The Strongest Gene - Chapter 313: This Is Too Excessive!

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Chapter 313: This Is Too Excessive!

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At the Genetic Union, the curses that had been raining down stopped suddenly. The Mysterious Organization\'s members were not the only ones stunned. Even the members of the Genetic Union were shocked. This was the first time they had found out that Chen Feng was actually this rich.

He was too freaking rich.

The profit brought to Chen Feng by the heaven-dazzling gene reagent could simply be described with the word "horrifying." Curses? Nope. Long range attacks? Nope. Anything money could solve was no longer a problem.



Curses rained down without stop.

"Attack! Go, attack!" Ji Feng\'s eyes were bloodshot. "It is not possible for him to have 3,600 of them! Even the entire supply of Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents available at circulation in the market will not reach 3,600!"

Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents were an extremely rare item. Even if Chen Feng purchased every single one of them in the virtual market, he should not be able to obtain this many.

Based on the previous record, the entirety of the virtual market would only have around 1,000 of them in circulation. That was simply too far from 3,600.

Ji Feng sneered. "Continue bombarding! Trying to play tricks in front of me? You are still too tender for that. We will be able to insta-kill him the moment we exhaust his supply of Deep Blue\'s Sea."

He was certain that Chen Feng would only have 1,000 of them.

He was most probably using this method to give an illusion that he had a never-ending amount of Deep Blue\'s Sea to scare them away from attacking, forcing them to retreat.

How was that possible? There were only so many Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents available in the market. Even if one could afford it, one would still not be able to get that much of them.



Attacks rained down without stop.

Ji Feng watched on coldly. "Let me see just how long you can last."

Right at this moment, Chang Luguo scratched his head and said, "Oh, right…"

"What?" Ji Feng asked impatiently.

"It is true that there are only 1,000 Deep Blue\'s Seas available at the market. However, based on the new information we gathered, we noted that Chen Feng purchased a huge amount of materials these past few days. All of them were sent to Star City. It might be possible that he was producing these without stop for the past few days…" Chang Luguo said.

Ji Feng had a dumbstruck expression. "Production??? How many of them can he produce in 10 days? Every single person capable of producing this Deep Blue\'s Sea is a master producer."

Chang Luguo smiled bitterly. "Yes. But then, even though Chen Feng\'s prestige isn\'t particularly high at the Genetic Union, he is an excellent producer of the Gene Production Association. With that status of his, he had almost all the grandmaster producers at the association helping him. Furthermore, we received an extremely odd tip-off. During this period of time, everyone there had an extremely high production success rate. As such, it is quite possible that they truly have a sufficient supply of Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents," Chang Luguo finished with a sigh.


Ji Feng was dumbfounded.

So they truly did not lack Deep Blue\'s Sea? If so, how the f*ck were they supposed to continue this battle? Their main method of attack in this mission was curse-type long-range attacks!

If those were no longer effective…

Ji Feng\'s heart chilled.

Was the Mysterious Killing Command about to suffer its very first failure?

To organize this attack, the amount of resources they had spent was definitely not lower than the Genetic Union\'s. Rather, they had spent much more than what the Genetic Union had spent.


Ji Feng checked the current situation at the front line.

After the Genetic Union had started counterattacking crazily, the Mysterious Organization had already lost one A-class warrior so far. Up until now, 20 minutes had passed. However, they had not even touched a single hair on Chen Feng\'s body. Instead, they had lost a powerful A-class genetic warrior!

Ji Feng\'s heart chilled. "What should we do?"

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. This was also the first time he had known how scary the rich could be. That asshole simply had a completely different method of battling!

"Should we… attack again after one hour?" Chang Luguo probed.

Ji Feng shook his head decisively. "Impossible. A lot of our participants are those who forcefully freed up an hour of their time from their other missions in order to participate in this. If our mission lasts even a single second longer, something major might happen, as all those other missions will be implicated. Moreover, the one-hour duration is a rule established by the organization. The moment we force them to stay any longer, they might stop listening to us the next time. Besides that, what can we do even if we decide to extend the time? How many Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents does Chen Feng have in his hands? An unknown amount.

"Are we they only ones capable of dragging this out? Chen Feng can do the same thing as well. I reckon only a short break is required before the Genetic Union\'s defensive barrier will start recovering… Chen Feng can simply stop using Deep Blue\'s Sea and only continue using it again during our next round of attacks." Ji Feng smiled bitterly.

Chang Luguo: "…"

They exchanged glances, blank expressions on their faces.

How should they proceed, then?

There indeed existed some simple methods of dealing with Deep Blue\'s Sea. Any random A-class genetic warrior breaking through the frontline to reach Chen Feng would be able to easily kill Chen Feng.

However, that was simply impossible. Even during the previous Mysterious Killing Command, when that A-class warrior had been killed, they had failed to break through the Genetic Union\'s gate.

What joke was that? This was the headquarters of Genetic Union! If even their main gate was broken through by the Mysterious Organization, the Genetic Union would have truly lost their face. There would no longer be any meaning to their existence.

The super-long-range attacks they were currently using were hard to defend against, hence their initial success. However, if they wanted to break into the Genetic Union in a grandiose fashion, that was simply an impossible feat. It would only be possible if the Mysterious Organization decided to call in all their manpower and head into a battle to the death with the Genetic Union. As such, this method was not feasible for them presently.

Apart from a direct attack, there was another method of dealing with Deep Blue\'s Sea.

There was a certain A-class gene reagent capable of rendering Deep Blue\'s Sea ineffective. If they were to launch their long-range attacks at that same instant…

Ji Feng clenched his teeth. "Buy a few of that gene reagent."

Chang Luguo was somewhat anxious. "But the price…"

Ji Feng was resolute. "We are already lacking options. Even if we go over the budget, we must kill Chen Feng!"

"All right."

Soon, Chang Luguo was done buying 10 of them after spending a huge amount of price.

Ji Feng inhaled deeply. "With 10 of them, Deep Blue\'s Sea will be stopped for 10 seconds. Within 10 seconds, our curses must land on Chen Feng!"

"All right."

Once again, the attacks started.

Just as the curse was about to land, they used the newly bought gene reagent. The newly appeared Deep Blue\'s Sea disappeared instantly after the newly bought gene reagent was used.

"Good opportunity!"


Countless attacks started descending. However, right at this instant, a new blue layer appeared. Evidently, Deep Blue\'s Sea had been used by Chen Feng!


Once again, they used their gene reagent to get rid of it. However, almost immediately, a new blue layer appeared.

This went on and on.

Even when all 10 of their gene reagents had been used, not a single one of their attacks had landed. They had all been blocked!

Chen Feng had actually prepared to deal with this as well.

"What should we do?" Chang Luguo asked with a bitter smile.

Ji Feng had a resolute gaze. "Continue buying! The speed of their production will most definitely be too fast. The moment 1,000 of their Deep Blue\'s Sea are finished, coupled with our never-ending exhaustion of their supply… I refuse to believe they can stop us forever! How many Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents could they have produced in a few days time?"

Ji Feng was an intelligent person.

With a single look, he had seen the weakness of Chen Feng\'s solution to their attack.

Granted, Chen Feng was an extremely rich person. However, money was not an omnipotent thing! Even with the assistance of the entire Gene Production Association, there were only a small amount of masters capable of actually producing Deep Blue\'s Sea. How many of them could be produced within 10 days? It was an extremely difficult feat to actually obtain 3,600 of them. Moreover, so what if Chen Feng actually had 3,600 of them? As long as the Mysterious Organization continued using the gene reagent to exhaust their Deep Blue\'s Sea…

As long as there was a single second where Chen Feng was defenseless within this one hour… he would most certainly die.

Chang Luguo was extremely anxious. "But our budget…"

Ji Feng stared at him coldly. "What are you afraid of? The budget was allocated to kill Chen Feng in the first place. Even if we spend it all, it won\'t matter."

Chang Luguo had no choice but to obey the command. "All right."

As such, this long-range killing curse transformed into a competition of producing and breaking Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents. It transformed into some sort of unconventional battle.

The only thing Chang Luguo needed to concern himself with was buying, buying, and buying, to exhaust the Deep Blue\'s Sea gene reagents without stop.

As for Chen Feng, he only needed to concern himself with producing without stop.

This back and forth continued on for 10 whole minutes. However, even when their budget was nearing the bottom, Chen Feng was still a bottomless pit for them to sink their budget into.

Ji Feng frowned. "What\'s going on?"

With such a level of exhaustion, Chen Feng should have fully exhausted his supply by now, right?

He was about to tell Chang Luguo to find out what was going on. However, right at this moment, he noticed that the Chang Luguo that had been purchasing gene reagents at the virtual market had paled suddenly. The reason for that was because he had finally found out the identity of the anonymous seller who had been selling the gene reagents to them without stop.

Their gene reagents were actually being purchased from a shop called The Strongest Gene.

If he remembered correctly, the owner of this shop was…


At that, the Chang Luguo who had always maintained a calm composure couldn\'t help himself but curse.

This was too freaking excessive!