The Strongest Gene - Chapter 293: Master Seer

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Chapter 293: Master Seer

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"A fortune teller?"

They blanked momentarily.

They had never imagined that there would be a fortune teller residing in this corner of the city. A few days earlier, when they had massacred the whole city with a large-scale attack, none of them had noticed this spot.

Fortune telling…

Their interest was piqued.

If this fortune teller here was somewhat capable, they might even get some clues here.

"Yes." The fortune teller did not appear too old. If it wasn\'t for that huge bushy beard he had, he would most certainly have had too tender an appearance. From his current looks, it was quite apparent that this was a newbie who had just stepped foot into society.

"Tell us, then, what blood calamity is it that we will be encountering?" the captain said with a smile.

The fortune teller started picking his fingers as he read their fortune. "Let me see… Mhm… if nothing unexpected happens, I\'m afraid you all will not be able to live for more than three days."

"Three days?" They laughed. How many repeating days had they already experienced here at Nether Capital? "If that\'s so, this mister here should read his own fortune to see if he is going to encounter a bloody calamity."

A few days ago, when they massacred the whole city, this guy here had probably been killed as well. If he was truly a capable fortune teller, wouldn\'t he have been able to see that coming as well?

"Me?" The fortune teller shook his head. "Naturally, there is no calamity. Us, the citizens of the Nether Capital, have an aura of blessing lingering about us. Even if our bodies are killed, our souls will be preserved before stepping into the wheel of reincarnation."


Instantly, their expressions changed.

Soul preservation, stepping into the wheel of reincarnation… This fortune teller was evidently not a simple person!

"Please give us your guidance, Mister."

"Not a problem, not a problem." The fortune teller smiled and continued, "Let me take a look, mhm—yi?"

"What\'s up?" they asked anxiously.

"Your heads…" the fortune teller shook his head as an odd expression appeared on his face, "are actually enveloped by a green aura."

They were at a loss. "Green aura?"

The fortune teller nodded. "Yes. Normally, this would only appear when one is betrayed by one\'s wife. One\'s head will be shining with a green luster, akin to a grassland on one\'s head." [1] 1

The group: "…"

One of them raged. "What are you saying?!"

"Please calm down." The fortune teller shook his head and continued, "That is also the reason I have an odd feeling. From your looks, I\'m afraid you guys don\'t even have any wives, right? Even if you wanted to be green, there wouldn\'t be any chances anyway…"

The group: "…"

These sharp words pierced straight into their hearts.

What f*cking fortune teller was this bastard?

"Let me take a look." The fortune teller started reading their fortunes attentively. "Ahhh, so that is the case. I\'m afraid the bloody calamity has been lingering about you all for quite a while. However, thanks to this green aura on your head, you all have survived till now. If you guys are without a wife, mhm… Perhaps there is a certain lord high above that is protecting you all with a green aura?" the fortune teller guessed.


"What trashy fortune teller is this?"

They were completely confused.

Green aura? High above? Right at this moment, they prepared to make a move against this fortune teller.

"Stop!" The captain and the deputy captain that were both A-class genetic warriors stopped them. Next, with solemn expressions, they walked toward the fortune teller. "Mister, please give us your guidance."


Their team members were totally confused.

Only the captain and deputy captain were aware of what the so-called green aura represented. That was Senior Soul!

Enveloped by a green aura…

Although the fortune teller was extremely vague in the things he had said, the occasional information he had released was something only the important members of their group were aware of.

This fortune teller here was most probably the real deal!

Hidden within this repeating city was actually such an existence! That was truly inconceivable!

The fortune teller smiled bashfully. "Not a problem, not a problem. However, my expenses…"

The expressions of the captain and the rest stiffened.

Only now did they recall that they were penniless here in this city.

"Shall I go and steal some money?" one of their members suggested.

Fortune teller: "…" The fortune teller smiled as he told them, "That is not what I meant. When I tell a fortune, I do not accept any money as payment. The only thing I accept is information."

The captain felt somewhat doubtful. "Information?"

"That\'s right. Although I am a mere fortune teller, I am extremely interested in all news under the heavens. Throughout the whole pugilistic world, there is almost nothing that I do not know of. Things such as the assassination of the Bloodrain Pavilion leader\'s brother by the leader himself or the scandal of the Brute River Mansion\'s leader with his master\'s wife, I know of them all. Where do you think I gain all this information? Naturally, I gain it from trades," the fortune teller said profoundly.

They sunk into silence. Only now did they realize that this fortune teller was also peddling for information, obtaining top secret information from others before selling it at a high price to those in need.

"What do you want to know about?" the captain asked.

"Looking at the way you are all dressed, you are all probably members of a mysterious organization. Supposedly, there is not a single organization in this pugilistic world that I do not know of, yet I have yet to encounter an organization whose members are dressed like you. Hence, which organization are you all from?" the fortune teller asked.

"Mysterious Organization," the captain said indifferently.

The fortune teller appeared displeased. "Is this how you go about your transactions?"

"We are truly from Mysterious Organization." The captain had a faint smile on his face. The rest of his team members had smiling expressions on their faces as well.

They truly couldn\'t do anything about that, as their organization\'s name was truly Mysterious Organization.

"Hmph! Let me take a look…" The fortune teller sneered. However, his hands didn\'t slow down in the slightest. He pointed midair and put on an expression as if he was listening to something from the empty air before turning around and looking at them in amazement. "You are actually not lying to me." The fortune teller appeared at a loss. "Weird… Mysterious Organization… I have never heard of this faction. A new organization?"

As for the expressions of the captain and the rest, they became solemn. They had been telling half lies to tease this fortune teller all along. Unexpectedly, he was truly capable of confirming their words.

"I am capable of telling the authenticity of any given information," the fortune teller said indifferently.

The group had expressions of amazement. Such an ability…

"Fine… let us continue, then," the fortune teller stated calmly. "Use the information of your organization to trade for the solution you are all looking for. Since a new organization has appeared in the world, I must know about it."

One of them snorted. "Hmph."

What joke was this? All the core members of this organization would never betray the organization. A mere fortune teller like this…

However, just as he took a single step forth, he was held back by the captain.

"Tell him," the deputy captain said.


Everyone else had a dumbstruck expression.

Brother! Only this much and you are betraying the organization already?

"He won\'t remember it anyway," the captain whispered. Only at that was everyone startled awake.

True, this was the Nether Capital. Every single person here had been killed by them before. Every single person here would forget everything the next day. This fortune teller here was indeed quite capable, but regardless of how much he found out today, it would be pointless. Moreover, the world from several centuries ago wouldn\'t be related to their current era anyway. Hence, so what if he was to find out about their organization?

"This is the information…"

The captain told him the Mysterious Organization\'s information honestly.

As for the fortune teller, he appeared shocked for a long time. "The so-called A class in your organization should be equivalent to a grandmaster, right? Mhm… yes, it is somewhat similar to the gold-plated assassins of the Assassin\'s Guild. However… your organization is actually an organization with so many members at such a level?" The fortune teller had a solemn expression. "Why has such an organization appeared in the world?"

As for the group, they all had faint smiles on their faces. It would truly be weird if this fortune teller here actually knew of them.

"Then… please dispel our doubts, mister," the captain said calmly.

"Not a problem." The fortune teller recovered from his shock and continued, "To solve this dilemma you are all facing, it is quite simple. Although I am not aware of the actual crisis you all will be facing, from the heavens, I had a faint glimpse of the word \'memory\'."

They sunk into contemplation. "Memory…"

"Oh, right." The fortune teller seemed to recall something else and added, "Even if you all are fated to be single for your whole lives, I advise you all to be on alert anyway. This green aura on your head is truly quite bizarre. It signifies fortune, yet at the same time, it signifies calamity as well."

The fortune teller shook his head, seemingly confused.

Everyone: "…"

Soon, they left the fortune teller.

Some of them were still confused after leaving, not knowing what to do with the word "memory" they had obtained from this fortune teller.

"Memory…" The deputy captain contemplated. "Could it be…" The captain nodded. "That\'s right. Make our preparations today. Early tomorrow morning, we can implement the new plan. As for that fortune teller… forget about him. He will forget everything tomorrow anyway. Don\'t seek any unnecessary trouble."

They nodded as a response. "Understood."

Unbeknownst to them, at this time, in that shabby-looking house, several people walked out of a room. These people were Wang Chun and the rest. However, they all had extremely solemn expressions on their faces currently.

The information given by the captain earlier was much more terrifying than they had imagined. The Mysterious Organization was much more terrifying than all their previous guesses.