The Strongest Gene - Chapter 335: Here I Come

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Chapter 335: Here I Come

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"I am the master of the White Church." His eyes were radiating kindness. Instantly, Chen Feng\'s consciousness started fading.

This feeling…

Tang Lan hastily interrupted him. "Master Mu!" If this senior was allowed to brainwash Wang Feng, Tang Lan would truly no longer be able to take Wang Feng away.

That person merely snorted as the white radiance started descending. "Hmph!" The expert called Master Mu was a person with a natural air of dignity around him. His body radiated a dreadful power, and in his presence, nobody there dared to move.

Master Mu glared at Tang Lan. "I have yet to even punish you for using your ability here earlier. Do you truly believe that I don\'t dare to teach you a lesson?"

Tang Lan could only smile bitterly as a response.

Finally, Square and the rest realized the reason they\'d had a sudden feeling that it was fine for them to lose Wang Feng and had not bothered stopping Tang Lan when he had been trying to take Wang Feng away earlier…

They were all furious. "Damn it. You dared to use your ability?!"

Tang Lan smiled bitterly. "I\'m sorry. I had no alternative. Please forgive me."

They all snorted as a response. "Hmph!"

Tang Yan gulped as he glanced at the Mu Wufa who was returning. "Master Mu." With that, how could he not understand the reason for Master Mu\'s appearance here? That Mu Wufa bastard had actually asked for his help! God damn it!

With an expert at Master Mu\'s level here, Tang Lan would most probably fail to obtain Wang Feng!

"You are all acting too willfully!"

"Just for a new recruit, you guys are even utilizing your abilities? Perhaps you guys are planning to kill each other and create rivers of blood while you are at it?" Master Mu\'s imposing gaze landed on everyone as he uttered these words. These words of his shamed them all.

"The Mysterious Organization places great importance on freedom and fairness. Since you guys are unable to reach an agreement, why don\'t we let Wang Feng make his own choice? I believe that would be the best solution here," Master Mu suggested calmly.

Instinctively, everyone else nodded in agreement. Immediately after, though, they all felt that something somewhere was off.

Not good!

As they realized what was going on, they tried to stop it. Unfortunately, it was already too late. "Master Mu!"

After finishing his words, Master Mu totally ignored them. His gaze was concentrated on Wang Feng as he asked, "Child, who are you willing to follow?"


A faint white radiance started dispersing. This was a terrifying power an ordinary person would not be able to detect.


From Chen Feng\'s point of view, the world before his eyes started flitting past as a brand new world descended upon him. As for the Master Mu that had just descended from the sky, from Chen Feng\'s point of view, this person had stepped into his brain and was now enveloping him in a warm power.

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. This… it\'s this power again?!

White Church… The so-called White Church was most probably the official religion of the Mysterious Organization. As for this Master Mu, he was evidently on the level of an ancestor when it came to brainwashing. That terrifying power he had displayed had nearly caused Chen Feng to pledge his allegiance to him then and there.

Fortunately, Chen Feng was extremely clear on his purpose here. His vision blurred as he summoned Xiao Ying as an instinctual response.


Next, a terrifying power gushed out as the white radiance that filled his body disappeared. At that instant, Chen Feng\'s hazy sea of consciousness regained its clarity.

Chen Feng sneered. Wanting to brainwash me? The power contained in that sentence uttered by that Master Mu earlier had evidently been insufficient to brainwash Chen Feng.

At the same time, as everyone there felt that faint power of Master Mu, their hearts chilled.

It was over! Master Mu had chosen to make his move after all. With this old man making a move personally here, they simply had no chance. That terrifying brainwashing radiance was something that could even affect an A class. Just see, even with the strength of all these people here, they had all been led into agreeing with Master Mu earlier.

They were certain that Master Mu had definitely used his ability on them earlier. However, what could they do about it?


Even Square could only sigh as a response.

He felt that this was truly unfortunate. Nowadays, the art of researching was no longer the same. As a researcher, one had to be sufficiently powerful as well in order to ensure control over the research subject. On top of that, a sufficient amount of talent was required as well. As such, a brand new genius that was akin to a blank piece of paper would prove extremely useful. Only such a person would be able to grow speedily as they participated in the projects of the research department. As for those who were already extremely experienced in a lot of prior projects, these people wouldn\'t be able to progress or grow as much as a new recruit, since they would have a certain amount of bias due to their existing experience.

Strength, potential, and luck? Even when it came to researching, luck was also essential! This Wang Feng was simply the perfect candidate for his research department.

It had been truly unfortunate. If he had been made aware of what a freak this Wang Feng was, he would have looked for his master for help as well. Now that a senior like this Master Mu had made his move, juniors like them no longer stood any chance.

From the moment Master Mu had asked Wang Feng that question, they had already known the incoming answer.

Surprising everyone there, though, was the fact that when Wang Feng opened his mouth, the words were: "I choose him."

Everyone\'s gaze landed where Wang Feng\'s hand was pointing. Instantly, their eyes all widened, because Wang Feng was actually pointing at that damnable Square guy.

"How is this possible?"

Everyone else was dumbfounded.

Square? That shouldn\'t have been possible. No matter what, Square shouldn\'t have been the one chosen! Although he was quite good in regards to researching and had quite the formidable combat power as well, with Master Mu here, he was akin to a bug with no methods of resisting.

As they looked at Square, they noted that even Square himself appeared at a loss at this new development.

Evidently, he was unaware of what had happened as well.

Instinctively, Master Mu tried to once again use his ability. "Wang Feng…" This time, though, everyone was able to react timely to it. This was especially true for Square, as they all acted to interrupt Master Mu immediately.

Master Mu\'s expression turned unsightly. However, he still ultimately chose to not go against what he had said earlier and so stopped using his ability.

Master Mu narrowed his eyes. "I only want to know, why did you choose him?"

Everyone else\'s heart trembled. From this single question, a trace of killing intent could be felt. This was not killing intent resulting from the threat Wang Feng might potentially pose for not choosing to join him. Rather, this killing intent was something resulting from the fact that Wang Feng was able to ignore his ability. One had to know that this was a power even an A class could not escape from. It would work on an A-class expert for at least several seconds before the effect faded.

"I have no idea…" Chen Feng scratched his head in a confused manner. "Earlier, some sort of power seemed to be affecting me. But just as I was about to make my choice, a different power appeared…both powers started fighting each other, freeing me of any influence for a split second. Afraid that my state of mind would once again be affected, I decided to raise my hand and point randomly in a single direction," Chen Feng said, finishing his explanation calmly.

Everyone: "…"

Randomly? The hell? How lucky was this Square guy?

Square was immensely satisfied with this result. "Thanks, everyone, thanks."

As for the initially calm and collected Master Mu, he was already ashen faced. Wang Feng\'s explanation had been somewhat vague. However, he knew that in such a situation the only power capable of interrupting his ability was a power belonging to only a single person here! Only that damnable power of luck could interrupt him!

Master Mu was furious. "Tang Lan!"


With a flash of white, the bloodied body of Tang Lang was flung away.

Tang Lan was collapsing emotionally. "It wasn\'t me." It truly had not been him! Even if he was an idiot, he would know better than to provoke Master Mu!

Unfortunately, despite the strength of the others here, they all possessed an ability or power of a lower tier. As such, here, only his power of luck had been capable of interrupting Master Mu\'s earlier baptism. That was also the reason Master Mu had singled him out.


The bloodied Tang Lan felt that he would not be able to clear his name no matter what now.

"Master Mu."

As for the rest, hastily, they started begging Master Mu to forgive Tang Lan.

"Hmph!" Mu Ye snorted and said, "This is what will happen to one who dares to use his ability here. Don\'t worry. It\'s only some external wounds to teach him a lesson. However, don\'t even dream of ending this matter here so easily. Send his elder brother a message. Tell him to come here with five million to redeem his brother."


With a flash of white, Master Mu left coldly. Only at this did everyone breath out in relief and proceed to look at Square with envy.

Look at this, this was a person profiting over the quarrels of others in the truest sense.

What the hell, why hadn\'t Wang Feng\'s finger pointed at them when he had been pointing randomly earlier?

Square patted Chen Feng\'s shoulder in a gratified manner. "Very good, very good. Let\'s go. Let me show you our department." The overjoyed Square dragged Chen Feng as they left. Soon, the both of them could no longer be seen. In Chen Feng\'s eyes, a dim radiance was simmering.

If it\'s the research department… Mysterious Organization! Here I am!