The Strongest Gene - Chapter 309: The Villains Are Indeed More United

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Chapter 309: The Villains Are Indeed More United

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Mysterious Killing Command?

Chen Feng stared at the electronic command token that had appeared on his screen.

"They actually idiotically announced this themselves?"

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. Such silly command tokens should only be something that existed in wuxia novels, right?

"The reason for this announcement is quite simple as well. For such a large-scale undertaking, it is simply impossible to keep it under wraps. As such, they might as well directly announce it themselves. This act can be used as a means of scaring the Genetic Union while they are at it." Hou Liang shook his head and continued, "By doing this, they can showcase their confidence as well."

Chen Feng was filled with doubt. "True. But then, is this thing here really so terrifying?"

"Don\'t look down on it." Hou Liang had a solemn expression. "Let me show you some data." As Hou Liang finished speaking, he took out the recordings of the previous times the Mysterious Killing Command had been issued and played them for Chen Feng. This was the first time Chen Feng had laid his eyes on the details of what had happened back then.

The Mysterious Killing Command was an extremely unique operation. Different from other killing commands, this particular command had a fixed time frame. What it looked for was a supereruption of killing attempts within a short period of time. The duration was one hour!

That\'s right. Only a single hour. Within an hour, countless enemies would come attacking, causing the target to fail to defend against the killers. This extremely formidable combat power was sufficient to break through all sorts of defenses.

"But even with this, it will still be impossible to break through the defenses of the Genetic Union!" Chen Feng stated with full confidence.

What joke was that?

If the danger would even befall someone at the deepest of the Genetic Union\'s core region, did that not signify that their enemies had the capability to destroy anyone in the Genetic Union they wished to?

That was simply impossible!

Chen Feng was sure that there were certain locations impossible to be invaded before the entirety of Genetic Union was destroyed.

Hou Liang merely sighed. "Why is there a need to break into those core areas though? Watch on."


Light swirled. The recording was played. Back then, the Mysterious Organization\'s target had been an A-class genetic warrior of the Genetic Union. The union had allowed him to hide in the command center of the union. However, after the Mysterious Killing Command had been issued, countless assassins had come forth, and every single one of them was an A-class warrior.

Next, a great battle had erupted. A huge amount of experts had been dispatched by the union to stop them. However, outside of everyone\'s expectations, when the enemies had finally been stopped after great difficulty, they had discovered that the target was already dead.

Just like that, under everyone\'s protection, he had died of heart failure.

"Heart failure?" Chen Feng listened to this somewhat inconceivable reason of death. What manner of death was this?

"We are not sure either." Hou Liang shook his head. "Subsequently, the traces of countless abilities were found in his body. For example, curses, weakening abilities, and the like. A whole bunch of distance-ignoring abilities were found in his body.

Chen Feng was startled. "Super-long-range attacks?"

"Mhm." Hou Liang appeared certain. "Based on our guesses, those A-class warriors were merely meant as distractions, even if 10 A-class warriors were paid as the price. The true method used to kill the target was super-long-range attacks. After the A-class warriors attracted all the attention, the long-range attacks landed, and none were capable of blocking them."

"In that person\'s corpse, traces of several hundred different attacks were found. Some of them were weak and were simply ineffective by themselves, but such an amount of attacks added up…" Hou Liang had an unsightly expression.

Chen Feng was amazed. "The target failed to defend himself in time against the flood of attacks?" Since those long-range attacks were too peculiar, the Genetic Union should be much better at defending against them, right? Why had they failed to defend against such attacks?

Hou Liang smiled bitterly and explained patiently to Chen Feng.

The reasons were quite simple:

1. The people arranged to deal with these attacks had all been forced to deal with the A-class warriors that had come attacking. As such, the defensive measures put in place for long-range attacks were greatly weakened.

2. The number was too high. Several hundred distance-ignoring attacks and long-range attacks had been found. These were merely the leftovers found after everything was done. How about the ones that had been undetected? The actual number of attacks? Several hundred of them? More than a thousand? Several thousand? Or more? Nobody knew exactly how many attacks the Mysterious Organization had sent their way.

3. The attacks had simply been too concentrated. There was a reason the duration of the Mysterious Killing Command was concentrated to a period of one hour. A lot of defensive measures put in place against those long-range attacks required around one hour of recovery between activation. After the first attack was intercepted, it would not work again within a short period of time.

4. The Gene Production Association and Genetic Union had been slacking.


Chen Feng was confused.

The first three reasons was something he found acceptable, but the last reason…

Slacking? They slacked?

The heck?

"This…" Hou Liang felt somewhat awkward at that as well. After regaining his composure, he sighed before continuing, "For the so-called Mysterious Killing Command, the Mysterious Organization had suffered a greater amount of losses compared to us."

Chen Feng nodded. He was aware of this.

The Mysterious Organization might appear incredibly mighty. However, they had also suffered great losses to organize this single operation.

If one were to only look at the data, the Mysterious Organization was the actual party that suffered the most losses.

For example: that hunted A class.

The Mysterious Organization had indeed successfully killed him. However, they had lost 10 A-class warriors for this, and countless B-class warriors had been sacrificed as well. There were also quite a few experts that had suffered from the backlash of their attacks. All this hadn\'t even taken into account the costs of undertaking this operation.

Chen Feng widened his eyes. "Do you mean…"

"That\'s right." Hou Liang smiled bitterly. "There are some who believe that the issuance of this Mysterious Killing Command is actually beneficial to us."

Chen Feng was stupefied. "What the f*ck."

What the heck were these people thinking?

"It\'s not that they want to give up on protecting our man," Hou Liang explained. "However, they believe that this is a very good opportunity for them to kill as many of the enemies as they can while protecting our man at the same time. I guess you can say they are planning to reach two goals at the same time."

Chen Feng felt powerless to even berate this. "The f*ck is the point?"

They had failed to even protect previously, and now they were thinking that this issuance of the Mysterious Killing Command was beneficial?

Their brains were damaged indeed.

"Who was the previous target?" Chen Feng asked suddenly.

Hou Liang lowered his voice and said, "The firstborn of the Ye family, the person in charge of a certain project. Due to his death, the whole project was abandoned. It might appear like we only lost a single A-class warrior, but the truth is that our loss was actually much greater than that! That child was Ye Zhongchu, a rare genius researcher. He had repeatedly created miracles and obtained breakthroughs in a lot of areas of research. Oh, right, you should have heard of his younger brother, Ye Zhongtong."

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. "It\'s that Ye family?"

The Ye family had originally been quite a powerful clan and had been fighting on the Genetic Union\'s side. However, they had ended up with half their young perishing in missions. Ye Zhongtong was one of them. Unexpectedly, his older brother had ended up dead for the Genetic Union as well. Subsequently, the initially huge Ye family had degraded into a normal family.

Hou Liang sighed. "Yes."

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Did that group of people not take this into consideration?" He refused to believe that the upper levels of the Genetic Union could be so stupid. This was such a simple thing to figure out…

For the Mysterious Organization to issue their Mysterious Killing Command, it signified that Ye Zhongchu\'s research at that time had reached a point sufficient to threaten the Mysterious Organization. That was the reason they had been willing to attack him at all costs. Even with this, that group of people had still believed that this exchange with the Mysterious Organization had been beneficial to the union? Had they been kicked in the head by a donkey?

Hou Liang shook his head. "Naturally, they thought of all this as well. However, that group of people was also the same group of people that had initially been opposed to the research Ye Zhongchu was involved in. After all, every single research started by Ye Zhongchu required a huge amount of funding. Next, after Ye Zhongchu\'s death, those funds had landed in their hands instead. These were all crafty people." Hou Liang sneered.

Chen Feng: "…"

So all this had been due to the fight over benefits?

"The villains are indeed the more united party," Chen Feng lamented.

Just look at the Mysterious Organization. No wonder they were able to operate undetected for so many years. No wonder their leader was able to reach a point where a single command of his would be carried out by countless people. No one would dare to have any different thoughts or oppose him.

The Genetic Union was indeed the organization with more freedom, where human rights were respected. At the same time, though, this led to a huge amount of greed. Chen Feng\'s identity might still hold some weight at the Gene Production Association, but in the Genetic Union, his title of excellent producer wasn\'t particularly useful there.

Moreover, Chen Feng reckoned that there would be quite a number of people there hating him due to all sorts of reasons.

This was something he was extremely certain of.