, a prisoner of this level would be monitored 24 hours a day. Even when a prisoner was having a meal or going to the toilet, someone would monitor that person at all times, but for this young lady… all their equipment would be rendered ineffective if it neared her.

Fortunately, the organization had subsequently sent over an elder that was formidable in containment. Only after setting up a unique formation to lock the whole building down had the girl been successfully imprisoned.

Even so, the only thing they had accomplished was locking her in the building, nothing else.

"Wang Yao…"

When they exchanged glances, they could see the incomparable fear each of them had toward her. It was rumored that this girl had already killed a countless amount of A-class warriors of the organization. Even now when she was a mere prisoner, she was still akin to reincarnation of horror itself.

Now, apart from delivering her meals, nobody dared to approach her. Based on the request from the upper levels, only when the research project on her activated would they truly make their move on her. As for now, the priority was to keep her locked here.

"As long as the door is guarded, it should be fine," one of the B-class warriors said.

The other person nodded in agreement. "Mhm."

Presently, they were all looking forward to the return of their leader. As long as the leader returned and this girl was taken away for the research project, everything would be fine. She was simply too dangerous a person. Even the mere act of standing guard here caused their backs to chill.

Suddenly, a group of people could be seen marching toward them. After taking a look at the newcomers, the two guards stood straight and greeted, "Captain."

This person called captain was the newest A-class expert sent here by the upper levels. "Mhm."

After the continuous death of B-class warriors, the upper levels had decided to send a formation master here. Apart from that, an A-class expert had been sent over here as well.

"Mhm." The captain nodded his head as a response to their greeting and said, "Open the door. I’m going in to take a look."

Instantly, the heart of that B-class warrior chilled. "Ah? Captain, it might be dangerous inside."

The captain snorted coldly. "I told you, I’m going in. It is only dangerous for people like you. I am A class. I do not fear Wang Yao even in her peak condition…" Right as his words came to this point, he felt like he had probably bluffed too much and corrected himself. "Even if I can’t defeat her when she’s in peak condition, I will still be able to escape. Now that she is locked down, what’s there to fear? Even if she manages to break her bindings, she won’t have much strength left in her." Calmly, the captain commanded, "Open the door."

"Please wait a while." The B-class warrior glanced inside and noticed that Wang Yao was still seated cross-legged there. Only after confirming that all the switches of the shackles on her were in normal condition did he breath out in relief and start to carefully unlock the door.

He gulped before advising the captain, "Captain… please come out immediately after asking your questions."

The captain sneered without a trace of politeness. "What a coward."


With a big stride, he stepped into the building. The whole building had already been emptied, leaving nothing except the ice-cold blue radiance swirling within the building. Evidently, this blue radiance was the thing restricting Wang Yao’s power. After arriving here, the captain could also feel clearly that his power was being suppressed to a certain extent. Fortunately, he was not the main target of the suppression. As such, the effect of the suppression on him wasn’t too severe.

At the center of the building was Wang Yao, the cold radiance within the building shining upon her akin to a spotlight. The mash of the blue radiance and her fiery red skirt was giving off a bizarre glow. All around her were thick and solid chains, locking up her four limbs. Only when sitting cross-legged right in the middle of the building was she able to move her body freely.

The captain looked at the young lady in front of him. "Wang Yao…" She could be considered lucky, in a certain way, to be qualified for such suppression from the organization at this age.

Wang Yao opened her eyes calmly. "What is it?"

"I have a question for you." The captain lowered his voice. "Someone wanted me to ask you about something, hehe…"

Just as he was about to ask his question, to his shock, he noticed that the body of Wang Yao, which had been locked down by countless shackles, suddenly became nearly transparent. Next, Wang Yao’s hand vanished just like that.


The chains originally shackled onto that hand fell onto the ground with a loud clang.



Two flashes streaked past the air.

When she reappeared, Wang Yao had already left her previous position. After leaving her previous position, the suppression from that terrifying blue radiance weakened greatly, allowing her to regain some of her strength. After regaining a fraction of her strength, noiselessly, she streaked past the captain.


Blood splattered around.

The captain widened his eyes and wore an unbelieving expression before collapsing loudly onto the ground.

Wang Yao merely gave him a single indifferent glance before ignoring him. Rather, she was staring at her right hand that had previously vanished. Currently, it was recovering to its normal appearance.

How many times has this happened?

"Time..." Wang Yao muttered, "I don’t have much time left."

She had intentionally allowed herself to be captured just for this goal of hers! However, this mission was too dangerous. Even if there was a possibility of it succeeding, she still lacked confidence. The success rate should be around 30%.

"There is still a chance," Wang Yao muttered. Her tiny hand rubbed the communication tool on her wristband as she hesitated before stopping. If she were to die, the only people she would owe was probably Chen Feng. After all, she had yet to do him the three favors she had promised him.

She hadn’t told him anything before doing this so as to avoid him getting too worried. She was aware that Chen Feng was extremely talented. However, he was still too weak at this time. A mission at this level was too dangerous; he was not capable of helping much. As such, telling him would only result in him being worried with no other benefits. If this mission of hers ended smoothly, she would naturally tell Chen Feng after returning. If she failed… one of them would be in the realm of the dead, while the other would be in the realm of the living. In that case, there was no longer any need to update him on anything.

"Hopefully, we will meet once again."

Wang Yao looked at the entrance. The moment the captain had been killed, the B-class warrior standing guard had already shut the door, cold sweat all over him. Now, the whole building had once again been sealed shut.


Instantly, the blue radiance intensified.

After the captain’s death, the blue radiance in the whole building bloomed and started shining down upon her at full power. Apart from that, more than 10 A-class experts rushed over hastily.

Wang Yao shook her head before returning to her previous position in the middle of the room in silence. Arriving there, she sat down cross-legged and shut her eyes to continue resting.

By the time those people arrived here, armed to the teeth, the only thing welcoming them was an ice-cold corpse. A magnificent A-class warrior was dead here, just like that.


They gulped, yet none of them dared to approach Wang Yao.

A class! That was an A class! Even an A class was so helpless before her. How powerful was this young lady, exactly? It was unknown. Perhaps the information they had on Wang Yao had already become outdated long ago.