The Strongest Gene - Chapter 318: Mobile Humanoid ATM

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Chapter 318: Mobile Humanoid ATM

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At Star City, Chen Feng was sticking posters everywhere in an absolutely unrestrained manner. Apart from the wall of honor, the portrait of Ji Feng could also be seen at every corner of Star City. The poster was highlighting Ji Feng\'s new identity as a Gene Production Association honorary elder.

As for the producers in Star City, they all came out to check out what was happening. Some understood what Chen Feng was scheming, some did not. No matter what, due to Chen Feng\'s unique identity, no one dared to forbid him from doing this. However, they couldn\'t resist talking about this privately.

"Is he treating Star City as his own house?"

"Chen Feng is a mere excellent producer himself. How is he qualified to appoint an honorary elder?"

"I have no idea. However, he managed to get the approval from the higher ups for this."

"Has the Gene Production Association gone crazy?"

They could not understand what was going on.

However, there were also some who understood what was going on and started responding to them. That guy suddenly said, "What do you guys know? Do you have any idea how much the Genetic Union has profited this time? Have you any idea how many of the Mysterious Organization\'s members perished this time? This is an extremely major contribution. More importantly… are you aware of how rich Chen Feng actually is?"


Everyone else was dumbfounded. How did this relate to money?

That person coughed before continuing, "I heard that, during this incident, Chen Feng earned a huge amount of profit, surpassing 100 million. All the money was directly given to the Gene Production Association to construct their defense system. Think about it. With this amount of money, do you think that the association would actually reject a request of his? The current Chen Feng is simply akin to a mobile ATM…"

At this, everyone was enlightened.

There was also other behind-the-scenes information that was not mentioned by this person. For example, that so-called "honorary elder" Ji Feng did not even have the guts to come here. These grassroots-level producers only needed to know certain information and that would be sufficient.

As of now, Chen Feng had finally gotten the time to take a rest. It had been several days since the end of the Nether Capital incident till now, yet he had not gotten a lot of opportunity to rest. Instead, the majority of his time had been spent preparing for all sorts of matters, such as the sale of heaven-dazzling gene reagents, using his identity to obtain a loan, etc.

That\'s right. During the time when he had still been under the protection of Gene Production Association, he had taken a huge loan. That was what he had used to purchase the huge amount of Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents.

As for the money he had earned from the sale of heaven dazzling gene reagent? He had spent those on buying the gene reagents that could be used to counter Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagent. This was to ensure that his plan would proceed smoothly.

All this may have appeared simple, but he had been under immense pressure. Only a single problem needed to occur on either one of the steps in his plan and he would most certainly have ended up dead.

Therefore, from the start of the Mysterious Killing Command, he had been calculating his luck value usage to ensure that at least 100 points of luck value remained at all times so as to guarantee the flawless implementation of his plan.

Fortunately, everything had progressed smoothly. Moreover, he had even successfully "converted" the cute Ji Feng from the evil side. Chen Feng felt extremely gratified with this achievement of his.

Naturally, Ms. Shen Yi\'s help had also been crucial in ensuring the success of his plan. Despite her currently weak strength, her unique aura-concealment ability from a different world was extremely effective in certain circumstances. When dealing with the long-range curses and when he was being hunted by Ji Feng, her ability had proved helpful. Without Shen Yi, Chen Feng\'s aura would have been discovered by the enemy long ago.

To thank her, he had invited her for a meal together. For an unknown reason, though, Wang Chun\'s expression had been somewhat off when that happened. Mhm, Wang Chun had probably been too tired due to being too busy recently.

Chen Feng stretched his body lazily. "Finally, I can take a good rest."

He slumped down onto his bed and the night passed. The next day, when he woke up, he was reinvigorated, as the accumulated exhaustion from the past few days was all gone. He was once again as spirited as he was previously.

Afternoon that day, Wu Hui returned to Star City.

Wu Hui greeted Chen Feng respectfully. "Master."

"You kid…" Chen Feng laughed as he shook his head. After the previous incident, Wu Hui had proclaimed Chen Feng as his master. Chen Feng had tried correcting him several times, yet Wu Hui had persisted. After a while, Chen Feng had gotten used to it and had decided to just accept this kid as his disciple.

"How was it handled?" Chen Feng asked.

"Everything progressed smoothly," Wu Hui answered with a stern expression.

With Chen Feng\'s assistance in spreading his fame far and wide, almost all his opponents knew how "terrifying" Wu Hui was. On top of that, he had also prepared a script, as Chen Feng had advised. From then on, every single time he was about to make a move, he would first blabber on. As he continued talking, the enemies would start imagining what he said. Next… everything would end as expected thanks to their imaginations.

In fact, Wu Hui had only spent a single day to settle the matters pertaining to Wu family.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. "One day?"

"Mhm." Wu Hui smiled in a somewhat embarrassed manner. "It is now the age of information. As such, nearly everyone first researches their opponent\'s strength online before a fight. Hence, I decided to directly publicize what I was about to do. I had also learned from the Mysterious Organization\'s Mysterious Killing Command and sent out a notification to them before I made my move."

Chen Feng gasped in admiration. "Not bad." This Wu Hui was quite smart. Doing what Wu Hui had done was actually a somewhat boastful act and would give off one\'s own information to one\'s opponent before the battle. However, for Wu Hui, doing this would only increase his combat power. This was because the moment his enemy recognized his strength, everything would be much easier for him to deal with.

"With this, even those who do not know about me will find out about me quickly as well." Wu Hui scratched his head and, shortly after, continued, "Master, the reason for me spending so much time there was because I encountered something. After dealing with the Wu family, I discovered that there was a mastermind that had been pulling the strings in the dark, messing with the Wu family. Perhaps he had not expected me to deal with the Wu family so speedily. As such, he did not manage to escape in time. I pretended to not notice his real identity and continued my investigation on him." Wu Hui paused and then continued, "I found out that he was conversing with the people from the Mysterious Organization. From their conversation, they seemed to have captured someone recently."

"Who?" Chen Feng asked curiously.

"Wang Yao," Wu Hui answered solemnly.

Chen Feng\'s expression changed greatly. "What?"

Wang Yao? What joke was that? Her strength…

"Please wait a moment." Wu Hui transmitted the video he had taken secretly to Chen Feng. After receiving it, Chen Feng played the video on his screen. On it, that person could be seen discussing with those from the Mysterious Organization about Wang Yao\'s capture. The situation seemed to be even graver than what Wu Hui had said. Apparently, the Mysterious Organization\'s leader had acted personally to capture Wang Yao this time.

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. "Mysterious Organization\'s leader."

He was sure of how strong Wang Yao was. However, if someone as terrifying as Soul made a move personally…

At this thought, Chen Feng\'s gaze became sharper.

Suddenly, the scene on the screen trembled, as that person had obviously discovered that something was wrong. He turned around, looking in the direction of the camera before his expression changed greatly and he proceeded to flee frantically.

"Where is he?" Chen Feng asked.

Wu Hui smiled bitterly. "I chased after him but failed to capture him." He had never imagined that that guy would commit suicide without saying anything.

"That is natural." Chen Feng did not find that surprising. But Wang Yao…

Du! Du!

He tried contacting Wang Yao.

No answer!

In truth, he had been in frequent contact with Wang Yao frequently. Naturally, they had only conversed through the screens on their wristbands. As for the content of their conversations, it had mostly been nonsensical things such as a certain female streamer\'s job change, some author who publicized his address and started selling blades to make a living, and the like. It was truly quite hard to believe that they would actually be talking about these kinds of things.

It was during these conversations that Chen Feng had noticed that were her strength not taken into consideration, Wang Yao was merely a young girl, a ripe age for these gossips. Although the content of their conversations had been these nonsensical topics, they had quite enjoyed talking about them.

Every time, before they were about to go out on some missions, they would also inform each other or at least leave a message informing the other. Their relationship had been developing steadily. This time, though…

Chen Feng stared at his empty inbox.

"Something has indeed happened?"

Chen Feng\'s heart tightened.

"Is Wang Yao safe at this time?" Chen Feng asked his Luck Aura.

No response!

Usually, Luck Aura would have no problem answering such a direct question. This time, though, it had actually failed.

"Is Wang Yao still alive?"

No response!

"Is Wang Yao dead?"

No response!

Chen Feng\'s gaze became sharp. "It has been blocked…" It was Spirit Sea wood! There most certainly had to be some Spirit Sea wood near Wang Yao. That was the only way the Luck Aura could be blocked. Based on the previous information he had, apart from the occasional discovery, the only place where some Spirit Sea wood definitely existed was the Mysterious Organization\'s base.

Wang Yao had actually been captured there! At this moment, Chen Feng\'s expression was terrifyingly cold. However, it was also during times like these that his thought process became even clearer than usual.

Wang Yao…

Mysterious Organization…

If he wanted to find her, he had to figure out where the Mysterious Organization was! Regardless of rescuing her, asking for the Genetic Union\'s help, or doing other things, he had to first figure out the location! However, that person Wu Hui had discovered was already dead. Moreover, for a foot soldier like that, he most probably would only be aware of the location of some branches instead of the main base.

If so, who else would have the knowledge of their base\'s location? After thinking for a bit, Chen Feng recalled that one such person indeed existed: Ji Feng.

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