The Strongest Gene - Chapter 334: Do You Know Who I Am?

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Chapter 334: Do You Know Who I Am?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the technical school, most of the onlookers watching the recruitment process were those from the Mysterious Organization. Now that the results had been released, most of the gazes there were concentrated on people like Wang Feng and Xie Zhongtong. These were those who might end up as the upper levels in the Mysterious Organization in the future.

Numerous people started approaching them. "Lady Xie, are you interested in joining our department…"

"Wang Feng, are you…"

"What are you all doing?" Mu Wufa was furious. "Don’t forget that the new recruits in this batch belong to us. The most you guys can get is one of them."

They sneered. "And we can’t select Wang Feng because...?"

Initially, when they had agreed that they could get one of the new recruits, the ranking of the new recruit hadn\'t been specified. Mu Wufa himself was aware that, most of the time, it would be hard to keep the first-place holder for themselves. As such, he had decided to just let these people fight over him. However, the first-place holder this time was too special. That guy called Wang Feng had simply crushed all competition in the tests. That terrifying performance of his had been so dazzling it had almost blinded everyone there.

This was an absolute genius! A super genius that they could not let go!

"Wang Feng…"

"Hello, Wang Feng…"

Seeing how everyone was surrounding Wang Feng, Mu Wufa clenched his teeth and retreated noiselessly. At times like this, he could only let the old man take the helm. A genius like this had to be kept for themselves!

"What’s the rush? Why not let him make his own choice?" A middle-aged man walked into the crowd unhurriedly. As everyone glanced at him, they were startled. That was Tang Lan! It was him!

Tang Lan slowly said, "It’s pointless for you guys to fight over him in such a manner. We might as well let him make his own choice."

Without any trace of politeness, Square said, "Scram! If he is allowed to make his choice, he will definitely choose to stay with you. Let me tell you, anyone here can obtain Wang Feng—anyone except you!"

"That\'s right. Old Tang, go away."

Everyone started chiding Old Tang.

What a joke. It was fine if it was anyone else, but for Tang Lan to obtain Wang Feng? This guy was known as the destroyer of geniuses. In the Mysterious Organization, he was in charge of a core lifeline of the organization, the Spirit Sea wood. Due to that, those with good luck would normally be taken away by him. Next… those people’s luck would be absorbed. It was said that those who were taken and subsequently abandoned by Tang Lan suffered incredibly bad luck from then on.

Normally, those taken by Tang Lan to have their luck absorbed were those who only possessed good luck and nothing else. As such, nobody had been bothered. But now that his sights were set on Wang Feng? Impossible. If they allowed such a talent to be destroyed by Tang Lan, the leader would definitely kill them all!

Tang Lang sneered. "Who says I’m planning to absorb his luck? This time, I am looking for someone to be nurtured and receive my inheritance."


At that, everyone sunk into a solemn mood. Wang Feng was already at such a height? Even Tang Lan, the luck controller, had chosen Wang Feng as an heir? Did this not mean that Wang Feng’s potential was… even more astonishing than they had imagined?

But if that was the case, it was even more important that they not give up on Wang Feng.

Square glared at Tang Lan. "Even so, that still does not mean that you have priority on him."

Everyone else beside him started berating Tang Lan as well.

Tang Lan smiled calmly. "This decision is not up to you anyway."

As for Chen Feng, who was surrounded by everyone, he hadn’t spoken a single word.

His initial plan had been to obtain first place and leave with Square. Unexpectedly, a mere first place had alarmed so many people. Was this necessary?

Chen Feng had a bewildered expression on his face.

Evidently, he had still underestimated the Mysterious Organization’s thirst toward a person of talent, especially a talent at his level.

So… he had accidentally shown off too much?

Chen Feng sighed. This was truly an accident. Since he had only obtained 10 points in the first round, he had decided that he would have to work hard to obtain first place overall. This had resulted in him erupting and going all out. Unexpectedly, he had somewhat overerupted…

What should he do now?

Chen Feng was feeling vexed as well. He had initially believed that he would be able to enter the research department smoothly. Outside of his expectations, so many guys had popped out to fight over him. Moreover, from what he had seen, these people seemed to be even higher in rank than that Square guy…

At this thought, Chen Feng’s head ached. Unfortunately for him, now that so many big shots were here, he could do nothing except silently wait for the final result.

Tang Lan, Square, and the rest continued their argument, almost breaking out into a fight. There were also some who had noticed that it was quite hopeless for them to get Wang Feng and had decided to recruit other participants that were also comparatively talented instead before leaving.

As for the rest of the participants, even though they had also similarly passed the test, they were currently being ignored.

As for those participants who had failed the test, including Wang Jiu and the rest, these people were led away by a fatty who said, "Mhm, congratulations, everyone, you have all failed."

Everyone: "…"

Failing was also worth congratulating?

"It is only natural for even failing to be worth congratulating." Bro fatty glanced at them and continued, "There were a total of around 450 participants in this batch. Ultimately, 380 participants passed. Those who failed like us are instead the minority. However… among the over-300 participants who passed, only 100 of them remain alive at present. Even among them, the highest they can reach in the future is probably being a middle-tier member of the organization. Is this what you want? A job with high mortality rate and low income? To be honest, I rejoice in the fact that I failed the recruitment. Mhm… you guys, after redeeming the promised rewards, you guys can return to your respective homes. Even after this, you guys can still fight hard for our organization and continue enjoying the benefits provided by the organization."

A proud smile appeared on brother fatty’s face as he concluded, "From now on, you all have to work hard. For the sake of the organization, look for your significant other and make babies!" Bro fatty continued to earnestly lecture the failed participants. "Only by casting the net wide can we catch more fish. Everyone, go out and spread your seed. It would be best if every single one of you created an entire nation’s worth of offspring. Mhm… the future of the organization will rest on your shoulders!"

After finishing his speech, brother fatty moved his short legs and walked away, leaving behind the failed participants with bewildered expression on their faces as they exchanged glances with each other.

So they could still contribute to the organization! Next, this group of people who had been brainwashed by the organization became filled with fighting spirit. Make more babies! Breed more manpower for the organization!

They left with their newfound confidence. They might be lacking when it came to their future potential, but they were still capable of being healthy stallions, of being breeding machines for the organization.

Perhaps in the future, a countless amount of new subsidiary families would once again emerge. After all, this was also how the current existing subsidiary families of the Mysterious Organization had come into being. Every failed participant of each recruitment batch would leave to create a brand new family. After about ten or more years, the family would grow in strength.

After all, these younglings here who had just failed were all offspring of the older generation that had also similarly failed the recruitment process back then. For certain matters, when one contemplated it in detail, the details that emerged could truly be terrifying.

Presently, a lot of people had already finished making their choice. Only the issue of Wang Feng’s whereabouts was still being fought over.

Tang Yan’s eyes gleamed coldly. "These guys…"

He couldn’t continue on this way. This would merely be a waste of time, since there were too many people here wanting to have Wang Feng for themselves. Moreover, each of them was unwilling to concede, resulting in their discussion being fruitless.


As he thought of his plan, silently, he activated his ability.

"Hehe. Let me…"

Tang Lan stepped forth and prepared to take Chen Feng away. However, surprising everyone there, right at this instant, a resplendent white radiance descended. Above the technical school, a huge silhouette appeared.

That is…

The people there raised their heads to look at the silhouette and were immediately overwhelmed with shock.

In the air, the silhouette solidified, forming a person. On that person’s forehead was a stone that was glinting dazzlingly akin to a diamond, a stone that was very similar to what Lu Hun had on his forehead. The only difference from Lu Hun’s stone was the white radiance emitting from of this stone.


Chen Feng was alarmed. Another super expert!

He looked at Chen Feng warmly. "Child. Do you know who I am?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "No."

How was he supposed to know this guy?

However, looking at how all these elders were those with diamonds of white, green, yellow, and the like on their forehead, perhaps these were the legendary QQ diamond members? 1