The Strongest Gene - Chapter 319: Run, Fast!

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Chapter 319: Run, Fast!

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Ji Feng, an A-class warrior with a calm disposition. He was a comparatively stable mission implementer among the other A-class warriors in the Mysterious Organization. Genetic ability: Corrosion.

This was the information Chen Feng could see at the Gene Production Association. Only the name, picture, and the name of the genetic ability were available. From this, it was evident how stringent Mysterious Organization was with the protection of the information of their members.


Chen Feng frowned. What ability was this exactly? Poison? Elementals? Or something else? It was unknown.

"This won\'t do," Chen Feng muttered.

Although Ji Feng was his target, Chen Feng was clear that Ji Feng himself was a terrifying person. After all, Ji Feng was an A-class warrior. As such, how should he capture this person?

Should he invite the people from the Gene Production Association and Genetic Union to help him out?

He absolutely could not do that. He was sure that this might be the best method of capturing Ji Feng, but with their involvement, Ji Feng would most definitely fall into their hands instead of him. He would have no hope of obtaining any news related to Wang Yao as well. Therefore, he had to do this personally.

Fortunately, after the Mysterious Killing Command incident, Chen Feng had a comfortable amount of funds at his disposal and would be able to afford to hire a few A-class warriors to help him. As for the methods he would to use to invite these A-class warriors, he would have to rack his brain for some ideas.

The next day, after locking down on Ji Feng\'s location, Chen Feng dispatched the ones he had hired.

The Ji Feng that had been planning to wander around the pugilistic world with Chang Luguo was suddenly ambushed by three A-class warriors for no apparent reason. He was immediately beaten up by them, and shortly after, he was covered all over with cuts and bruises.

This resulted in Ji Feng feeling extreme anger. Just as he was about to rage and erupt in power, those three A-class warriors retreated noiselessly instead. Ji Feng didn\'t even get a chance to erupt.

Ji Feng: "???"

What the heck? Is this an assassination? It doesn\'t look like it, though.

If this was truly an assassination, their attacks would have all been launched with the intent to take his life. However, he had merely been ravaged by them instead of suffering any substantial injuries.

He looked at Chang Luguo. "Did you offend someone?"

"Absolutely not!" Chang Luguo swore.

Ji Feng glared at him ferociously. "Hmph!"

He wiped the bloodstain off his face and held the anger in his heart down before setting off once again. As for the hidden Chen Feng, he had already retreated noiselessly. What he required had already been obtained. From that 10-minute-long fight earlier, almost all of Ji Feng\'s abilities had been exposed.

"Ji Feng. Ability: Corrosion. An A class with a total of six genetic abilities. Five of them are corrosion-related abilities, and the remaining one is a fusion ability. After all six abilities are fused together, an extremely powerful corrosion ability will be unleashed. Based on the initial forecast, when erupting completely, Ji Feng should be able to corrode a whole mountain range."

As he reached this point, Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. Corroding a whole mountain range! The f*ck?

He was merely an implementer of missions that would normally pull the strings from behind the scenes, yet he was so incredibly powerful? It seemed like, nowadays, the purer the type of genetic abilities a person chose to fuse with, the more dreadful that person was.

It was quite evident that Ji Feng was one of those. He had chosen to focus on corrosion-related abilities to become so terrifying. Even among this single corrosion category, there were actually a myriad of genetic abilities. For example, flame corrosion, cold corrosion, poison corrosion, acidic corrosion, and so on. Almost every method capable of corroding would be available for Ji Feng. Moreover, every single one of his corrosion genetic ability was also comparatively powerful. This was how terrifying Ji Feng was.

He had even reached a point where he was capable of corroding his opponent\'s abilities. Even if the opponent was also in A class, they would only be able to unleash 50% of their power when facing Ji Feng. This was also why the three A classes earlier had only been able to beat Ji Feng up a bit despite their advantage of being the ambushers. If Ji Feng had started raging and ignoring his injuries, he would definitely have been able to deal some damage to all three of them. With him alone against all three of the enemies, he would still have been victorious.

This was the scary part of these corrosion-related abilities. Naturally, if that really happened, Ji Feng wouldn\'t be much better off in the end despite his victory. If he had a choice, he would definitely not choose to put his life on the line.


Chen Feng started studying corrosion-related abilities. If his guess was correct, there was one particular person who was now immune to the frozen sea and even the Nether Capital\'s smog after his body had become peculiar due to his body transformation. Perhaps…

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone.

Currently, within a mountain range near Clear City, Ji Feng and Chang Luguo were moving forward cautiously.

After the previous ambush, their vigilance had heightened. They had not figured out the goal of those three. However, at a place like Clear City, the appearance of a single A class was already a world-shattering event. There had to be some extraordinary reason for three of them to have appeared at once.

Ji Feng advised Chang Luguo, "Be more careful. They might think that we are returning to the Mysterious Organization and are trying to follow us back."

Chang Luguo\'s expression was solemn. "Understood." They could not strike any possibilities off. If those people were truly thinking of following them back to the Mysterious Organization, it was quite possible for those people to decide to kill them instead after finding out that they were not heading there after all. As such, they had to be careful.

Rustle. Rustle.

They walked forth cautiously.

Right at this moment, an aura suddenly appeared from some distance away. Before the newcomer reached them, his cold voice reached them first.

"Dear both of you, please stay."

Ji Feng had an ominous feeling. "Who is it?"

Chang Luguo\'s heart trembled. "They are finally here?" Instinctively, he tried scanning the enemy\'s location with his spiritual energy. Instantly, his expression became somewhat odd. That person who was telling them to stay was actually a C-class genetic warrior.

First, Ji Feng blanked. "C class?" Next, he raged. Nowadays, even a C-class genetic warrior was daring enough to try bullying them?

Granted, they were both concealing their aura to avoid being discovered by the enemies, resulting in their real strength being hidden. However, it was still enough to anger Ji Feng when a random C class tried stepping on their heads.

He had been holding this anger in for way too long.

Killing intent flashed in Ji Feng\'s eyes. "Initially, I had not planned to do anything. Hmph. You only have your bad luck to blame for this…"

As far as he was concerned, killing a random weak C class while escaping wasn\'t anything much.


Ji Feng\'s feet flickered. Instinctively, he streaked past all the trees between them and charged toward Chen Feng.

Chang Luguo shook his head. "What a pitiful guy."

For this guy to be so blind that he was actually thinking of robbing them, he could only blame himself for having a bad luck. Surprising Chang Luguo, though, after his angry boss charged forth, he rushed back hastily after one mere second.

"???" Chang Luguo was somewhat stupefied. "What\'s up?"

Ji Feng dragged him and started running. "Run, fast."

Chang Luguo\'s heart throbbed. "Someone else is waiting in ambush?"

"No. There\'s only one person there." Ji Feng\'s face paled, yet his feet continued running at high speed.

"Ah?" Chang Luguo was at a loss. Why the heck were they running, then?

Ji Feng gulped. "Chen Feng."

He had never even dreamed that he would meet Chen Feng again after a short two days.

"Chen Feng?"

Chang Luguo blanked for a short moment. Next, he erupted in speed. The weaker him had suddenly surpassed even Ji Feng in speed, running in front of him.

Ji Feng had a "what the f*ck" expression on his face.

But at times like this, he couldn\'t be bothered with that anymore. The most important thing was to first escape Chen Feng!

This Chen Feng guy was too freakish. Therefore, they absolutely could not fight him!



Their silhouettes streaked forth among the mountain range. Even when he had been beaten up by the three A-class warriors previously, Ji Feng had not erupted with his full power. Astonishingly, he had now erupted with his full power just to run from Chen Feng.

F*ck! Even if I can\'t beat you, can\'t I run?!