The Strongest Gene - Chapter 327: Baptism

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Chapter 327: Baptism

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At a certain technical school in the suburban district of Mount City, along with the arrival of September, rows of new students could be seen entering the school gate. From the Ironcloud hub of Mount City, countless students were streaming out. Every one of them had an excited smile on their face. Although their present strength was still rather weak, with their entrance into a school, a bright future awaited them!

"Haha, which school of Mount City are you guys going to?"


"Oh? That school rumored to specialize in earth-element abilities?"


"Wow, awesome."

"I heard that there is an offer for the students to enter a university directly. I wonder if that is true…"

"God knows. When I came, my brother hinted at it to me as well. It was said that not everyone would be able to get entry. It will still depend on individual performances. I don’t quite get what he was trying to say, though."

"Oh well, we will find out in a few days anyway."


Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

As the Ironcloud reached the station, countless students walked out excitedly.

Among these passengers brimming with youth was a particular group of people who were similarly young yet appeared much more mature attitude-wise. Naturally, Chen Feng was part of this group as well. Although these youngsters lacked real life experience, they would not say anything unnecessary in front of outsiders, thanks to the training they had received since they had been young. This was an iron law that all subsidiary families of the Mysterious Organization had to obey. Regardless of time or venue, their identity and mission could not be leaked.


The youngster leading the group led them as they left. The orderly manner in which this group moved also attracted much attention at the Ironcloud hub.

"They are…"

"Oh, they are students of some private technical school. I heard that it’s a school on the verge of bankruptcy due to their financial situation. As long as you are human, you will be allowed entry into that school."

"The heck, there\'s such a sh*tty school?"

"Yeah, all locals are aware of the circumstances of that school. Although the school is located right in the center of the city, people that actually enter that school are normally hooligans and the like. The school is only surviving with great difficulty by accepting a small amount of tuition fees from these students. Naturally, some of their students are also those with results so bad that they had no choice but to find some rogue school to continue their studies."

Rogue school… Known to everyone… Hooligans…

From this idle chatter, a lot of information was leaked. As Chen Feng heard this, he was alarmed. He had initially believed that this so-called technical school was located at some hidden valley in some suburban district. After all, only with that could they avoid being found out by the Genetic Union. Surprisingly, their school had actually been built openly right in the middle of the city. That, coupled with the sh*tty reputation of the school, served as a perfect cover, since the Genetic Union wouldn’t even bother monitoring such a rogue school.

This was truly a great demonstration of a person of true ability not bothering with the opinions of others.

After leaving the Ironcloud hub, they took a car to the school. Chen Feng was expecting to take some examinations or tests here. Unexpectedly, the first thing they did was train.

A seven-day-long training session. Only now did Chen Feng realize how huge the Mysterious Organization was.

Twelve hundred candidates! A whole 1,200 candidates were here! They had all been gathered from their subsidiary families, and all of them possessed an acceptable level of combat power that met the Mysterious Organization’s basic requirements. This was quite a terrifying fact when one thought about it.

According to Ji Feng’s introduction, it had been three years since the last recruitment. As such, the candidates this time were somewhat high in amount. Despite this, from the amount of candidates, the accumulation of the Mysterious Organization was apparent.

In this world, terrorist organizations were quite common. However, an organization like the Mysterious Organization, an organization that was self-sufficient and had a complete methodology of nurturing their own talents was the scariest kind of them all.

"With 1,200 candidates, even if 10 were recruited per city, that totals up to 100 cities."

Chen Feng was shaken. In other words, the Mysterious Organization was actually so powerful? That was truly too astonishing.

Naturally, it was not possible for the Mysterious Organization to recruit all 1,200 of the candidates here. After the seven days of training, there would be a test. Those that passed would be directly accepted, while the ones who failed would also receive a generous reward. These people would then return to their respective families and continue working hard to serve the organization… by multiplying without stop, creating future generations for the organization.

Only a single person from a family needed to rise up in power, and the whole family would be elevated.

Under the iron-fisted control and brainwashing of the Mysterious Organization, the entire human resource supply system of the organization had always been operating efficiently, working to serve the organization. During this period, Chen Feng had also obtained more information from other candidates. He found that these people here were actually truly emotional, from the depths of their hearts, to have gotten this opportunity to be a part of the Mysterious Organization.

As for whether they could see the truth of things in the future, that would depend on themselves. There were some who were similar to Ji Feng and had seen through the facade long ago. However, at this point, the fates of most of them were already deeply interlinked with the Mysterious Organization. If it wasn’t for this variable known as Chen Feng, Ji Feng most probably would have spent the rest of his life in the Mysterious Organization as well. From this, it was apparent how powerful the Mysterious Organization was.

"Therefore, these seven days are only used for training and brainwashing?" Chen Feng muttered knowingly.

It was indeed as he had guessed. During their first round of training, apart from basic power and spiritual training, every single one of them was given a white uniform and told to wear it to recover their energy. As Chen Feng put the uniform on, he discovered that the uniform was truly capable of accelerating the wearer’s recovery rate.

Hence, after receiving the uniforms, numerous students could be seen seated cross-legged on the field.

Each of them was wearing a white cap on their head. A mysterious yet formidable power could be felt lingering about them. Next, the instructor started chanting. As his voice drifted into their ears…

Chen Feng felt his gaze blurring. A vague silhouette appeared in his mind. Seated cross-legged in the air, this silhouette was staring at him lovingly.

The voice was filled with warmth. "Child, from now on, I shall be your protector."

Subconsciously, Chen Feng nodded at him in response. The faint white radiance started surrounding him. Right at this moment, Xiao Ying awakened from its slumber and streaked out before proceeding to swallow that white silhouette with a single gulp.


Instantly, the world before Chen Feng’s eyes became clear again.

When he realized what had happened, he started sweating profusely. It was obvious that he had nearly been brainwashed by this method. A seed had almost been planted in the depths of his mind.

Realizing what had happened, he started sensing what was going on around him. Sure enough, everyone else was bathed in the white radiance with a fanatical expression on their face. This was truly a cult-like baptism!


Vaguely, the attention of someone seemed to settle on Chen Feng.

Without making a noise, Chen Feng displayed a similar fanatical expression on his face. Around his body was the same faint white radiance. Inwardly, though, Chen Feng was wondering—wondering what the goal of this Mysterious Organization was, exactly.

Scientific research?


A Cult?

The more he knew about the organization, the more questions he had.

"I will find out one day."

Chen Feng’s gaze was scarily calm.

After a long time, when everything was over, everyone was allowed to rest.

The next day, the same thing was repeated. Chen Feng followed along as all this happened and witnessed with his very own eyes how the attitudes of the candidates here changed from the initial novelty, to excitement, to curiosity, until finally, all of them had a fanatical look in their eyes. A fanatical loyalty toward the Mysterious Organization. A fanatical recognition toward a certain power.

Fortunately, the seven days passed quickly. Finally, the final test began. As far as Chen Feng was concerned, this event was rather unnecessary. Outside of his expectations, though, right before the test, noiselessly, several other people appeared in a certain corner of the field.

As Chen Feng glanced over at them, his emotions surged.

Square face, hair on the temples, white hair with a small bush of beard. Although he was somewhat ugly, he still stood out among others. With a single glance, Chen Feng recognized him. This was the very person that Ji Feng had told him about, the person that had taken Wang Yao away. This was the manager of the Wang Yao research project.

For him to appear here now…

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.