The Strongest Gene - Chapter 294: Blabbering Villains

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Chapter 294: Blabbering Villains

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Within the shabby building in the Nether Capital, everyone present had a solemn expression. Based on what the captain had told them, the Mysterious Organization had been established by the mysterious leader, his close confidantes, and 12 other top-notch A-class super experts.

These people were the pillars of support of this organization. Apart from this, they had 76 A-class experts in their ranks. Every pair A-class experts worked together to lead a number of B-class genetic warriors, forming a squad. All sorts of missions would be performed by these squads, such as killing their enemies, A-class warriors included.

It was also extremely rare for them to fail their missions. This organization had always been concealed in the dark. Subsequently, based on their guesses, factors such as Wang Yao\'s appearance and the incidents involving Chen Feng had caused the number of members in the organization to drop greatly.

Out of their 12 top-notch A-class experts, only 10 remained.

Out of the other 76 A-class experts, only 56 remained.

As for B-class warriors, the losses were even higher.

As for the missions these squads were involved in, they had all failed, resulting in a great reduction of the organization\'s power. Despite all that, they still remained one of the top factions in the whole world. With 10 peak A-class experts, 56 A-class experts, and numerous B-class warriors… even the thought of this number was sufficient to plant horror in one\'s heart.

Facing the fortune teller that was supposed to be an NPC, it wasn\'t too hard to get the captain to leak information pertaining to the Mysterious Organization.

"This information…"

They all shivered in fear. They could imagine the kind of uproar it would cause when this was transmitted back to the Genetic Union. Moreover, this was merely what this captain knew. What about information this captain was not aware of? For example, the identity of that mysterious leader and his close confidantes?

The threat posed by the Mysterious Organization was much graver than they had imagined.

"At least we can spoil this current mission of theirs." Chen Feng took off the fake beard he had on his face. With the high amount of genetic abilities in his Myriad Illusions, it wasn\'t too hard for him to disguise himself as a fortune teller.

Xu Fei gasped in admiration. "Are these guys so easy to trick?"

"How is that possible?" Chen Feng laughed. "The only reason they believed what I told them so easily is because the clue I gave them hints at an actual plan they could try implementing."

"Memory?" Wang Chun contemplated.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "That\'s right. Memory."

They had indeed done a lot of tests previously. However, there were still quite a number of tests that they had yet to try. This test with the "memory" keyword was one of their untested plans. Chen Feng had thought of this plan, yet he had not been able to implement it. To be more accurate, he could not bear the possible repercussions of implementing this plan.

As such, this task would be handed over to the Mysterious Organization. After all…

The night passed quietly.

In the Nether Capital, within an ordinary-looking house, a little girl was playing around happily. She was molding the figurine of a certain life form using mud, having a lot of fun.

The little girl was excited. "Father, look, I molded another little animal."

A middle-aged man beside her smiled as he asked, "Oh, what is this?"

The little girl slanted her head as she thought before saying, "Mhm… lion! This must be a lion."

"Ha." The middle-aged man burst out in laughter. "Have you seen an actual lion before?"

"No." The little girl appeared somewhat sad. However, she regained her high spirit shortly after. "This is most certainly what a lion looks like. Mhm… this is my rendition of a lion!"

"Fine, fine, fine. Your very own lion," said the middle-aged man lovingly. "What about this one?"

Embarrassed, the little girl said, "Mhm… that\'s a tiger." The tiger she had molded indeed looked quite odd.

"If you say it is, then yes, it is a tiger," the middle-aged man replied with a smile.

"Mhm… mhm… Father, when I recover from my illness, can you take me out to play around?"


"Father, can you preserve these animals I molded for me? I am going to make a huge amount of animals in the future…"


"Father… can you name these animals I made? They are exclusively mine…"

"Sure. Mhm… what should I name them, then? Let\'s call that lion a death lion."

The little girl\'s voice gradually grew softer. "Eww, Father, that is quite an unpleasant name… but since it\'s a name Father gave, then death lion it shall be called. How about that tiger over there?"

"Father, I am somewhat tired."

"Mhm, let\'s take a rest then."

A loving expression appeared on the middle-aged man\'s face. Soon, as the night descended, their silhouettes disappeared amidst the darkness of the night.

On the next day, after the sun rose, the members of the Mysterious Organization, who were already done with their preparations, readied to make their move.

The moment the city sprung awake, the moment that familiar dialogue of the waiter was heard, a terrifying beam of light bloomed from the hand of one of them.

The beam swirled around.

Memory, recover!


The terrifying radiance instantly covered every nook of the city.


Countless people were twitching on the ground, blood flowing out of their seven apertures.

However, the members of this group merely watched on coldly.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

The residents there woke up while twitching. Life seemed to seep into their previously turbid eyes. Their memories of the repeated days, all of them, resurfaced at this instant.

"I… how…"

The waiter grabbed his head with an unbelieving expression.

For several centuries, he had been doing the same thing every single day!

The butcher…

The vegetable peddler…

The Harmony Restaurant owner…

Everywhere in this city, everyone was awoken at this instant.

All their erased memories throughout the centuries had resurfaced. Those memories that had been locked in the depths of their souls were something that couldn\'t be completely erased.

Since their souls had not been destroyed, how was it possible for their memories to be truly gone?

Everything was awoken.

Everyone in the Nether Capital looked at themselves blankly. Only after a while did they accept this. However, in these short few seconds where they were blanking out, their seven apertures were bleeding without stop.

Not one of them was able to bear the backlash caused by the emergence of several centuries worth of memories.

Next, they died instantly.

Everyone in the city died after reawakening their memories.

Similar with the previous massacres, this was still a massacre, the only difference being the method in which the massacre was carried out. This time, they were killed by the reemergence of their memories; they were killed by pure mental shock.

As all this was happening, a certain pair of eyes was shining brightly.

"Found it!"

A ray of light took a detour around every single citizen of this city and locked onto a single person.

Target found!

During the calamity where everyone was killed by the mental shock that resulted from the reemergence of their memories, there was a single person that was not affected by the mental shock, the only person immune to it.

That was a middle-aged man in an ordinary-looking house. That\'s right. The purpose of this massacre, all of this was only to figure out who the actual enemy was.

When the residents of this city were killed through direct attacks, that person would be able to fake his death. However, such an attack where everyone\'s memories reemerged, such a memory shock was something that one couldn\'t replicate by merely faking their death.

As such, that single person who was unaffected was akin to a bright lamp in a dark night. This was the so-called memory plan. An extremely straightforward yet effective plan.

The captain erupted instantly. "It\'s you!"



One after another, terrifying attacks erupted. Everyone in the group made their move with the middle-aged man as their target.


The ice-cold attacks bloomed.

However, just as all the attacks were about to reach the middle-aged man, his incredibly ordinary-looking eyes gleamed with a cold killing intent.

"You are all… getting too excessive."


A terrifying power erupted. All the attacks launched at him were instantly demolished. Every single person of the squad was instantly flung away, blood spurting out of their mouths without stop.

"This is…"

Everyone was shocked.

Peak A class! This middle-aged man was actually a peak A-class warrior!

"All of you deserve death!" The killing intent of the middle-aged man surged. A great battle was about to erupt at any moment.

"Senior, please wait," the captain said suddenly. "This time, we are here to propose a transaction."


The middle-aged man paused. As for Chen Feng\'s group that was hiding somewhere in the city, their hearts throbbed. Dang, what was going on now? This seemed to be deviating from their plan…

Wouldn\'t it be fine if they were to directly erupt into a battle and kill each other off?

Why the heck had they started talking? What was the f*cking point of these villains having so many dialogues?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. "It\'s going to get somewhat troublesome."