The Strongest Gene - Chapter 322: Loyal

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Chapter 322: Loyal

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At Line Horizon, an extremely tragic battle was progressing. Only when Ji Feng was beaten up by Xu Fei until he started questioning life did he recall that he did not necessarily need to fight Xu Fei here. If he couldn’t beat this Xu Fei, he could always flee.


With a jolt of his body, the Ji Feng with a bloody nose and swollen face finally broke free of Xu Fei.

Previously, Xu Fei had only managed to grab onto Ji Feng due to him being in shock and careless. That was the reason he had been stuck there getting beaten by Xu Fei. Now that he had broken off, Xu Fei would no longer have any chance of approaching him.

The time he\'d spent getting entangled with Xu Fei wasn’t long anyway. It had only been around two minutes. However, these short two minutes had been enough to cause him to question life itself.

Fortunately, he\'d finally broken free!


Ji Feng easily dodged the rest of Xu Fei’s attacks.


With an unsightly expression, he dragged Chang Luguo on before proceeding to escape.

As he was an intelligent person, he was able to see Xu Fei’s weak point in no time. Although Ji Feng\'s ability was coincidentally weak against Xu Fei for some unknown reason, this guy was, after all, still a C class. As long as Ji Feng focused purely on escaping, it was simply impossible for Xu Fei to stop him.

In other words, Xu Fei would have no effect on his initial plan. They had to first leave this place!

Chen Feng would probably be here soon anyway. As such, they absolutely had to leave first and block this path. Only with that would it be possible for them to survive this.

"Ignore him," Ji Feng said coldly. His current expression looked somewhat funny with his bloody nose and swollen face, though.


Easily, they shook Xu Fei off and started moving toward the Line Horizon. Exceeding all their expectations, though, there was another person standing there waiting for them.

Ji Feng sunk into a solemn mood. "Who?!"

He had originally believed that only Chen Feng was the horrifying person. Unexpectedly, even his friends were quite astonishing as well. Now, he no longer dared to look down on anyone sent by Chen Feng.

When he looked back, he noted that Chen Feng’s plans were extremely thorough. As such, this was definitely not a person he should take lightly.

The newcomer was a youth that appeared much younger than Xu Fei. "Hello."


He looked more like a child instead.

When he talked, he was extremely calm and appeared to be one of those extremely polite children. However, the moment Ji Feng’s gaze landed on this newcomer, his body stiffened.

Ji Feng’s heart chilled. It’s him! He has actually come here!

Although he had been beaten by Xu Fei earlier, if he was honest about it, the only thing Xu Fei could do was slow them down. After Ji Feng had seen through Xu Fei\'s strength, he was no longer effective at this.

But for this person here…

Ji Feng said his name. "Wu Hui!"

Wu Hui nodded calmly. "Yes."

Ji Feng could only smile bitterly as a response.

It really is him…

If one were to name a person who had planted fear in the Mysterious Organization recently, this child would definitely be the one named, because his strength was far too terrifying for his age.

According to the information the Mysterious Organization had, Wu Hui was only 14 years old, yet he already possessed a peak A-class combat power. He had once killed a number of A-class warriors…

Furthermore, different from others, the methods of this person when dealing with things were rather radical. Due to that, he had also attracted his own fan base. Every single time he battled, he would record it and put it online. With that, even those who did not know about him would find out about him through the videos online. This person was absolutely a supergenius.

With a single month, his threat level as perceived by the Mysterious Organization had neared Chen Feng\'s and Wang Yao\'s. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had not actually done anything against the Mysterious Organization, the threat level assigned to him would most probably have been even higher than Chen Feng\'s.

This was an extremely terrifying person!

What is going on with this world?

Ji Feng started doubting his life. He hadn’t even managed to reach peak A class even after dedicating 20 years of his life to it.

Yet in this year itself, two super geniuses had appeared. One was the 13- or 14-year-old Wu Hui, and the other was that little loli Wang Yao. Both of them were peak A classes! When had A class become so easy to reach?

Ji Feng inhaled deeply. "You are here to stop me as well?" He deeply wished that this guy was merely passing by here.

Wu Hui nodded. "Yes."

"Even if you wanted to keep me here, you must pay some sort of price to do it."

Ji Feng’s gaze became vicious.

"I know," Wu Hui said calmly. "There are a total 10 forms in the Cosmic Manifestation. Up until now, I have only unleashed six of them. Perhaps you will be able to make me unleash the seventh form, even if I have to pay some price for it."

Ji Feng shook his head. "Is this worth it? It’s not worth risking your life against me just for a mission."

"There’s no mission. I don’t mind even if it’s not worth it." In a serene manner, Wu Hui continued, "Master told me that I will definitely succeed."

Ji Feng’s heart thumped. "Master? Who is your master?"

"Chen Feng," Wu Hui answered calmly.


Ji Feng and Chang Luguo were dumbstruck.


Chen Feng was actually Wu Hui’s master? The demonic Wu Hui? The master of this peak A-class guy? Ji Feng and Chang Luguo exchanged glances and felt their world collapsing around them.

After a long time, Ji Feng smiled bitterly.

Now, the only thing he could do was put his life on the line. No matter what…

Ji Feng braced himself for death. "Come!"

Wu Hui stood up. "All right." Surprisingly, he looked at Ji Feng with some sort of admiration. "The seniors of the Mysterious Organization are indeed difficult to deal with. To avoid leaking the information of the Mysterious Organization, they\'d rather die. Well, I will try my best in this battle."

Wu Hui stood up solemnly.

As for the Ji Feng opposite him, he blanked.

Avoid leaking the information of the Mysterious Organization? Wait… what information?!

"You guys have not been sent by Chen Feng to kill me?" Ji Feng asked abruptly.

Wu Hui shook his head. "Of course not. We only wanted to know something. If we really wanted to kill you, wouldn\'t it be easier to get the Genetic Union to do it instead?"

So that was the case!

Ji Feng had a "what the f*ck" expression.

"Come." Wu Hui started walking toward Ji Feng solemnly, a respectful expression on his face. "Nowadays, people like you are extremely rare. Seeing that you are such a loyal person, I will keep your corpse intact." Wu Hui prepared to start fighting. "Then…"

Ji Feng raised both his hands without any hesitation. "I surrender!"

Wu Hui was bewildered. Ah?

"Surrender," Ji Feng said righteously.

Since Chen Feng wasn’t here to kill him, there was no point in fighting anymore. After all, if this continued, he would most probably end up killed by Wu Hui! If so, he might as well surrender.

Ji Feng was calm as he said, "I thought that you guys were here to capture me. Since you are only here for information, I don’t mind."

"I thought that those in your organization are all…" Wu Hui asked meekly.

Ji Feng corrected him and righteously said, "Ex-organization! That is my ex-organization. Damn it. These two days when I was being chased, I tried asking for help. However, no one from the organization was willing to help me. Rather, they sent someone to kill me instead. Why would I still want to stay loyal to them? Haha! What do you guys want to know? Anything I know about, I won’t hide it. The location of the Mysterious Organization, the Mysterious Organization’s leader… any of that, it’s not a problem if you want the information. Oh, right, I can even provide some high-level secret information to you. For example, Senior Soul was cuckolded, etc…"

"Oh, yeah, Senior Soul is not an official member of the Mysterious Organization either. He is actually the apprentice brother of our leader. Haha, if I recall correctly, there are several of them apprentice brothers. This is as much as I know. Oh yeah, spies! Are you interested in the spies of the Mysterious Organization? I know of them as well!"

Ji Feng was extremely excited that he could actually survive this and, in his fit of excitement, told them all the things he knew. Opposite him, the Wu Hui who had already been prepared for a huge battle was staring at him with a dumbstruck expression. Where’s the so-called loyalty?