The Strongest Gene - Chapter 333: Free Points

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Chapter 333: Free Points

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The test began. Everyone’s score was increasing without stop. Since the initial wave of attacks were still relatively simpler attacking methods, such as direct collision or some simple attack skills, the participants were still able to dodge these attacks easily. The first 50 killing methods were akin to free points for the participants. In order to not let the different strength level of the participants influence the result, the opponents each participant faced possessed a similar level of strength as the participant in question.

Naturally, for those who were defeated by even such simple killing methods, there was no longer any need for them to proceed further in the recruitment.

Soon, as the round reached the second half, the truly scary killing methods started appearing. These killing methods consisted of methods such as concealing the killer beside the participant, concealing among a group of passersby before charging out suddenly, using poisons, and so on… The methods were so many it was almost impossible for one to defend against.

All the participants used their own methods of dealing with these. Some were incredibly intelligent and were able to analyze every single thing happening before discovering their killer and killing the killer to end the round with a high score of over 80 points. Some of them had incredibly high vitality and would not die regardless of the amount of battles they engaged in. These people ended the round with high scores as well. As for Xie Zhongtong, there was no need to doubt her ability to grab a high score. Even when she failed to discover her target, that instant where her target appeared and exchanged a single glance with her…

Mhm… at that moment, the dreadful atmosphere of the illusory world would seemingly transform into an atmosphere filled with love. Even the A-class expert who was in charge of unleashing this illusory world was collapsing emotionally at the sight of this. As for the question of whether this old man had used a clone of him to personally "experience" Xie Zhongtong’s ability, that remained a mystery. Square and the rest of the people from the Mysterious Organization saw this. However, their mouths remained shut. After all, that expert was an old man. They still needed to show some respect to the elderly.

Apart from all these participants, most of the gazes were concentrated on Wang Feng. They were aware that Wang Feng’s recruitment into the organization was already a sure deal. However, they still wanted to see how strong this Wang Feng’s survival skills were.

Next… they saw an astonishing scene.

Within the illusory world containing Wang Feng, one massacre after another happened.

That’s right. It was a massacre. Rather than those killers assassinating Wang Feng, it was Wang Feng who was slaughtering them instead.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

The few figureheads from the Mysterious Organization were completely confused. They were the only ones here qualified to know the content of the tests. However, wasn’t this illusory world Wang Feng was in somewhat bizarre? "Did you activate the wrong illusion on him?"

Soon, they received the answer to their question: No.

This was indeed a regular test illusory world. As for the reason this was happening, after careful observation, they finally understood. All their eyes widened as they exchanged glances with each other. This guy called Wang Feng… was truly vicious!

What happened was quite simple. For example, when one was resting at some tavern and received news that there were assassins around trying to kill that person, what would one do?

A lot of rookies would answer: "Scout the area before breaking out of their predicament."

As for Wang Feng? He had chosen an easier method of dealing with this: take the initiative to attack by killing everyone around him!


After figuring out what had happened, they inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.

How vicious! How cruel! Wang Feng was actually such a person!

However, it was this very method of Wang Feng that caused their eyes to shine brightly. This was the exact kind of genius they were looking for! A vicious and merciless person, an incomparably unwavering character!

Since one would be a member of the Mysterious Organization instead of some charity organization, what should one be afraid of? It was better to kill a thousand people wrongfully than to let a single person off accidentally! This was Wang Feng’s method of dealing with things.

Soon, the final result was released. Unsurprisingly, Wang Feng still scored 100 points.

"Good, very good."

The emotions of the lot from the Mysterious Organization were already surging.

Somewhat surprisingly, Xie Zhongtong had obtained a high score of 90 points as well. Apart from certain poison killing methods that she had failed to survive, she had been able to survive most of the killing methods. As for the reason for her high score… The several figureheads of the Mysterious Organization glanced at the master illusionist whose face was presently flushed red and shut their mouths silently. That young lady had used quite a bizarre method of obtaining this high score; however, it still showcased her capability in the end.

A young lady like this could be of use to the organization as well. For example, if the Mysterious Organization wanted to control or end a certain family, what should they do? They could deploy some experts to control and threaten that family. What if the family still refused to obey? The only thing they could do was exterminate the entire family.

However, such a method was too risky. What if they had this young lady in their ranks in the future? Mhm, a single Xie Zhongtong would be sufficient to take control of such a family. How simple. To a certain extent, this Xie Zhongtong could be considered a strategic resource.

As of now, the fourth round was over. Most of the participants were already somewhat used to the method of testing as well by now. It was right at this moment that they were all surprised by the content of the fifth test.

"This is…"

Everyone widened their eyes. The shock was especially pronounced among those whose scores had only passed barely. For these people, they had prepared themselves to give their all in this round. Never had they imagined that this would be the content of the fifth round’s test.

"The hell."

"It’s over."

"God damn it."

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, my average score is only 61 points!"

"What should we do?"

Everyone’s expression darkened.

Encountering such a test, everyone had an unsightly expression. Such a testing method was too volatile. Surprisingly, though, Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face.

This is considered a test as well? These people from the Mysterious Organization are truly…

For everyone else, such a test was akin to a scam. For Chen Feng, though, this was akin to free points to him, because the content of this test was luck!

That’s right, luck!


Light started swirling around the field as a new illusory world was assembled.

The initially lifelike world transformed into a simple-looking world of grids. In the whole world, only the participant alone remained, while below the participant’s feet were numerous grids.

Every single step forward, one would need to step on a grid. From each grid one stepped on, an enemy might appear, a treasure might appear, a reward might appear, or one might directly die. There was also a possibility of one receiving all sorts of buffs or debuffs from the grids.

Naturally, there was also a possibility of nothing appearing.

From where they stood until the end point, a total of 100 steps needed to be taken. The moment they died would also signify the end of this round for them. That would be their final score and result in this round. Furthermore, in this round, all sorts of scouting abilities would be rendered ineffective.

For those participants whose scores had been hovering at the edge and had only barely passed so far, this was simply a huge scam. A single wrong step could very possibly eliminate them from the recruitment.

"This is too huge a scam."

"Why was this chosen as a testing method?"

"God knows."

Everyone started berating this without stop. Chen Feng was the only one who had a vague guess as to the intentions of the Mysterious Organization.

Luck… Chen Feng contemplated. Is it due to Spirit Sea wood?

Was luck being used as a test related to Spirit Sea wood? In his memories, he seemed to recall that people once mentioned that the badge of the Mysterious Organization’s core members might have had a compounding effect on one’s luck.

Within the Mysterious Organization, it was very possible that there existed a person with an ability related to luck control!

Instantly, Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

The main purpose of this test was unknown. Nevertheless, he had to obtain first place as well. Hence, the moment this round started, Chen Feng charged forth.



In a short 10 seconds, Chen Feng reached the end point. Within these 10 seconds, he had not activated anything from the grids.

A hundred points!



"Wang Feng’s round has ended. Luck score: 100 points."

When the voice of the announcement resounded, everyone was stunned. What the hell? They had yet to even start, yet Wang Feng had already ended his round?

What the heck was this?

Everyone was dumbfounded.


"Perhaps the probability to trigger something is very low? This might be a round where free points are being given to us?" someone guessed.

Perhaps the Mysterious Organization had taken into consideration the fact that participants in the current year’s recruitment had all performed quite well and had therefore decided to set up this round as a round to give them free points?

"That seems likely."

Someone became excited and ran several steps forward in a single moment.

Subsequently, poison, treasure, and all sorts of buffs were triggered and activated on him. Next, that participant was killed midway.


The whole world sunk into silence.

Those who were still excited and eager to give this a try were now perspiring all over. Only now did they realize the terror of this so-called luck-based test.

"Be careful."

"For something like this, if you actually use your brain, it will be simpler. Although luck will still play a big role in this, that does not necessarily mean that the participants must charge forth without thinking."

Everyone’s heart trembled.

After a long time, accompanied by a never-ending wave of mournful cries, the test ended.


Once again, Chen Feng became the undisputed first-place holder.

"Very good."

Square was excited. Based on their initial agreement, this Wang Feng guy would belong to him. Unexpectedly, just as he prepared to take Wang Feng away, he was stopped.

Mu Wufa blocked in front of Square. "You can’t take this guy."

Square glared at him. "Why?"

"Because your research department is incapable of nurturing a person of such outstanding talent."