The Strongest Gene - Chapter 328: Such a Good Character Setting

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Chapter 328: Such a Good Character Setting

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On the field, the people from the Mysterious Organization were giving their speech. The square-faced newcomer had appeared noiselessly in a corner. Only several people from the Mysterious Organization went over to receive his arrival. As such, this did not attract much attention.

"Is this the new batch of recruits?" the square faced man asked without a change in expression.

The receptionist nodded respectfully. "Yes."

This square-faced man was nicknamed Square. As for his real name, not many people remembered it. He was the present head of the Mysterious Organization’s research department and a powerful and influential person.

For him to come himself this time, it was probably for…

The square faced man calmly said, "I need one new recruit."

The receptionist had a bitter expression. "I’m afraid… Leader told us that all the new recruits this time belong to that place."

Square snorted. "Hmph. I already talked to them. In previous years, there would only be a single group of new recruits accepted. This time, though, is the first recruitment in three years that is recruiting from the pool of human resources accumulated through these three years. I only want one person, the first-place holder among them. If they disagree…" Square sneered. "I will start fighting with them over all the new recruits. At that time, I will at the very least be able to get one year’s worth of new recruits from the total of three years worth of new recruits over here. I wonder if his heart will ache when that happens..."

The receptionist smiled bitterly. "This…"

There were two main factions within the Mysterious Organization. One of them was the technology faction led by Square. This was the faction that believed that technology would be able to alter the whole world. The other faction was the religious faction led by a person in a white uniform. This faction believed that the power of a cult could affect the whole world. Naturally, since this was now the genetic era, everything was possible.

As such, the Mysterious Organization had been focusing on research projects involving both of these.

Every year, these two factions would fight over the new recruits. In the past, they had been in numerous disputes due to this. Subsequently, the leader had told them to alternate their hiring. One faction would obtain all the new recruits one year, and the other faction would obtain all the new recruits the following year. This solved all their disputes, and since then, both sides had been in harmony. This time, though, a whole three years\' worth of new recruits had been enlisted!

Even if they were to follow the previous rule, Square would be able to obtain one year\'s worth of new recruits from the total pool this time.

However, they were too lazy to report this to the leader. As such, they talked among themselves and reached an agreement that Square could get a single person out of the new recruits this time. After reaching the agreement, Square had immediately come here.

Square glanced at the receptionist. "One. I only want the strongest one. Don’t try playing any tricks. Or else…"

The receptionist smiled bitterly. "Understood."

He noiselessly left the corner and returned to where he had been.

Neither of them had realized that below their feet was a faint radiance swirling about underground. After they ended their discussion, the radiance streaked away and vanished.


The red radiance returned to its home. Chen Feng’s eyes became bright.

"Xiao Ying, replay everything you saw earlier."


Light started swirling before his eyes as Xiao Ying started directly playing everything it had seen in Chen Feng’s brain.

Xiao Ying did not really understand any of this. However, that did not stop it from being able to record and replay what had happened to Chen Feng. Its ability to travel freely between the illusory world and the real world was undetectable by others.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "Only first place?"

Based on the introduction, there were five sections in the test. One could obtain 100 points maximum and 0 points minimum for each section. After all the sections ended, the average points would be calculated. Those obtaining 60 points and above would pass the test.

No limit was placed on the amount of people passing or failing. In other words, if everyone here obtained a score lower than 60 points, they would rather hire nobody than hire such unqualified folks. Naturally, the reason these participants were daring enough to come was also due to them passing the tests conducted by their respective families. The tests of the Mysterious Organization likely wouldn\'t differ too much from the tests conducted by their own families. As such, for them, it was quite probable that all of them would pass the test here.

Sixty points…

Chen Feng shook his head and burst out in laughter.

Initially, he had only planned to obtain either 60 or 70 points to enter the Mysterious Organization while keeping a low profile. Now, though… he absolutely had to obtain the first place.


Chen Feng stretched his body lazily.

True, among the thousands of children here, a lot of them were geniuses with astonishing talent. Unfortunately, they were all quite young and were true blank pieces of paper. As such, they weren’t capable of competing with Chen Feng, who had been out there in the chaotic world, surviving for over a year.

Regardless of which aspect they competed in, they would suffer a crushing defeat at Chen Feng\'s hands.

This confidence of Chen Feng\'s only lasted a short while. When he saw the content of the first test, he was instantly dumbfounded.

The hell? This shouldn’t be right?

First test: connections.

As a member of the Mysterious Organization, when going out on missions, apart from one’s own strength, a lot of other things, such as background and connections, could be exploited. Regardless of friends, family, or anyone else, those would be considered part of one’s strength and would greatly increase the success rate of missions.


The screen flickered, and countless green data flitted around. The connections of the participants were being calculated within the set rules. The data of every single participant swirled around madly. Soon, the results were out.


Wang Feng: 10 points.


Chen Feng: "…"

As he recalled how he had previously believed that he would crushingly defeat them, his face darkened. This damnable Mysterious Organization was actually of the opinion that one could even exploit one’s friends and families. This was truly an incurable organization.

In order to avoid being found out, when creating this Wang Feng identity, he had tried his best to reduce the amount of connections of this Wang Feng person. As such, him only obtaining 10 points was reasonable in this round. Even the 10 points he had obtained had only been given after considering his identity as an heir of two families. Otherwise, he most probably would have obtained a score of 0 points.

This score…

Chen Fen’s head ached.

He checked the results of others and found that, for various reasons, the other participants around him obtained at least 80 points. Some obtained the scores due to their family\'s being powerful, and some due to the reputation they had. There were even some who were celebrity warriors or celebrity producers and had obtained high scores due to that. What alarmed Chen Feng the most, though, was a young lady called Xie Zhongtong.

This was a person who had successfully attracted everyone’s attention. Her scores were already off the charts, and on the screen, a score of 100-plus points had been allotted to her.

Evidently, if the maximum score for this test hadn\'t been restricted to 100 points, her score would have been even higher.

Chen Feng was shaken. "The new recruits of the Mysterious Organization are so scary?"

Due to his strength being far higher than the rest around him, the other participants\' conversations that were carried out in whispers all reached Chen Feng’s ears.

As Chen Feng heard their evaluation of this Lady Xie Zhongtong, he sunk into silence.

From what he gathered, this lady was excessively powerful. She was in some sort of relationship with the successors of multiple different families or factions; she was a person capable of making all those heirs prostrate before her skirt. There were even certain special circumstances where she and those heirs would be taking turns doing… Mhm, anyway, that was what Chen Feng gathered from the crowd.

Hence, for all these reasons, this lively young lady had obtained 100+ points in this round. Right at the start, she was already far ahead of everyone else. In this situation, this was no longer an issue of different starting lines. Rather, this young lady\'s starting line was also the finish.

After summarizing all the information he had obtained, Chen Feng could only exclaim in admiration. He truly couldn’t help but accept the victory of such a person.

Chen Feng felt regretful. "If I knew this would happen, I would have set up Wang Feng with the identity of a playboy."

If Wang Feng was set as a playboy, with the ability of "hitting with a single shot" inherited from his father, this playboy Wang Feng would have been equivalent to a "mobile seeder," spreading his love and seeds everywhere. The whole world would be filled with his children, all hidden within the other great families. With this, would he obtain 100 points as well?

He was truly regretful. The more Chen Feng thought of it, the more regretful Chen Feng was. What a good character setting that would be…