The Strongest Gene - Chapter 307: Over

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Chapter 307: Over

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High above the sky, a ray of green radiance remained amid the clouds for a long time. An imposing silhouette could be seen seated cross legged there. On his forehead was an odd stone radiating green and emitting a pressure sufficient to plant fear in any onlookers.

Suddenly, his shut eyes opened and gleamed with a boundless killing intent.

His cold shout resounded through the clouds, "Chen Feng!"

Once again!

Once again!

A person with his status had once again been tricked by an insignificant clown! That damnable guy always had those never-before-seen experts around him!

There was also that woman…

Lu Hun\'s gaze was ice cold.

He had never seen that woman before. Was she another expert of the Genetic Union?

He had tried killing Chen Feng several times now, yet none of his attempts had succeeded. The first time had been due to him being too young back then, but in the subsequent two attempts, not only had he failed, even his clones had been lost. His wife had left him as well…

Lu Hun\'s expression was unsightly.

His current situation could truly be described as one who had given away one\'s bride and lost one\'s army on top of it.

Even for a person with his strength, it was still a difficult feat to form a clone with 10% of his strength. Moreover, that wife of his no longer recognized him now. All this was thanks to Chen Feng! That damnable kid!

Lu Hun\'s eyes flickered. "Chen Feng…"

Chen Feng\'s actual strength was incredibly weak, so weak that he could be killed with a single finger.

However, there was always someone protecting Chen Feng. As such, if Lu Hun wanted to kill Chen Feng, a stronger killer had to be sent. However, this was something almost impossible to do. How to find someone that was even stronger than his clone?

If so, he could only replace quality with quantity. He wasn\'t particularly well versed in regard to this. Fortunately, someone else was.


A green radiance flashed out of Lu Hun\'s eyes and streaked through the clouds before landing on a yellow ray of light.

A calm voice drifted over. "Soul. What do you need?"

"I need a person killed," Lu Hun replied with a calm expression.

"Who?" the other person asked.

"Chen Feng," Lu Hun said calmly.

However, the other person sunk into silence. "...Why?"

Lu Hun sneered. "My dearest junior apprentice brother, with this huge Mysterious Organization of yours, you can\'t even deal with a single Chen Feng?"

The person he was conversing with was actually his junior apprentice brother, the leader of the Mysterious Organization.

"It\'s difficult," the leader answered honestly.

On his forehead was also an odd, shiny stone. A faint sense of majesticness and a mysterious power were being emitted from the stone as it flickered with a black radiance that caused one\'s heart to palpitate.

"The present Chen Feng is rather odd. My Mysterious Organization has been investigating him for a while now. However, killing him is simply too difficult a feat. He seems to be a person with an extremely high vigilance. There have been a lot of times where he was able to disappear before our assassins could even approach him. As of now, even approaching him in itself is a difficult feat. The only occasion where we managed to approach him was an accidental encounter during a mission. And even then…" the leader paused before continuing, "our man still ultimately ended up being tricked and killed by him."

Chen Feng. In the Mysterious Organization, this name represented a person who was extremely tricky to deal with.

This did not only apply to him. Even his woman, that young lady called Wang Yao, was also an excessively dreadful existence. Those sent to assassinate her never returned alive.

He had also tried assassinating them himself, but the result? He hadn\'t even been able to locate them.

These two… were extremely problematic!

Lu Hun stood up. "If you can\'t do it, I will do it myself."


Lightning started descending. As he stood, the whole sky seemed to darkened, appearing as if it was going to collapse.

"Senior apprentice brother!" The leader could only smile bitterly. "Fine, I will do it."

"Hmph." Lu Hun snorted before sitting down again.


The sky recovered its tranquility.

As for the leader, he could only shake his head helplessly.

This senior apprentice brother of his was good in all aspects. The only bad point was him being too hotheaded. However, he had initially believed that his senior apprentice brother merely disliked Chen Feng at most. He had never imagined that his senior apprentice brother had such a level of hatred toward Chen Feng.

A person of his status had actually developed such a hatred toward a nobody like that?

How was that Chen Feng qualified for this?

"I understand," he muttered. If he was going to do this, he would have to do it properly.

"After ten days, I will definitely kill him," he said in a solemn tone.

Lu Hun shut his eyes apathetically. "I will be waiting for your good news."


Here, high above the sky, lightning seemed to snake around. The yellow radiance belonging to the Mysterious Organization\'s leader faded noiselessly.

Currently, in the Nether Capital, as Lu Hun\'s clone died, everything came to an end.

Before their eyes was the huge destroyed Nether Capital. The Nether Capital\'s master and his eternal kingdom was no more, leaving nothing behind.

With a casual wave from Ming Yue, all the deceased souls lingering around transformed into silhouettes of light and hovered midair. Vaguely, expressions of gratitude could be seen on their faces. Throughout the last several centuries, they hadn\'t been truly alive or dead. That was the greatest suffering they had experienced. As far as they were concerned, instead of a blessing, this had been a curse!

Wang Chun sighed deeply. "It\'s over…"

They had initially come here to simply hunt for some death lions for Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, they had actually been drawn into such a calamity. It was a miracle-like feat for them to have survived this.

"We experienced so much. On top of that, we also killed two A-class warriors. Hehe…" Different from Wang Chun, Xu Fei was incredibly excited. "I suppose this will be considered a major contribution again. Even without any official mission from the union and the association, we might still be rewarded for this."

Chen Feng nodded. "That is only natural."

Regardless of the information regarding the Mysterious Organization, the destruction of Nether Capital, or…

Chen Feng stared ahead.

Along with the Nether Capital\'s destruction, the place where the Nether Capital\'s master had resided had appeared noiselessly. After searching the place, they found the information related to the so-called necromancy.

This was incomparably valuable information.

Xu Fei was excited. "With this, we have definitely made a major contribution."

However, when he turned around, he found that Wang Chun and Chen Feng had incredibly solemn expressions on their faces.

Xu Fei was flabbergasted. "What\'s up?"

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "This is not as simple as a contribution. This also represents a major calamity. A normal A-class genetic warrior that accidentally obtained this information created such a Nether Capital. Try to imagine this: if this was announced and this information landed in the hands of someone with their own schemes, this world…"

"Hiss—" Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. "It won\'t happen, right?" He gulped before continuing, "We will only be handing this over to the upper management of the union anyway."

"It\'s still better to be safe," Chen Feng replied solemnly.

They exchanged glances and felt that the weight of the information they had in their hands was incomparably heavy.

Wang Chun was somewhat perplexed as well. "What should we do?"

"Just destroy it," Chen Feng replied after thinking about it. "We must absolutely not hand an item capable of such destruction to anyone else, even if they are those from the union. Regardless of their strength, when facing something that offers immortality…" Chen Feng shook his head. "A human\'s nature is hard to fathom."

Xu Fei and Wang Chun exchanged glances and agreed with that.


A clump of fire descended.

Next, Shen Wei retracted her hand. That invaluable set of information that the Mysterious Organization had tried their all to obtain was thus destroyed.

"Let\'s leave."

They stood up and prepared to leave.

This time, behind Chen Feng was a woman taking small steps that was following him tightly.

Her mouth nagged without stop as she lingered around Chen Feng. There was also several times where she intentionally rubbed her body against Chen Feng\'s body, trying to seduce him without stop.

During the whole trip back, Chen Feng had a helpless feeling. As for Wang Chun, he had a darkened expression on his face.

Evidently, that woman was Ming Yue. In order to obtain what she wanted, she was willing to pay all prices. She had offered all sorts of conditions, such as purchasing, trading, being Chen Feng\'s bodyguard for a year, giving her body to Chen Feng, and all sorts of other offers. The only thing she wanted was the power locked within Xiao Ying\'s body.

The marriage link and that huge amount of life force Xiao Ying currently held.