The Strongest Gene - Chapter 305: Descend

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Chapter 305: Descend

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They stared at Chen Feng with unbelieving expressions.

A single move! Only a single move and almost all of them had been killed! How was this possible? This was something even the Nether Capital\'s master hadn\'t been able to accomplish.

The captain\'s cold gaze was fixed on Chen Feng. For the first time in his life, he felt fear when facing a C class. "Who on earth are you?"

Chen Feng smiled. "Idiot."

One whole hour of locking on and all the energy required to unleash the attack capable of insta-killing an A class had depleted nearly all his energy, even with all the energy-recovery reagents he had used. As of now, he no longer had any power left in him. However, did that still matter?

Out of the whole squad, only these two seriously injured people were left. On top of that, the deputy captain was already depleted of all his strength as well, due to the Space Diminishing Slash he had used earlier. This time, he wasn\'t able to unleash much power at all. Otherwise, it wouldn\'t have been possible for Chen Feng to kill all his squad members.

Hence… the only opponent left was that seriously injured captain. As for dialogue, it was truly unfortunate that Chen Feng was not a person who had a tendency to talk much. He had always believed that if it was possible to deal with the enemy there was no point in wasting time talking. Although he was similarly unable to make any more moves, he still had his team members with him!



Xu Fei and the rest charged forth.

Fight, fight, fight! Xu Fei and the rest that had been holding their anger in all this while finally got the chance to rage.

The captain was incredibly powerful. Even with his injuries, he was still not someone they could contend against alone. However, they had the numerical advantage. In a battle between a seriously injured A class and a bunch of warriors with combat power equivalent to B-class warriors, the result was unpredictable.



The battle erupted.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

Chen Feng merely watched on by the side.

Chen Feng calculated inwardly. It\'s about time, right?

Right at this moment, Xu Fei and the rest managed to surround the captain. Shen Yi, Xu Fei, Wang Chun, and the rest joint hands to restrict the captain\'s movement within a certain radius. Next, a superpowerful attack was launched by Shen Wei.


A dense flame appeared midair and landed on the captain\'s body. However, at this instant.


A familiar looking radiance descended, and all the attacks melted.

In the air, a silhouette noiselessly appeared in a carefree manner, akin to someone taking a stroll. That silhouette started solidifying in midair as it walked forward one step at a time before revealing himself in front of all of them.

The expressions of Xu Fei and the rest changed greatly from the shock. The newcomer was Soul himself!

The captain and deputy captain were overjoyed. "Greetings, Senior Soul."

Soul! Senior Soul has actually come personally!

Hahahaha! We are saved!

They rushed beside Soul with an overjoyed feeling.

Soul did not pay them any attention. Rather, enveloped by the green radiance, his gaze was fixed on Chen Feng. A bizarre glow could be seen in his eyes. "It has been a while, Chen Feng."

Chen Feng…

Everyone\'s heart tightened. This guy here knew Chen Feng?

Chen Feng merely glanced at him indifferently. "Is this still a clone?" Based on what he knew, Lu Hun was presently unable to leave whereever he was. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have sent a clone for the previous matter that was so important to him.

"A clone is sufficient to kill you," Lu Hun said calmly.

Even if this was a clone, it still possessed the power of an A class!


A red glow flickered into existence in Chen Feng\'s eyes.

Nethergaze, activate!

Lu Hun smiled softly. "Ah."


He waved casually, and instantly, Chen Feng\'s Nethergaze collapsed.

"This thing is useless against me." Lu Hun had a calm expression. "You might be able to hide this from them, but using such a thing in front of me is as conspicuous as lighting up a lamp amidst darkness."

Chen Feng: …

It failed? Indeed… the gap between him and Soul was too huge.

On top of that, even if this was a mere clone, during that short moment where his Nethergaze was activated, the estimated numerical number made it clear to him how terrifying the strength of this Lu Hun was.

Even if one whole day was used, the lock might not be completed. This guy was too strong!

"Goodbye, then," Lu Hun said coldly.

Evidently, he was not as keen to converse as the captain had been. After a short chatter, he was already preparing to kill, not giving Chen Feng any chance to escape.


Chen Feng sighed. "You shouldn\'t have come."

Lu Hun paused. "Why?"

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "Because I\'m afraid you will lose another one of your clones again."


Lu Hun was astonished.

It was at this instant that a bizarre radiance appeared suddenly, shining through every nook of the Nether Capital\'s ruins. A terrifying aura erupted suddenly. The sources of that aura were actually Chen Feng\'s body and that ball of light that was not far away from them.

"There," the captain cried out in alarm.

Everyone turned around and noticed that, with the death of the Nether Capital\'s master, only a single color remained in that impurity-filled ball of light. Only the purest of life force was left in that ball.

However, despite them knowing that, they couldn\'t do anything to it. This was a power an ordinary person was not able to absorb. Only death would be the result if a regular person attempted to touch it. Only someone with the aura of the Nether World was entitled to touch this power. As such, they had all left the ball alone so the power in it could dissipate naturally.

Surprisingly, they could clearly see the life force within that ball reducing in volume. Behind that ball was a faintly discernible silhouette that was slim yet curvy.

The captain was startled. "It\'s her!" It was the sexy lady from beside Chen Feng!


The world was covered in light. The initially sunny and cloudless Nether Capital was at this moment enveloped by a red and purple radiance.

All the life force was instantly absorbed by Ming Yue. Her originally calm face turned blood red as the aura around her started becoming increasingly dreadful.


In her hands, a blood-red sickle appeared. This was the weapon she had used in The Crystal Palace.


With a slash of her blood-red sickle, the whole world was seemingly cut in half. The target of her attack was the two survivors of the squad from the Mysterious Organization.


With a loud sound, a mirror-like protective barrier made of green radiance blocked in front of them. As the blood-red slash landed on it, it shattered into countless pieces.

Only at this did Ming Yue\'s gaze landed on Soul.

"Your family\'s chick is so powerful?" Xu Fei exclaimed in admiration.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "I already lost my control over her."

Chen Feng had already told him what had happened earlier. Wang Chun had never expected that his summoning ability had been weakened to such an extent when used on Ming Yue. This chick had been messing around behind him! Even if the target of her messing around was Chen Feng… Wang Chun had a feeling that his head was currently enveloped in green 1 .

The Shen Wei siblings had an ominous feeling. "If at this moment, a wicked intent started appearing in her heart…"

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "It won\'t happen. With Chen Feng here, there won\'t be any problems."

"Chen Feng?"

The rest were flabbergasted. How did this relate to Chen Feng? They shifted their gaze to Chen Feng and realized that, as of now, Chen Feng was actually emitting the same aura as Ming Yue. That was the aura of life force absorbed from the ball of light.


Everyone widened their eyes.

If it was Ming Yue, fine. She was a person of the Nether World anyway, but Chen Feng??? He was obviously a normal human being with no similar abilities. How was this happening to him?

"Do you have any idea what\'s happening?" Xu Fei whispered to Wang Chun.

Wang Chun had a bitter expression. "I…"

How was he supposed to explain this? He was truly feeling helpless.