The Strongest Gene - Chapter 303: Bro, You Talk Too Much

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Chapter 303: Bro, You Talk Too Much

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The Nether Capital was gone. The middle-aged man had built it all for his child. Ultimately, though, it had become a city of evil where all the city\'s residents and all the victims of his human sacrifice hated him.

And now, all of this was gone with the Nether Capital\'s destruction.



The whole city collapsed.


Distantly, that gigantic skeleton beast that was howling perished as well. Even those lively death lions and the other mutated beasts here with a certain amount of life force in them perished together with the Nether Capital.

The Nether Capital and all the mutated beasts in its vicinity were completely destroyed.

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. "Hiss—"

All dead? He had originally believed that the Nether Capital would only affect those skeleton creatures with no flesh. Unexpectedly, even the death lions with flesh were affected as well.



All the mutated beasts near Nether Capital went extinct at this instant.

From this point on, these beasts would no longer exist in this world.

Chen Feng and Xu Fei exchanged glances and celebrated the fact that they had chosen to kill a death lion before this. If they had waited until after the middle-aged man was dead, Chen Feng wouldn\'t have been able to complete the initial mission he\'d come for.

Soon, the destruction of the Nether Capital was complete. The initially flourishing streets had all been transformed into ruins. The only thing remaining was that squad from the Mysterious Organization.

"This is somewhat different from what we had expected. Sigh."

They were somewhat disappointed. Wouldn\'t it have been good if both the squad and the middle-aged man had perished together? Even if they were merely heavily injured, it would still be a good thing as well.

Ultimately, though, the squad had suddenly erupted with some formation and instantly killed the weakened master of the Nether Capital, leaving behind the still-intact squad.

Not a single one of them had perished. How should Chen Feng\'s group deal with this squad now?

They felt somewhat unhappy. Although they were all self-proclaimed geniuses and were confident in their strength, the most they could achieve was to skip their class and challenge those in B class. As for those two A classes? Chen Feng\'s group were simply not their opponents.

Chen Feng shook his head. "Don\'t worry."

Fight? Why was there a need for them to fight? They had to remember that, presently, their identity was as the direct subordinates of Senior Soul. They were all members of the Mysterious Organization. Immediately, they sunk into contemplation at Chen Feng\'s words.

"Pity…" The squad from the Mysterious Organization looked at the Nether Capital that no longer existed and sighed. Their original mission had only been to obtain some materials to help with their research on necromancy. Unexpectedly, this master of the Nether Capital had been such a dishonest person. Truly hateful.

"He only knew some incomplete necromancy anyway, don\'t worry," Chen Feng said calmly.

The captain nodded. "That\'s true." It was still a good thing for them to have been able to spoil that guy\'s plan. Otherwise, their branch at Sealed City would have been destroyed for no apparent reason. That would have been truly infuriating, were it to have happened.

"Since that\'s the case, it\'s time for us to return," Chen Feng said.

The captain nodded. "Mhm, let\'s go together then."

Since they were done here, it\'s time they return.

Chen Feng smiled. "There\'s no need for that. You need to report back to the organization, while we have to report back to Senior Soul himself. Hence, I\'m afraid we have to part ways here."

The captain laughed. "That won\'t do. If you leave, what am I supposed to use for my report?"

Chen Feng frowned. "What do you mean by that?"

"Hehe. In fact, I am quite satisfied with how this mission has concluded. Although we have failed to obtain the art of necromancy, we have still saved Sealed City. Naturally, the most important harvest is an important person I have gotten my hands on." A smile appeared on the captain\'s face. "Am I right, Chen Feng?"


The expressions of Xu Fei and the rest changed greatly. They had been discovered!

Chen Feng had a serious expression. "I\'m afraid this senior here has mistaken my identity?"

"That\'s not possible." With a smile, the captain continued, "Although you are currently in the uniform of our organization, despite the ability you have used to alter your appearance, there is one thing that you have neglected."

"What is it?" Chen Feng asked calmly.


A green crystal hovered out of the captain\'s hand. Its appearance greatly resembled the green diamond on Soul\'s forehead. The power it was emitting and its radiance were far weaker than the one on Soul\'s forehead, though.

Chen Feng was alarmed. "That is…"

"This is something Senior Soul gave us. This is a mission issued by Senior Soul himself. This thing here can be used to save my life and to directly contact Senior Soul. Hehe, with this thing, you actually believed that you could successfully lie to me?"

The gazes of everyone else in the squad were filled with contempt as well.

Lying? From the start, they had already been aware that Chen Feng was merely pretending to be one of them.

The only reason they had not exposed him was because they had also been exploiting Chen Feng as much as Chen Feng was exploiting them. If they had battled that Nether Capital master with normal methods, with their strength, they would have needed to pay a huge price to obtain victory. It was even possible all of them would have perished here.

But by working with Chen Feng…

Hehe. He was indeed a person who had successfully robbed the Spirit Sea wood from the Lei brothers.

Xu Fei and the rest were dumbstruck. "This…"

The heck? So their ruse had been seen through long ago? And by using such a method, on top of that?

They had livid expressions on their faces. Their current feeling was truly quite uncomfortable. What happened to them was akin to a scene unfolding in the ancient times, where a person had forged a fake military pass to infiltrate into the group. Suddenly, someone else from ancient times pulled out a modern cellphone and made a phone call: "Brother, are these brothers here those under you?"

This was simply illogical!

Due to the power of the Nether Capital being too strong, they had no way of contacting the outside world. As such, they had instinctively neglected this matter. Unexpectedly, the enemy had still had a way of contacting the outside. What else could they say? This was the unfathomable Mysterious Organization indeed.

The squad from the Mysterious Organization was looking at Chen Feng\'s group mockingly.

However, surprising them, Chen Feng maintained the same calm on his face.

The captain was amazed. "You saw this coming?"

"Naturally." Chen Feng smiled. "That is also the reason for us not doing anything all along. Initially, we had only planned to reap the benefits after you guys were done fighting. Unexpectedly," as Chen Feng said this, he felt somewhat helpless as well, "you villains truly had too much to say. Moreover, after talking to each other, you guys even decided to work together."

The captain laughed. He might be a person who was decisive when it came to killing, but he would made sure to talk more before making any moves. This was to ensure he would be able to gather more information and perhaps discover some less time-consuming methods of achieving his goal. If he was able to trick his enemy, he would expand less energy disposing of said enemy. This had always been his way of doing things.

For example: dealing with the Chen Feng in front of him.

See, just some simple words from him and he had managed to make Chen Feng start talking. With this, he would learn a lesson and know how to deal with future opponents that were similar to Chen Feng. Wasn\'t this a genius plan? All this was what he had learned from experience after years of missions and killing.

At times, words were beneficial.


"Actually, when we first arrived…"

"Fortune telling…"

"Nether Capital master…"

"We are actually from the Genetic Union…"

Chen Feng started blabbering on and on. Even his initial plan and his subsequent tricks such as his disguise as a fortune teller and everything else were shared. Everyone in the Mysterious Organization\'s squad started exchanging glances. They had never expected that even the fortune teller was fake. As they thought of that, they all exchanged glances in alarm and felt some lingering fear in their hearts. It was truly fortunate that…

The captain glanced at them and smiled.

See how beneficial it is to talk more? This Chen Feng might be clever, but hasn\'t he been lured to say all his secrets now as well?

But then, this Chen Feng fellow\'s narrative methods were somewhat lacking. There was too much nonsense included when he talked. If it wasn\'t for the occasional important information that Chen Feng would occasionally leak while talking, the captain would have shut him down long ago.

But now…

"I\'m done talking." Chen Feng\'s lip felt dry. "Is this enough for you to report your mission as a success? Can you give the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association some face and let us off?"

"Let you off?"

Everyone in the squad smiled. Kids nowadays were so naive?

The captain smiled. "Sorry."

"Actually, I have something that I have always wanted to tell you," Chen Feng said suddenly.

The captain was curious. "Oh?"

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "There are indeed some advantages to talking more. However, it has its disadvantages as well. A good example is our present encounter. The advantage is your success in forcing us out of hiding. As for the disadvantages… did you ever consider the reason I kept on talking to you?"


The captain\'s heart jolted.


His eyes gleamed coldly.

He stared straight at Chen Feng. Behind the mask of the mysterious organization on Chen Feng\'s face, that pair of eyes had at an unknown time become red in color. A blood-red color!

Chen Feng\'s eyes had been maintaining this color since their earlier battle with the Nether Capital master. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have neglected the color change. What on earth was that?

The captain started digging through his memory. Was this some eye art? Sharingan or something? How could a mere C class like Chen Feng hope to deal any sort of damage to him?

The captain\'s thoughts moved rapidly as he kept thinking without stop.

However, without giving him any chances, Xu Fei and the rest made their move. Chen Feng was instantly enveloped in his Energy Equipment and a power far above C class surged out of him.

Around Chen Feng was a brand-new Energy Equipment. The current Chen Feng did not appear like a C class at all. Rather, he felt like a B class, regardless of the amount of energy or the power radiating from him.

Suddenly, the captain stared straight at Chen Feng\'s eyes. "If it\'s B class…"

There, from that pair of blood-red eyes, a power that caused one\'s heart to palpitate gushed out.

"Defend!" the captain shouted.