The Strongest Gene - Chapter 317: Not Meeting Him Anymore in This Life

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Chapter 317: Not Meeting Him Anymore in This Life

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At a certain location covered by a dark smog, several black-clothed silhouettes could be seen. Their appearance couldn\'t be seen clearly, but from the aura that they were emitting, it was clear that these were no ordinary people.

"The Mysterious Killing Command has actually failed."

"The assassination efforts on Chen Feng have never stopped. Due to the previous incident with Wang Yao, new assassination missions were issued for Chen Feng almost daily. However, his vigilance is excessively high. Even when A-class experts were dispatched as the assassins, they would end up discovered for no apparent reason. Ultimately, they could only give up and fail the mission."

"Is it that hard?"

Some did not believe it.

"Senior Soul tried killing him twice before only to end up having his clones killed. What do you think?"


Instantly, they sunk into silence.

Senior Soul? They were clear on the strength of that senior. A mere clone of his was already a peak A class. Someone with such strength had actually…

Chen Feng was indeed a person they needed to attach importance to.

"Summon Ji Feng back, then."

"All right."

"I know how Ji Feng is. He is too stubborn a person. With this happening, he will definitely go to personally kill Chen Feng. From what we know presently, it is simply too dangerous for him to do that."


"Remember, we must absolutely not treat Chen Feng as an ordinary genetic warrior."


They finished their discussion.

Right at this moment, the wristband of one of them buzzed. He glanced at it and shared the transmission with the rest before he said, "I\'m afraid Ji Feng will no longer be able to return."


As the others saw the transmission, they sunk into silence.

This message…

"I know Ji Feng well. We can\'t trust this message," someone said.

That person asked, "Yes, you know him. But what about the others? Moreover, with this happening, does Ji Feng still have the guts to even return? Even if he returns, would anyone dare to actually trust him?"


Their hearts jolted.

They knew that this was probably the end of Ji Feng.

That Chen Feng was most certainly the person pulling the strings behind this as well. When they once again recalled the content of their discussion about Chen Feng, suddenly, they felt that the threat posed by Chen Feng was above even that of Wang Yao!


Currently, at Clear City, the pale Ji Feng was staring at the screen in front of him.

Was it hard to kill Chen Feng?

It was hard. It was extremely hard.

Chen Feng wasn\'t particularly strong. However, his way of handling things was incredibly peculiar. Ji Feng had read the information pertaining to Chen Feng as well. When he had seen the information regarding the Ice River, the Frozen Sea, and the Nether Capital incidents and the way in which all those A-class experts had been led to their death due to Chen Feng\'s tricks, he had become certain that Chen Feng was definitely a freakish existence. As such, before setting forth for this mission, he had prepared sufficiently.

This was his final gamble!

He would have to succeed or die trying, as this was his only option. If he were to die, so be it. There was nothing scary about death anyway. He had been prepared for death for several decades now anyway.

However, it seemed that Chen Feng would not even give him this one chance.

Ji Feng blanked as he stared at the announcement on his screen for a long time.

Chang Luguo had a pale expression as well. "This… the higher ups won\'t believe this, right?"

"What if you were one of the higher ups?" Ji Feng asked with a grudging gaze.

Chang Luguo sunk into silence.

On the screen was an official announcement from the Gene Production Association. "We extend our thanks to Ji Feng for working with us during this assassination mission, contributing to us greatly. As such, we hereby announce that a special exception has been made to appoint Ji Feng as an honorary elder of the Gene Production Association. As an honorary elder, he will be qualified to participate in our management and vote for key decisions."

Working with us…

Great contribution…

Honorary elder…

Ji Feng\'s legs weakened and he almost slumped down then and there.

"He announced this on the internet?" Ji Feng asked through clenched teeth.

Looking at the choice of words and the tone of the announcement, he did not even need to expend any effort to deduce that this was the work of that Chen Feng!

Chang Luguo shook his head. "No. He only sent this to their inner members."

"That\'s good, then." Ji Feng instinctively breathed out in relief before immediately feeling that something wasn\'t right.

Only sent to their inner members? Did that not mean that this was now internal information only available to their own people?

Ji Feng\'s heart jolted ferociously. "It\'s over."

If Chen Feng had announced this on the internet, that would not be too bad. It would pose him some trouble, but he would only have needed to say that this was Chen Feng\'s attempt at sowing dissent among their ranks—that would have been sufficient. But now that Chen Feng had only announced this to their internal members, it was obvious that this act of only releasing this announcement to the internal members was an attempt at "protecting Ji Feng" cum an announcement of "Ji Feng\'s new authority" to their internal members. What did this signify? For the Mysterious Organization, this signified that the Gene Production Association was truly preparing to appoint Ji Feng as their honorary elder. As for the Mysterious Organization\'s source of information? Of course it was their spies!

Nowadays, every organization had some spies planted in other organizations. Since even Chang Luguo and Ji Feng had received this "internal announcement," naturally, the Mysterious Organization had received it as well.

What should he do moving forward, then?

Chang Luguo: "…"

Ji Feng: "…"

They exchanged glances. In their hearts, only indescribable grief could be felt. This was too freaking excessive! They were both warriors! A-class warriors! Yet they had ended up crucified by Chen Feng before they could even do anything! The initial Deep Blue\'s Sea, the anti–Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagent, and this latest incident, they had been tricked by Chen Feng all along! Ji Feng\'s heart chilled as he thought of all this. Why had everything related to Chen Feng developed in such a freakish manner?

He truly couldn\'t understand the reason for this.


Chang Luguo\'s communication tool buzzed suddenly. Instinctively, he turned it on. As he saw the new message, he immediately sunk into silence.

"Something else happened?" Ji Feng asked weakly.


Chang Luguo lowered his head and paused before continuing with a helpless tone, "You have been hung on the wall by Chen Feng."

Ji Feng: "???"


Chang Luguo sighed before sharing the transmission he received to Ji Feng\'s screen.

As Ji Feng\'s gaze landed on it, he sunk into silence. At this point, what else could he say? On the screen, the Gene Production Association\'s wall of honor could be seen. A picture of Ji Feng had been found by Chen Feng from an unknown source and been turned into a huge poster and framed in gold before being hung on the wall of honor. He might as well add these words while he was at it: Fully furnished apartment for rent. All utilities covered.

Wall of honor…

This was an extremely important thing for the Gene Production Association. Regardless of whether the announcement earlier was believed by the others or not, with his portrait hung on this wall, he knew his fate with the Mysterious Organization. Similarly, they would also hang his portrait on their wall. However, it would be a black-and-white portrait 1 .

As far as he was concerned, one single misstep had caused everything he had done since to be wrong as well. From the start, him accepting this assassination mission had been a mistake in itself. If he were given a second chance, he would definitely distance himself from anything related to Chen Feng and would absolutely not have anything to do with him.

Chang Luguo had a bewildered expression. "What should we do now?"

It was no longer possible for them to return to the Mysterious Organization. They were clear on how skeptical of others the people in the Mysterious Organization were. With their current circumstances, if they chose to return, they would only end up dead.

Ji Feng raised his head helplessly. "…"

What could he do? He felt extremely helpless.

After a long while, he recovered some of his spirits and said, "Let\'s go."

Chang Luguo blanked. "Go?"

Ji Feng stared ahead. "Go. At the very least, we are still A-class warriors. We will at least be able to continue to stay alive.

He stood up.

Chang Luguo pointed at the screen cautiously. "What about the higher ups…"


Ji Feng slapped him and said, "You actually buy into this? Honorary elder? Honorary elder my ass. Do you believe that if you go there, a whole bunch of experts will be there waiting?"

Ji Feng was almost infuriated to death. At times like this, Chang Luguo was thinking of actually going to the Gene Production Association? Wasn\'t that stupid?

Chang Luguo felt discouraged. "Oh."


The furious Ji Feng dragged Chang Luguo along as they left.

He clenched his teeth and proceeded to say some fierce-sounding words, "Chen Feng, this grudge between us, sooner or later…" Shortly after, though, he recalled how freakish Chen Feng was and was immediately horrified and said, "I think it\'s better if we don\'t meet in the future after all. I hope that we will never meet! Even in our next lives, I don\'t want to meet you anymore."