The Strongest Gene - Chapter 312: The Terror of a Pay to Win Player

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Chapter 312: The Terror of a Pay to Win Player

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the Genetic Union, the Mysterious Organization\'s sudden eruption stupefied everyone present. The Genetic Union was able to react speedily to it and blocked the direct attacks with great difficulty. However, they were simply incapable of providing much last minute aid to Chen Feng.

The mutated attack that was a fusion of numerous attacks was excessively powerful.

Currently, above the Genetic Union\'s base, the whole sky changed color. A boundless energy was dispersing around the sky, giving onlookers a peculiar sense of pressure.

"Chen Feng is finished…"

Everyone\'s heart chilled.

They had all expected to fail protecting Chen Feng. However, they had never imagined that it would actually happen this fast.

"This can\'t happen!"

Some clenched their teeth. "Even if Chen Feng were to die, some enemies must die with him as well. Otherwise, the Genetic Union will be reduced to a joke!"


Everyone was startled awake.

True, if they allow the Mysterious Organization to take Chen Feng\'s life just like that, where should the Genetic Union put their face? During the previous Mysterious Killing Command, they had at least managed to kill 10 A-class experts to make up for their loss.




The Genetic Union\'s experts started going berserk and attacking crazily.

However, the members of the Mysterious Organization in charge this time, who were so far away from them, were not the least bothered with this.

"Has the target\'s location been ascertained?"

"Yes, Chen Feng is right inside that hall."

"Good, lockdown!"

"Lockdown completed!"

Ji Feng issued his final order calmly, "Then... let\'s start."


Finally, the attack started descending upon the Genetic Union. That attack that had been condensing in the sky for a long time with a countless amount of attacks, that mutated super-long-range attack was finally descending!

Without the defensive barrier, what could Chen Feng rely on to block this attack?

Relying on himself? That would be a joke.

An attack at such a level was something even an A class might fail to defend against. In order to assure the success of their current mission, Ji Feng had prepared attacks that would normally be used against A-class warriors. As for their current target, Chen Feng, he was a mere C class!

He was simply incapable of any resistance.

Surprisingly, though, just as that seemingly boundless attack was descending, above the hall Chen Feng was in, a layer of blue light appeared.


Countless sparkling particles could be seen gleaming. Those blue particles came together to form a thin barrier, and beyond everyone\'s expectations, it blocked the incoming attack!


Ji Feng stood up abruptly. "That is… Deep Blue\'s Sea? Did the Genetic Union approve the funding for Chen Feng? They are planning to put their all into helping Chen Feng?"

Deep Blue\'s Sea was an extremely powerful defensive measure against curse-type abilities. It was capable of defending against all sorts of "non-physical" attacks.

Its only weakness was its extremely expensive price and the short duration of its activation.

Due to it being too powerful and terrifying, this item could only stay active for the short duration of one second. On top of that, it was extremely expensive.

Normally, it would only be used when one was fleeing for one\'s life from a battle and had a feeling that the enemy was going to use a killing curse. To use this thing effectively, a certain amount of guesswork was required. Only those seniors with huge combat experience were able to accurately grasp the timing of when a killing curse would be released.

As for Chen Feng, he was evidently not such a person. If so, what was up with the deployment of that Deep Blue\'s Sea that was right on time?

Ji Feng narrowed his eyes. "Are you sure that the Genetic Union has not interfered?"

Chang Luguo was extremely certain. "They have not. Based on the tip-off, the Gene Production Association indeed allotted a huge amount of assistance to Chen Feng. As for the Genetic Union, they were simply not close enough to Chen Feng. As such, they were only focused on preparing for their mission of counterkilling our people. As for the other matters, such as allocating additional funding to protect Chen Feng… that is impossible! In the meeting they held 10 days ago, the proposal to enroll Chen Feng into a special protection program was rejected as well," Chang Luguo analyzed calmly.

Doubt flickered in Ji Feng\'s eyes. "It was rejected?"

Since the proposal had been rejected, where had this Deep Blue\'s Sea come from?

"Could this be something the Gene Production Association prepared themselves?" guessed Ji Feng.

If every single one of the grandmasters at the association were to produce one each and gift it to Chen Feng, the accumulated amount would be quite huge. As such, it would be affordable for Chen Feng to use it now.

Chang Luguo shook his head. "That is not possible. Even if they wanted to help, the cost of deploying this thing would not change. For something like an A-class gene reagent, an ordinary person would definitely not be able to help much. As for Chen Feng, even if he had always been a genius producer, he is too far away from the level required to produce this thing himself. "

Doubt appeared in Ji Feng\'s eyes. "Weird…"

If it wasn\'t something he produced himself, and it wasn\'t something gifted to him or funded by the Genetic Union, where had this Deep Blue\'s Sea come from?

Right at this moment.


A second passed. Above the hall, another blue layer appeared.

It was another Deep Blue\'s Sea!



After every single second, that blue layer reappeared. Against this nearly perfect defensive barrier, that terrifying curse launched by the Mysterious Organization was akin to a decoration, as it became useless.

One time.

Two times.

Five times.

When this carried on for two minutes, Ji Feng was already dumbfounded.

Thirty times!

Within these two minutes, they had launched 30 attacks. They had also intentionally stopped for several seconds between their attacks just to avoid the activation of Deep Blue\'s Sea.

However, every single time their attack was about to land, a Deep Blue\'s Sea would coincidentally activate at the same time. The timing of their activation was simply too accurate!

"Damn it." Ji Feng could not understand this. "What on earth is going on? How could a mere producer like Chen Feng have such perfect grasp on the timing of our attacks?"

"Let me do some investigating."

Chang Luguo assigned someone to check it out. Soon, they received the answer. However, as he received the answer, an odd expression appeared on his face. He smiled bitterly when he saw Ji Feng\'s strict expression and said, "Chen Feng has not grasped the timing of even one of our attacks."

Ji Feng stared at Chang Luguo like he was staring at an idiot. "No??"

Chang Luguo smiled bitterly. "Nope. That guy… has been spamming Deep Blue\'s Sea every single second without stop. Every second, he activates a new one. Although we can\'t see the actual scene of what\'s going on there, our grandmaster was able to sense 120 activations of Deep Blue\'s Sea throughout the two-minute period."


Ji Feng was truly dumbfounded.

A hundred and twenty activations of Deep Blue\'s Sea? How expensive was that thing? They had only launched 30 attacks so far. As for Chen Feng, he had actually activated Deep Blue\'s Sea 120 times? The heck? If so, he was practically immune to all non-physical attacks now.

That was an extremely powerful A-class gene reagent! That was an extremely valuable gene reagent! He had actually chosen to waste all of them like that? And the Genetic Union had actually allowed such wastage?

He was certain that, regardless of the amount of funding actually approved for Chen Feng, they would definitely not allow such wanton wastage by Chen Feng! How could he do this?! What a waste!

"Oh." Chang Luguo contacted their spy and returned with an odd expression on his face. "According to the tip-off, he was spending his own money. As such, the Genetic Union could do nothing about it."

Ji Feng had a blank expression. "His own money?"

The heck? This works? Wait… where did this guy get all the money?

Ji Feng was able to figure out the main issue quickly, since this was not 120 lollipops Chen Feng had used here. Rather, he had used 120 expensive A-class gene reagents here.

"Mhm…" After some investigating, Chang Luguo said, "A few days ago, the heaven-dazzling gene reagent started its sale. The price was extremely expensive. As of now, it has reached over 100,000 units in sales volume." After Chang Luguo finished his calculation, he had an unsightly expression. "Mhm, based on our calculations, this amount of money is sufficient for Chen Feng to purchase 3,600 sets of Deep Blue\'s Sea."

As for Ji Feng, he was completely dumbstruck.

Thirty six hundred?

If he were to use one per second, he would be able to last for one whole hour?

The hell? Even the Mysterious Killing Command would only be active for one hour. After one hour, the price they had to pay for this would be too huge.

Ji Feng was bewildered. "Therefore, our current target is a super wealthy person?"

Chan Luguo whispered, "Yes. To be more accurate, he is now akin to a pay-to-win player."

Ji Feng: "…"

He used to game as well. As such, he was aware of the term pay-to-win. However, that was only in games. In the real world, this was the first time he\'d encountered such a person! He had never expected it to be so terrifying when it happened in the real world!

Super-long-range attacks?

Killing curses?

What were the point of these?

Have you seen someone spam A-class gene reagents like fireworks?

Ji Feng stared at the sky. One terrifying attack after another landed on the Genetic Union. However, all of them were blocked by that blue layer.

What the heck was this?

Ji Feng was dumbstruck. This was the very first time he\'d felt so lost in a mission.