The Strongest Gene - Chapter 310: Preparation

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Chapter 310: Preparation

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Chen Feng sighed. "I suppose I can only rely on myself, then."

Hou Liang shook his head. "It\'s not that bad yet. The Genetic Union is only thinking of using this as an opportunity to stir up some trouble. As an excellent producer, they will still be required to give you your deserved protection. It\'s only that the direction they take toward protecting you… might be somewhat different than expected."

Chen Feng merely sneered as a response. "Heh."

Protecting him? Chen Feng reckoned that those people were merely planning to take this chance to get rid of more of the Mysterious Organization\'s A-class warriors.

"But," Hou Liang paused, "this can be beneficial as well. Since they are planning to make a move on the Mysterious Organization, there will definitely be a huge amount of genetic warriors protecting you against direct attacks."

"I understand."

Chen Feng was sure that these people would definitely be targeting those warriors that came attacking. As for those distance-ignoring attacks, such as curses, he could only rely on himself.

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. "Seems like I need to think of something."

Distance-ignoring attacks were something extremely troublesome to deal with. These abilities were, in actuality, extremely niche abilities. As such, they would be quite simple to deal with as well. For example, for some unique abilities that appeared like distance-ignoring attacks yet in fact were attacks channeled through signal transmissions, such abilities could be defended against by simply blocking signal transmissions. Extremely simple! As for other such abilities, there were also similarly simple methods of dealing with them.

Ninety percent of the so-called distance-ignoring abilities were in fact abilities that required channeling mediums. As long as these mediums were blocked, Chen Feng would be safe.

However, this method would only be limited to attacks Chen Feng was aware of. In reality, the biggest trouble of dealing with this was the sheer amount of attackers, each of them possessing different long-range attacks, resulting in defending against them turning into an extremely difficult feat.

The Mysterious Organization had 56 A-class warriors. How about their B-class warriors? The amount was simply too high to count. Among these people, how many of them possessed unique abilities? Or perhaps C-class warriors would be participating as well? Among them, how many possessed distance-ignoring abilities as well?

Under normal circumstances, these abilities would hardly pose any threat to Chen Feng. However, when they all accumulated, their threat level might change as well.

All this did not even take into consideration the possibility of these abilities mutating after being mixed up with a huge number of other abilities. A lot of these abilities were genuine distance-ignoring abilities that would directly land on his body. How was he supposed to defend against them?

Chen Feng could imagine that, the moment the Mysterious Killing Command was activated, only a single command would be required for countless members of the Mysterious Organization from every nook of the world who possessed such abilities to start spamming them toward Chen Feng. There would be several thousands or even several tens of thousands of abilities raining upon Chen Feng at the same time. At that time, who would be able to defend against these abilities?

Chen Feng was sure that, at that time, the first thing he would need to focus on would be the numerous A-class warriors that would come for direct attacks, not those distance-ignoring attacks.

The Mysterious Organization was simply so united that it caused one\'s heart to palpitate.

With such a two-pronged attack, who would be able to defend Chen Feng?

The Genetic Union wasn\'t weak. One could even say that they were stronger than the Mysterious Organization. However, a majority of their members were out there doing various missions. This, coupled with the various factions in the union… if Chen Feng decided to rely on these people, he might as well wait for a pig to start climbing a tree. Oh, right, in this genetic era, there indeed existed pigs capable of climbing trees.

"You must be careful," Hou Liang advised.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Understood."

No matter what, he would still have to go to the Genetic Union. Even if they were not truly willing to protect Chen Feng, they would at least be willing to kill those A-class warriors of the Mysterious Organization to earn some contribution. In a way, this would be helpful to Chen Feng as well.

They wanted to make use of Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng intended to make use of them as well.

That night, Hou Liang\'s message arrived.

Based on the calculation of some experts with prophecy-related abilities, the Mysterious Killing Command would be activated 10 days later, around 10 AM in the morning, for a duration of one hour.

For this, Chen Feng was not the only one who needed to make his preparations. The Mysterious Organization needed to make their own preparations as well.

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. "Let\'s think about this."

After 10 days, at a specific instant, the Mysterious Organization would begin their attack against him. First, a huge amount of A-class warriors would launch direct attacks against him to keep the experts of the Genetic Union busy. Next, a huge amount and numerous types of long-range sneak attacks would land on Chen Feng\'s body.

Whether or not he would be able to survive this would depend entirely on luck.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Distance ignoring…"

Ten days! A mere 10 days were definitely not sufficient for him to have too great an improvement in strength.

With the death lion extinct, Chen Feng would not be able to use even a basic method such as gene strengthening to improve himself. As such, a huge amount of improvement in such a short period of time was nearly impossible for him now.

However, he was not just a genetic warrior, he was a gene producer as well.

"There should be some gene reagents capable of defending against such abilities, right?"

Chen Feng checked the gene bank.

To defend against curse-type abilities, one\'s spiritual energy would play a crucial role. Apart from this, there were also all sorts of gene reagents capable of mustering some sort of defense against these abilities.

Spiritual energy enhancement gene reagents…


Spiritual defensive structure constructions…


Cheng Feng took all the formulas that might be helpful to him.

Within these 10 days, he had to prepare sufficiently.

During this period, Hou Liang was in charge of transmitting news related to Chen Feng and the Genetic Union. To prevent early sneak attacks before the allotted time, they had decided to place Chen Feng at the Genetic Union in advance.

All the required production materials would be transported by them. Seemingly trying to give Chen Feng some sort of reparation for the risk he had to take, things previously restricted to Chen Feng were all made available to him now.





Chen Feng sunk into a cycle of such activities.

No one was aware of the amount of gene reagents he produced these few days. No one knew of the amount of preparations he made.

Xu Fei was somewhat anxious. "Unfortunately, we can\'t be of much help to him."

Despite his previous body transformation, his actual combat power had still been too weak. This time, the enemies Chen Feng faced were too terrifying. A new C class like him was simply unqualified to participate in the upcoming battle. During the previous Nether Capital battle, despite the amount of danger, he had still been able to help hunt a death lion for Chen Feng. However, he had still owed Chen Feng for way too many things, such as the heaven-dazzling gene reagent and the generous rewards he had obtained from the Genetic Union thanks to Chen Feng. All these were benefits he would not have obtained without Chen Feng.

Xu Fei inhaled deeply.


Layers of mysterious-looking imprints started flickering on his skin.

Xu Fei\'s gaze was resolute. "I will definitely be stronger."

Currently, in Star City, a large amount of people wanted to help Chen Feng. However, they were, after all, too weak. As for people like Qin Hai and Wang Chun, they were not even qualified to get involved in this.

However, shortly after Wang Chun left, he paused his steps.

"I can be of help?" Wang Chun was overjoyed, and he laughed heartily. "All right. Haha, no matter what help it is, I will definitely help you.

His body that had been on the way home turned around and went to the Genetic Union instead.

Time passed quietly.

Ten days passed quickly.

At the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was seated cross legged in the middle of their center hall. He had been maintaining this posture for several days now. Around him were all sorts of restrictions.

These few days, Chen Feng had not rested or eaten or drunk anything. All his time had been spent putting these restrictions in place.

In his surroundings, countless Genetic Union experts were hidden, preparing to ambush the attackers.

Suddenly, a thunderous sound could be heard from the entrance.

"Here it comes."

Everyone sunk into a solemn mood.