The Strongest Gene - Chapter 315: So You Are Here

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Chapter 315: So You Are Here

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At the spot Chen Feng was at, in the center of all those seals—the spot where he had been killed—an endless faint radiance was dispersing around.

"What’s going on?"

Everyone was alarmed.

Peril Rebirth? That was not possible. They had prepared countermeasures against every single ability Chen Feng had ever used publicly. Numerous killing curses, poisons, seals, slowdowns, types of damage…

With the numerous types of curses, it had surely been sufficient to prevent Chen Feng from using any of his abilities. In order to kill Chen Feng, they had made preparations for all this.


Ji Feng was furious. "What is going on?"

They had already paid way too much to kill Chen Feng. This bizarre scene he was witnessing was truly giving him a fright. What on earth was going on?

No one knew the answer to that question. Was Chen Feng dead for real?

Ji Feng fixed his gaze on the screen. In the hall of the Genetic Union, regardless of friend or foe, everyone was staring at the dispersing Chen Feng with a stupefied expression. Even the warriors of the Genetic Union appeared bewildered at this scene.

Suddenly, Ji Feng thought of a possibility. This radiance… could it be... No! Impossible! He gulped. He obviously…


A crisp sound could be heard.

Ji Feng raised his head to look, and his heart immediately chilled.

In the center of the hall, at the spot Chen Feng was at, the ground below opened like a trap door. A platform appeared from underground. On it were a man and woman. Astonishingly, these two were Chen Feng and Shen Yi.

Ji Feng was ashen faced. "So my guess was correct."


Chen Feng had used a substitute! They had clearly taken this scenario into consideration and had prepared accordingly as well. How was it possible…

The traitor guardian warrior was alarmed. "You?!"

Alive? How was that possible?!

"This is not possible! We scouted your location beforehand. The coordinates were correct as well. How is it possible that you…"

They were alarmed.

Chen Feng was all smiles as he replied, "Yes. The coordinates were correct. I merely reduced the altitude by one meter. Mhm… for you guys who are using super-long-range killing curses from over millions of kilometers away, this one meter difference in altitude isn’t particularly noticeable, right?"

He stared at Chen Feng. "That’s impossible! Even if the person above ground was your substitute and had the same aura as you, your true body was underground. As such, two auras should have been detected! Even an A-class expert could not have escaped our detection! It is not possible for our scouting department to have been wrong!"

Chen Feng merely laughed. "Hehe."

Detection? Scanning his aura?


That was indeed feasible.

An expert with such a detection ability would not have much combat power. However, such an expert was someone none could hide from. This was also the basis of the Mysterious Organization’s confidence.

But now… they had never expected that there existed someone actually capable of escaping that expert\'s detection. Especially not Chen Feng! He was a mere C class! Under normal circumstances, a C class would never be able to escape their detection!

Chen Feng thanked the Shen Yi beside him, "Thanks."

"Don’t worry," Shen Yi replied with a happy smile. As far as she was concerned, this wasn’t anything major. Those scouts were truly powerful. If they had been nearby, the present Shen Yi would have simply been too weak to escape their detection. But since they had been so far away… Shen Yi had still been able to hide from them using her concealment abilities from a different world.

As her mission was now completed, Shen Yi bounced vivaciously toward Wang Chun.

Wang Chun: "…"

Yes, she had only been doing Chen Feng a favor. But then, Chen Feng and Shen Yi had still stayed together in a narrow room for over half an hour…


His head felt somewhat green.




The furious Genetic Union erupted. As for the traitor guardian warrior, he was the target of anger from all the other guardian warriors. A bunch of them appeared at once, and instantly, the battle was concluded.

The battle thus ended.

In a different part of the world, Ji Feng was witnessing all this with a blank expression.


Their dark seeds had been killed, and the broadcast had stopped as well.

It was over.

Ji Feng shut his eyes bitterly.

It had been within their expectations for the dark seeds to be captured. They had initially planned to kill Chen Feng as a sort of trade using their dark seeds. Unexpectedly, even after sacrificing three dark seeds, Chen Feng was still alive.

Currently, alarming everyone was the full deployment of the guardian warriors that had previously only been guarding the inner region of the Genetic Union toward the frontline, perhaps due to their anger at the betrayal of one of them. As a result, the Mysterious Organization’s A-class warriors that had initially been attacking halfheartedly suffered grave losses. Only a few of them were able to escape alive.

Their mission concluded with a failure.

Ji Feng started calculating their gains and losses.

Twelve A-class experts, a huge amount of manpower, a huge amount of funds, and three dark seeds. After paying such a high price, not a single hair on Chen Feng\'s head had been injured. One had to know that Chen Feng was a mere C class! He had not understood the reason his organization had insisted on killing Chen Feng previously. Now, though, he firmly believed that Chen Feng had to be gotten rid of! This person was too much of a freak!

The initial clash of might had been transformed by Chen Feng into a trade war. All sorts of methods had been used by the Mysterious Organization to ensure that the Genetic Union would not be able to assist Chen Feng. However, regardless of their many preparations, they had still fallen for Chen Feng’s tricks.

Ji Feng opened his eyes slowly. "Chen Feng…"

"Boss?" Chang Luguo probed cautiously. "Shall we return?"

Ji Feng inhaled deeply and said, "We can no longer return. Pack up and leave."

"Ah?" Chang Luguo was at loss. If they weren’t returning, where would they be going?

"Chen Feng is still alive, whereas we suffered great losses during this mission." Ji Feng inhaled deeply. "Have you not imagined what will happen to us when we go back? The only thing we can do is put everything on the line and go there personally to kill Chen Feng."

Chang Luguo widened his eyes. "Us?"

Ji Feng smiled bitterly. "There are no other options left. If Chen Feng remains alive, we cannot return either."

Chang Luguo’s heart shivered. True. They had suffered too great a loss in this mission. Could the two of them bear the blame? They would only be able to return to the organization after they had killed Chen Feng.

Ji Feng stared deeply at the information on their screens. "Let’s go."

Chen Feng… we will meet soon!


Soon, their figures could no longer be seen.

Presently, the Genetic Union was cleaning up the battlefield.

With the guardian warriors’ deployment, all the attacks was ended in a short amount of time. As for the killing curses, they couldn’t accomplish much when facing Deep Blue’s Sea.

Finally, the one hour duration was over. The failure of the Mysterious Killing Command alarmed everyone.

"It actually failed…"

"Even this failed to kill Chen Feng?"

Everyone was shocked.

One had to remember that the Ye Zhongchu that had been killed previously had also been a genius of the Ye family and an A class himself. Even he had failed to avoid getting killed.

This time, the Mysterious Organization’s attack had been even more powerful than the previous attack. A huge amount of funds had been exhausted. Even their dark seeds had been deployed. As a result? Chen Feng hadn\'t been hurt in the slightest bit. How could this feat not astonish everyone?

"Good, good, good." After receiving the update, Hou Liang was so overjoyed that the smile on his face was as wide as a sunflower. "This kid. Hehe."

Hou Liang felt extremely gratified. With Chen Feng’s feat, this whole incident had instead transformed into another one of Chen Feng\'s contributions, as this was the very first time they had managed to kill so many experts of the Mysterious Organization.

This was a huge victory!

"Get Chen Feng here. This time, we need to reward him properly," Hou Liang ordered.

His subordinate felt somewhat awkward. "Erm… He already left a short while ago."

Hou Liang widened his eyes. "Left? It is too dangerous for him to leave now! Has he gone crazy?"

Presently, Chen Feng had already left the Genetic Union with Wang Chun.

Before his eyes was the world of Luck Aura. Endless amounts of data swirled around without stop and numerous coordinates popped out without stop. Finally, everything combined to form a mobile line.

"Here you are…"

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile.