The Strongest Gene - Chapter 314: Dark Seed

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Chapter 314: Dark Seed

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Scam! This was simply a huge scam!

They were able to immediately join the dots of everything that had been happening, and they had a "what the f*ck" feeling. Chen Feng was using such a method to milk their money? Milking their money?

Someone gulped and said, "This should just be a coincidence, right? His shop might be automatically selling it while he himself is not aware that what he is selling is precisely what we require?"

However, Chang Luguo merely glanced at him coldly without saying anything. After a detailed investigation, they found something even scarier. A few days ago, this gene reagent had not been this expensive. Granted, back then, it had already been expensive. However, the previous price had merely been one third of its current price.

Suddenly, someone had started cleaning all of them out from the market before reselling them today at a much higher price.

As for who that mastermind was, they did not need much thought to figure it out. Chen Feng! The Strongest Gene shop!

Ji Feng had a blank expression. "So… our entire budget has been milked by Chen Feng just like that?"

Chang Luguo had already regained his calm. "That\'s right."

The whole squad in charge of this mission sunk into silence. They had participated in numerous missions before, but when had they ever met such a b*stard of a target?

Super scammer! Super shameless! On top of that, super rich!

The most sorrowful of all this was the fact that, after careful calculation, they found that their opponent had ended up profiting after all this despite the huge cost spent on the Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents. As for the contributor of this profit to their enemy, it was their very selves.

As they thought of this, they felt like vomiting blood.

What the heck was this? One should not bully others to such an extent, right?

Ji Feng blanked. "What should we do?"

"Should we retreat?" proposed Chang Huguo with a lowered voice.

"That is no longer possible." With a bitter smile, Ji Feng continued, "If we had chosen to retreat earlier, it would still be possible, but now…"

He looked at the frontline. There, over half an hour had passed since the start of their Mysterious Killing Command\'s activation. Another A-class genetic warrior had been killed since then. As of now, they had lost a total of two A-class warriors.

Those were A-class warriors! An existence normally so high above! The all-powerful A-class!

Now, just like that, two of them had been lost.

On top of that, their entire budget had been spent as well. After paying such a high cost, if they ended up retreating, Ji Feng couldn\'t even begin to imagine what their fate would be.

The mission had to be completed, regardless of the price paid!

Chang Luguo couldn\'t understand how were still they supposed to complete this mission. "How should we complete it?"

"Deploy the dark seeds," Ji Feng said after inhaling deeply.


Chang Luguo\'s heart jolted furiously.

Dark seeds?

The so-called dark seeds were their spies in the Genetic Union.

A dark seed would be hidden within the ranks of the Genetic Union. Some had already been there for more than ten years, some even longer. The only reason these dark seeds remained undiscovered was the fact that they had never been truly deployed.

The moment they established contact with any of these dark seeds, they would be discovered shortly.

In actuality, these dark seeds were all one-time-use tools.

These dark seeds had all been initially prepared for some other secret missions. If Ji Feng decided to rashly deploy them like this…

Ji Feng inhaled deeply. "We have no other options."

Chang Luguo was able to understand his concern. This was the only way out for them. "All right."

Regardless of how powerful the Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagent was, it would only be useful against non-physical attacks.

If so, they only needed a single person to get near Chen Feng and silently kill him. That would be the end of this.

"Hopefully, one dark seed is sufficient," Ji Feng whispered.

At this point, he could only pray that they could minimize their losses.


The order was issued.


In the Genetic Union, the battle was still progressing on the frontlines.

Suddenly, an A-class expert retreated noiselessly and started heading toward the hall where Chen Feng was located. Everyone instinctively looked toward him.

A genetic warrior greeted him respectfully. "Old Chen."

"We have guessed that they will send someone over to assassinate him. I\'m here to protect Chen Feng," Old Chen said with a deep tone.

"All right." The genetic warrior made way for him.

However, just as Old Chen was about to approach Chen Feng, another person walked out. He was precisely Wang Chun, who then proceeded to raise his hand and stop Old Chen. "I\'m sorry. No one is allowed to enter."

"Why not?" Old Chen asked coldly.

"All the seals here have been put in place purely to deal with the killing curses. The moment an outsider enters, all the defenses put in place will immediately disappear. This will result in Chen Feng\'s immediate death." Wang Chun shook his head and continued, "I have no idea if actual assassins will come. What I do know is that if you take another step forward, Chen Feng will be in grave danger. Old Chen, kindly stop here."

Old Chen stared at Wang Chun before ultimately nodding his head. "Fine, I will stay here and protect him from out here, then."

Since Wang Chun had said all this, if he insisted on stepping forth, there would truly be some problems with him. He could notice that several gazes of some hidden experts had already locked onto him.

If he continued advancing, they would start suspecting him.


Old Chen merely sneered before proceeding to sit down cross-legged.

Right at this moment, a black-clothed person suddenly appeared from a corner and charged toward Chen Feng.


Everyone\'s pupils shrunk.

Assassin? How was that possible? This was the core region of the Genetic Union. Unless…



Before the hidden experts around them could even move, Old Chen took the initiative to intercept that person.

Did I suspect him wrongly?

While Wang Chun was thinking about this, he noticed that the two people engaged with each other were fighting while moving at the same time, and they were nearing Chen Feng without anyone noticing. It took them only a short instant to reach the main entrance to the hall.

Wang Chun\'s heart thumped. Not good. "Block them!" he shouted.

That\'s right. Rather than asking for people to stop the black-clothed person, he was asking to have both of them blocked.



One cold gleam after another flashed past through the air.

Countless hidden experts charged out. These were all guardian warriors of the Genetic Union that would only appear during moments of absolute importance. For the enemies to fight them at the gate, it was fine for them to stay put. But now that they had even invaded the core region? They were simply courting death!



Several cold rays of light streaked toward the entrance. With their powerful might, both Old Chen and the black clothed person were intercepted.


Wang Chun was overjoyed.

However, alarming everyone there, right at this moment, one of the guardian warriors did not stop upon reaching the entrance. Instead, he charged right into the hall.


Everyone\'s heart jolted furiously.


Wang Chun\'s expression changed greatly. Who would have expected that one of the guardian warriors was a spy as well?

Unfortunately, they had realized this too late.


Blood splattered around.

Right after that, the curse attacks that had for a long time been blocked started descending, and they landed on Chen Feng\'s body at the same time. At this instant, an intense radiance gleamed dazzlingly.


Chen Feng\'s body collapsed onto the ground.

With a stab right through his heart and a myriad of curses on him, no one would be able to resurrect him.

A shout could be heard. "Where are you running?"


An even larger amount of guardian warriors appeared.

Old Chen, the black-clothed person, and that traitor guardian warrior were instantly surrounded. They had serene expressions on their faces. From the moment they had exposed their cover, they had been aware of the fate awaiting them.

Since the mission had already been completed, they had no fear.

"All three dark seeds were lost."

Chang Luguo\'s heart ached when he received the information.

All three of them were among the highest tier of dark seeds they had. Two of them were A-class warriors, while the third had already gotten into the ranks of the Genetic Union\'s guardians. Although his combat power wasn\'t too powerful comparatively, the amount of trust placed in him by the Genetic Union was apparent.

For this one mission…


"Was killing a single Chen Feng worth this sacrifice?"

Ji Feng sneered. "It\'s worth it! You are not aware of the true value of this Chen Feng. A person our leader personally requested be killed at all costs is definitely a person that we need to kill at all costs."

Chang Luguo nodded his head. "Understood."

It had been truly difficult. Fortunately, their mission had finally been completed.

"Prepare to retreat," Ji Feng ordered calmly.

However, just as they were about to retreat, they had an odd feeling. Immediately, they turned around to look at the scene broadcast on their screen, the scenes of the hall that were being sent over to them by the three spies.

There, it could be seen that Chen Feng\'s corpse had transformed into countless light particles as they dispersed all over.

"This is…"

Ji Feng had an ominous feeling.