The Strongest Gene - Chapter 331: Overemphasize

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Chapter 331: Overemphasize

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"How is this possible?!" the buff guy cried out in alarm.

Killing? Rather than persevering until he was defeated, Chen Feng had killed the phantom instead? Did this not mean that this guy called Wang Feng had erupted with a power equivalent to peak B class?

Currently, apart from the buff guy, everyone else in the field sunk into silence as well.

Similar to the previous Xie Zhongtong’s 100-plus points, Wang Feng’s 100-plus points shocked a countless amount of people as well, because this signified that he already possessed a combat power equivalent to a peak B class. A person with such strength at such an age was truly terrifying.

Toward all this, Chen Feng merely smiled calmly. If he were not afraid of using Energy Equipment and thus exposing his identity, he would have even been able to defeat an A-class phantom.

When using such phantoms for tests, their strength was adjustable. Unfortunately, they were also too easy to act against. This was especially true for Chen Feng and his Myriad Illusions. He only needed to select several abilities that were strong against phantoms before fusing them with the help of his Luck Aura. Next, he would be able to erupt with an astonishing combat power before using Nethergaze to insta-kill his opponent. It was as easy as that.

"Wang Feng…"

Almost everyone there etched this name into their brain.

As for the people from the Mysterious Organization that were observing this test around the field, their interests were all piqued as well. Different from other tests, the current test represented the participant\'s current combat power.

If it was a test of one’s potential, that person might still require some energy being expended upon him to nurture him. But for a test of one’s present combat power…

"Remember his name!"

Everyone’s attention was attracted.

"Wang Feng…"

Xie Zhongtong was extremely astonished as she saw this. She was aware that Wang Feng was quite a promising guy. Unexpectedly, he was powerful to such an extent. It was no wonder that he had ignored her alliance.

Mhm… but then, only with this would she derive more satisfaction after conquering Wang Feng.

Xie Zhongtong was brimming with confidence. "I will obtain you."

At the same time, a lot of people were discussing without stop. The results for the first two tests were already out, and for certain participants, it was already clear whether they would be able to survive this test until the end. For example, Wang Feng would most certainly survive this test. A person like him who already possessed peak B-class combat power could be put into use immediately after recruitment. As such, it was natural for him to be recruited by the recruiters.

Hence, a lot of people started having ideas. They did not dare approach Wang Feng. However, a lot of them started taking the initiative to approach those from Wang Feng’s family, the two younger brothers that had come here with him.

It wouldn’t be bad for them to first forge a better relation with these brothers.

"Bro, how was your result for these two rounds?" someone started asking one of Wang Feng’s younger brothers called Wang Jiu.

Wang Jiu was ashen faced as he answered. "In the connections test, zero points. In the strength test, 1 point."

He understood the reason for the zero points he had gotten for the connections test. After all, he was unlike that Wang Feng guy with the backing of two fathers and two families. For him, as an ordinary member of the Wang family, it was natural that he would score zero, connections-wise. However, he had still been somewhat confident in his personal strength. However, Wang Feng’s subsequent eruption had given him a shock.

These two brothers had always been trying to compete with Wang Feng. Outside of their expectations, Wang Feng was actually powerful to such an extent.

Next, he had lost control of his emotions and, in his moment of weakness, had given the phantom an opportunity to attack and ended up defeated by the phantom. He hadn’t even gotten a chance to erupt with any of his strength.

"Oh…" Instinctively, that person replied, "Bro, you have somewhat overemphasized in only a single aspect, it seems…"

Wang Jiu: "???"

"Cough." After pondering for a bit, that person decided that this was still quite awkward. Hence, he coughed before leaving hastily.

Wang Jiu snorted. "Hmph!" However, he couldn’t help himself but look toward the center of the field. There, where everyone’s attention was focused, was a single person: Wang Feng!

"Wang Feng…" Wang Jiu muttered.

Since they were from the same family, he had a natural sense of competitiveness toward this person.

Regardless of how strong you are, my potential will surpass yours! As long as the potential test proves that I have the potential to be a peak A class, or perhaps even stronger…

Wang Jiu’s eyes shone.

As of now, the third round was starting.

That’s right, this was a test of one’s potential.

The reason for this test being the third round was because the second round’s test of one’s strength would be used as an initial template for their database of the participants. As for this round, the results of this round would decide the amount of resources the organization would invest in the participants moving forward.

An example using Wang Feng: Everyone was aware that he was presently C class with a combat power equivalent to peak B class. In this round, they wanted to see the potential of Wang Feng, to see his future limits. If his limit was C class, this would signify that the current Wang Feng had already peaked. If so, he might still be accepted into the Mysterious Organization. However, his future in the organization wouldn’t be particularly encouraging.

There was also a possibility that he would obtain zero points in this round and fail to enter the organization due to that. This was how important one’s potential was. To a certain extent, one’s potential was an extremely important matter.

This was also what gave a lot of participants who hadn’t done well previously some hope. After all, there were various reasons, such as lack of resources or unsuitable environments, that could cause one’s strength to be weak. However, none of that would limit the talent or potential they had.

"Come, come, come. Here, place your hand on the evaluation screen."

In front of everyone, an evaluation screen was hovering.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This thing…

Based on his guesses, this hovering screen was merely a port that would collect the data of a person, such as body quality, spiritual energy, and the like, and transmit all the data to the evaluator. As for the method of evaluation, it was most certainly something decided using an ability of some expert.

"Is this accurate?"

"It should be quite accurate. I heard that the evaluator is A class."

"Wow, A class?"

Everyone started gasping in admiration.

Evaluator was in itself a rare occupation. Despite the popularity of those in this profession, due to the nearly zero combat power they had, not many people were willing to join this profession. As for those in this profession with nearly zero combat power who were able to struggle up to the point where they reached A class? That was nearly impossible. Any random B class would be able to kill an evaluator at any time.

Therefore, apart from unique existences such as the Mysterious Organization, not many other organizations were capable of nurturing personal A-class evaluators for their own use.

For the Mysterious Organization to dispatch such an elder here, the importance they attached to this recruitment was apparent.

"Let me try."

Everyone placed their hand on the screen with excitement.


Instantly, rows of data started flashing out.

Eighty points!

Twenty points!

Seventy points!

One score after another appeared. Some were happy, some grieved.

There were some who had been proud sons of the heavens. A person who had reached C class at a young age, a genius just behind Wang Feng, astonishingly scored only 10 points in the evaluation of potential.

This signified that this person had already exhausted all his potential and was not worth nurturing.

"He actually exhausted his potential?"

"Sigh, I suppose he used some abnormal methods to increase his strength in the past."

"That’s possible."

Everyone started discussing.

Next, a succession of several youngsters with formidable strength yet low scores in the evaluation of their potential started appearing.

Evidently, a lot of people had used some abnormal methods to increase their strength in order to pass the Mysterious Organization’s test. Unfortunately, these methods they had used were the very things that lost them their future.

With this, what was the point even if they were recruited? They would be stuck at the lowest level of the organization their whole lives.


The other participants that had previously been quite close to these participants started distancing themselves from these people. Naturally, there were also some who were once again being treated favorably after this test.

For example, Wang Jiu. This guy who had been obscure and unknown earlier was indeed a huge dark horse. With an astonishing low score of one point in the previous round, he had managed to obtain a score of 80 points in this round.

Naturally, this was somewhat affected by his starting score as well. Other participants would start this test with at least 20 points from their previous round. As for this guy, he had obtained only one point in the previous round due to a moment of carelessness. As such, due to the system considering him to be an extremely weak person, when the test was conducted on his potential in comparison to his current strength, the end result was somewhat inflated. Even thought it was an inflated result, it was still an astonishing evaluation for his future: Peak B class! This guy had the potential to charge straight until the peak of B class in the future!