The Strongest Gene - Chapter 300: Mutation!

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Chapter 300: Mutation!

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A set of skeletons were blasted apart. Xu Fei rubbed his somewhat aching hand. As the smog bubbled up around him, along with the appearance of a certain mysterious power, these corpses that had been dead for an unknown number of years started moving again.

He was currently outside the Nether Capital, but on the opposite side of where they had come from previously. Here, from the soil, one corpse after another crawled out.

These were the human sacrifices used for the continuation of this city throughout the years. Their life force had been used as a sacrifice, and their bodies had been left to rot here. Accompanying the latest round of sacrifices initiated by the middle-aged man, their bodies had come to life.

Xu Fei contemplated. "So that huge skeleton we met previously was also formed of these small skeletons?"

Under the effect of the mysterious death aura, despite not possessing a consciousness, these corpses had still maintained their basic instincts and deep hatred toward the middle-aged man.

"Vengeful skeletons?"

Xu Fei was figuring it out.



The monstrous sounds reverberated through the air.

These newly revived skeletons started fighting each other randomly, attacking every moving thing around them. Groups of skeletons started fighting each other. On top of that, those people who seemed to have been in the same group when alive had once again grouped together now. Those who appeared to be have been a couple when alive started performing that deed of the two sexes right there on the spot. To satisfy his curiosity, Xu Fei took a glance at them, and he had a feeling that he was looking at some mechanical-bearing components… That feeling he was getting was truly hard to put into words.

However, this situation did not persist for long.

Soon, seemingly interrupted by some powerful willpower, the minds of these skeletons joined together into a singular extreme hatred toward a common target, resulting in the end of their fights against each other.

Silently, Xu Fei concealed himself and observed as the skeleton army swept forth like a locust. On their way, every living mutated beast they encountered was killed.

"This trajectory…" Xu Fei\'s heart trembled. "Chen Feng is not tricking me, right?"

Right at this moment, that skeleton army stopped moving. Distantly, numerous howls could be heard. Those death lions hidden around the Nether Capital had finally appeared. Their numbers were terrifying high.

"Death lions." Xu Fei\'s eyes shone. "You have finally appeared…"


At the Nether Capital, the battle was still progressing. The squad from the Mysterious Organization was giving their all with Chen Feng\'s group assisting from the side. However, they were still unable to contend against that middle-aged man whose strength had been greatly weakened.


A moment of carelessness and Chen Feng was flung away with serious injuries.


Wang Chun and the rest retreated hastily.

The captain frowned. These people were too weak! Even if they were direct subordinates of Senior Soul, even if they possessed certain unique abilities, their combat power was still too weak! Having them join in the battle was akin to lugging baggage around.

"You guys can just stay there. Leave this to us," the captain said coldly.

"All right. I have already dispatched someone to notify Senior Soul. He will be here soon," Chen Feng said solemnly.

The captain had a solemn expression as well as he said, "All right."

Chen Feng caught the glimpse of a certain someone from the corner of his eyes. He proceeded to feign an extremely weak appearance before saying to Wang Chun, "Help me to a nearby room so I can rest."

They entered the room.

Within the room, Xu Fei was waiting with a huge, unconscious mutated beast.

Chen Feng was amazed. "The size is quite big."

Xu Fei was proud. "Hehe. This was the final survivor among that bunch of death lions and also the strongest death lion. After I knocked it out, I dragged it here."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Mhm. That\'s good then."


He killed the death lion leader easily and extracted its blood essence. He had been waiting a long time for this moment. His initial purpose here had only been to obtain a small amount of death lion blood essence. God only knew why he had ended up drawn into the affairs here. As of now, they appeared quite safe, since they had pretended to be part of the Mysterious Organization. In truth, they were in quite a bit of danger regardless of which party was victorious in the battle progressing outside.

It was quite probable for all of them to perish here. As such, Chen Feng needed to increase his strength. Fusion and breakthrough!


Chen Feng started his production decisively.

"Seal off the aura in here," Wang Chun whispered.

Shen Yi nodded. "Mhm."


A bizarre, faint aura flashed into existence.

This was an ability unique to Shen Yi, a sealing ability originating from a different world. This ability had protected Chen Feng\'s group from being detected by spiritual energy scans countless times before. This was an ability nobody could circumvent.

Outside the room, the battle was still progressing. Unknown to any of them, the Chen Feng who had retired due to severe injuries had secretly started gene production.

Chen Feng checked the feedback. "200 luck value…" It was enough!


He inhaled deeply and, with a resolute gaze, started his first step: formula improvement!


Light swirled around before his eyes.

Instantly, he entered his hyper-dimensional mode and started improving the formula. The numerous materials he had produced in advance were taken out of his bag one after another.

Gene materials, gene formula…

Soon, he exited the hyper-dimensional mode. After 100 points of luck value, the formula improvement process had been completed. This powerful C-class ability had completely transformed under Chen Feng\'s modification. As for its new effect…

He would only find that out after producing it.

Wang Chun was somewhat anxious. "I\'m afraid this won\'t be enough."

Producing a gene reagent right under their enemy\'s nose was too unbridled a behavior. Even with Shen Yi sealing off their aura, they couldn\'t hide this for long. The moment they were discovered…

Shen Yi wrinkled her tiny nose. "I can only keep this up for 10 minutes."

In the past, she would only be required to activate her ability when their enemies were scanning the area. This time, she had to fully maintain it without the slightest bit of slack in her activation.

"Ten minutes…" Wang Chun muttered. He had no idea why Chen Feng had insisted on producing a gene reagent at a time like this. However, he had to be quick about it!

Wang Chun was anxious.

Currently, Chen Feng had only gotten started on the actual gene production. Countless gene fragments were in front of him as Chen Feng operated speedily with a sharp gaze. He had long ago familiarized himself with the manner in which these gene fragments would swirl around. Due to the existence of his Luck Aura, the so-called "gene production skills" had long become a unique trump card of his.

Gene search: one luck value exhausted, three seconds taken.

Gene reaction: one luck value exhausted, three seconds taken.

Gene fusion: one luck value exhausted, three seconds taken.

Sealing up: one second taken!

In 10 seconds, Chen Feng had completed the whole production.

Chen Feng rubbed the bottle of gene reagent in his hand. "Done."

Wang Chun stared blankly. "Done?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm. It has been hard on Lady Shen Yi."

Shen Yi: "…"

Ten seconds? For this so-called strongest fusion gene reagent in C class?

They were all aware that Chen Feng was a genius in regard to gene production. However, such a feat where he produced a gene reagent in 10 seconds, wasn\'t this too much of a freakish feat?

They were all somewhat dumbstruck by this.

Chen Feng merely ignored them and focused his gaze on the fusion gene reagent he was holding.

A gene reagent produced using the strongest death lion leader, 100 luck value to improve the formula, and a further three luck value for a perfect production... How powerful would this gene reagent be?


Gene scan.


Mutated Death Lion Gene Reagent

Class: C

Difficulty: 5 stars

Type: Fusion gene reagent

Effect: Obtain the Nethergaze genetic ability

Function: Activate the eye of the netherworld to analyze the rules of the opponent\'s energy and lock onto the opponent\'s weak point. The longer the opponent is locked on to, the higher the amplifier the launched attack will have. Depending on the gap between the strength of the user and the opponent, the time taken for the analysis will differ.

Secret art combination: Not yet discovered



Chen Feng widened his eyes. If he remembered correctly, the original Nethergaze provided an amplifier of 1000% when attacking the weak point. Now, the amplifier had changed in a way where the longer the time his opponent was locked on to, the higher the amplifier would be?



After mutation, this limitation no longer existed. It had completely changed into a different ability. Theoretically, if Chen Feng had sufficient energy and time…

He would be able to insta-kill anything!