The Strongest Gene - Chapter 329: This Is Indeed the Genetic Era

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Chapter 329: This Is Indeed the Genetic Era

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

As Chen Feng was lamenting the wasted opportunity, suddenly, he noticed something else. Based on the data shown, among the connections this girl had, a part of them consisted of the new recruits that had joined in the same batch as them. On top of that, the amount of them was quite high. There were 85 of them in total!

Chen Feng felt like his brain was short-circuiting.

Wait, they had only been here for seven days, right? If so, how had this girl reached this amount? Just as he was wondering, suddenly, a soft voice resounded beside him. "Hello."

Chen Feng turned around and saw a young lady dressed in a white gown. There wasn’t much makeup on her face, yet she appeared astonishingly beautiful. This was a tender and pleasant-looking young lady. A large majority of people would have a good impression when looking at such a lady. Currently, this young lady was staring at Chen Feng cautiously, waiting for his reply to her greeting.

Chen Feng blanked. "Hi." When had this young lady appeared behind him?

"Sigh. I saw that you only received a score of 10 points for the connections test." The young lady was seemingly a rather shy person, as she talked in a bashful manner. "With this score, even if you manage to pass the test in the end, it will be rather inconvenient for you in your future missions."

Chen Feng agreed after thinking about it. "That\'s true."

If one was truly a part of the Mysterious Organization and was thinking about one’s future in the organization, this score was indeed worrying. Since the Mysterious Organization had set this topic as one of the test, this would definitely be related to future missions they might all undertake. If he was able to obtain a higher score here, it would beneficial.

"True." The young lady adjusted the corner of her dress and whispered, "So if you are interested, I am able to help you improve in this aspect."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Oh?"

Improvement? But this was related to one’s background and connection…

True, if this young lady was incredibly well-connected, one only needed to know her for one’s connections score to increase. This was quite a simple fact.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "Why are you helping me?"

This young lady’s mannerisms were indeed sufficient to sway the hearts of a lot of males. Unfortunately, among those who walked the path of the loli, presently, Chen Feng had yet to meet one surpassing Wang Yao.

As such, Chen Feng was able to keep his mind straight and directly ask the crucial question.

"Due to your self-confidence." The young lady winked her huge eyes in an adorable manner and continued, "Only 10 points in the test, yet you are still filled with confidence. This is sufficient to prove that, in other aspects, you are extremely powerful. It is only natural that I want to get to know such a person. And…" The young lady lowered her head and played with the corner of her dress. "Don’t judge me based on my appearance. In actuality, I am very powerful as well."

Chen Feng couldn’t help but admire her. "Fine." She was indeed worthy of being someone educated by a subsidiary family of the Mysterious Organization.

Even such a naive and lively-looking girl had the insight to know that he was formidable with a single glance. Chen Feng thought about this and concluded that if he could get to know some powerful figures this time, it would be helpful in his mission as well.

Mhm… at least these people he would get to know would make a lot of things he wanted to accomplish much more convenient.

Chen Feng looked at her. "What should I do, then?"

The young lady bashfully said, "It’s quite simple. We have created a small alliance so that the members can help each other."

Instantly, Chen Feng was enlightened. "Oh, oh."

Alliance! How very powerful! In such a short period of time, these participants had already formed their own circles? All this while, Chen Feng had believed that he was already being sufficiently outgoing. Unexpectedly, in a short seven days, these people here had already created their own alliance, a circle for themselves. Something like an alliance was something that would only work when there was trust between members. The members needed to be united as well, or else the alliance would fail at any moment. Hence, even if Chen Feng wanted to, he would not be able to set one up.

Indeed, he should not look down on anyone. Now, Chen Feng withdrew all contempt he\'d had for these people. They were truly quite terrific. Was this young lady someone sent from the alliance?

"What is your alliance’s name?" Chen Feng asked instinctively.

She softly said, "The Goddess Alliance."


The name sounds sufficiently formidable. From the name, it is apparent that the one who established this alliance is a woman. But then, why does this name sounds so familiar? Wait!

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something.

Abruptly, Chen Feng shifted his attention to the delicate-looking young lady in front of him. "What is your name?"

The young lady was evidently shocked by Chen Feng’s abrupt reaction. "Me?" Only after she recovered from the shock did she bashfully lower her head and say, "My name is Xie Zhongtong."

Chen Feng: "…"

The heck!

Chen Feng was stupefied.

Xie Zhongtong? This young lady that was shy even when talking was the Xie Zhongtong?


Chen Feng felt like his thoughts were no longer capable of catching up with what was going on.

He pointed at the first place holder on the screen. "So… This is you."

The young lady appeared even more bashful now. "Mhm."

Chen Feng: "…"

This was totally different from the sex queen he had expected to see. As a woman who dominated everywhere she went and was capable of establishing her very own harem, shouldn’t her very person be overflowing with a sense of tyranny?

The rumors…

Chen Feng shook his head. Rumors were indeed not trustworthy.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the discussion of the crowd earlier. "I heard that you have been asking several new recruits out on dates…"

The young lady waved her hands repeatedly. "That’s not true. I haven’t gone on dates with anyone."

Chen Feng pointed to the 85 people indicated in her data as part of her connections. "But those people…"

She was somewhat embarrassed. "Aiya, that was actually a coincidence."

Chen Feng felt enlightened. "Oh."

So, all that had indeed merely been rumors? Nowadays, rumors could be so terrifying, huh? Capable of putting so many smears on even a nice young lady like her.

"At that time, the training for the day had just ended. A few people organized a group exercise. I went over to join in on the fun. There was quite a huge crowd there with everyone crowded in a single room. Seeing that it was an ideal environment for me to activate my ability, I tried activating it shortly. Unexpectedly, in a single activation, so many of them were covered by my ability," the young lady said in a bashful manner.

Chen Feng frowned. "Oh." So this young lady’s ability was something like a religious brainwash that was used against one’s mind?

Chen Feng asked, "Your ability…"

"Eroticism," the young lady said seriously.

"Eroti—wait, miss." The more he heard, the more Chen Feng felt that something was off. He cautiously probed, "Oh, right, perhaps we have different definitions of the term ‘group exercise’? I’m wondering what exercise it is, exactly, that you all participated in?"

With her face flushed red, the young lady said, "It’s that exercise. Initially, they organized a group exercise. After I activated my ability, I turned it into an exercise for a group of people. Aiya, in any case, it is a group exercise. Annoying, why are you forcing me to say this out so clearly." The young lady lowered her head bashfully.

Chen Feng: "…"

The heck. The term group exercise can also be defined in this manner?

Looking at the young lady in front of him, Chen Feng felt a deep veneration from the depths of his heart.

This young lady was truly vigorous! This was a truly ferocious warrior!

Chen Feng rubbed his head. "Hence, the function of your ability…"

"Those who did it with me will have an extreme trust in me," the young lady said bashfully.

Chen Feng: "…" Chen Feng chose his words wisely and asked, "Hence, everyone in the alliance, with you…"

"Yes." The young lady was somewhat prideful as she said, "There’s no other choice. Otherwise, they would lack the trust to establish an alliance with each other. Moreover, with this, everyone can contribute to each other’s connections. Look, a lot of them would only have obtained a score of 10 or 20 points initially. After the establishment of this alliance, they all received a score of 60 points or above."

Chen Feng: "…"

He no longer dared to ask more, as he already had a rough guess of what her answer would be.

Chen Feng’s imagination of their conversation:


Chen Feng: "Lady, it is rumored that you are taking turns doing it with them…"

Young lady: "How hateful. That is not possible. It is too tiring to do it in turns. Normally, I do it with all of them at once…


Too scary!

Chen Feng felt like his worldview was collapsing. This was especially true since he could clearly feel that this young lady was truly a naive and innocent girl and was not faking this appearance. The fact that such a girl had such an accomplishment was the scariest thing.

Chen Feng started replaying his memory to make sure that he had truly transmigrated into a world of genes instead of some erotic game world.

As Chen Feng looked at this young lady, he found that he now had a brand new understanding on the meaning of the commonly used term of this genetic era: "Nothing is impossible."

This was indeed the genetic era, an era where nothing was impossible!