The Strongest Gene - Chapter 292: Mysterious Location

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Chapter 292: Mysterious Location

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Xu Fei muttered, "She\'s a lunatic!"

He was incredibly thankful that he had not provoked this demonic girl in any way. The heck? She had actually massacred one whole city without a second thought? Were all the villain bosses in comics so insane?

"Ming Yue!" Wang Chun was furious. He had never expected that the so-called \'small damage\' she had mentioned was the massacre of the whole city.

Chen Feng dragged him back and said, "Calm down. Let her be."

"But she\'s slaughtering everyone in the city!" Wang Chun was in a heavy mood, with the heavy mood further compounded by the sight of countless deaths before him and the sight of these people crawling over to him begging for help.

"They won\'t die for real anyway," Chen Feng said calmly. "Have you forgotten about the scoundrel we killed two days ago?"

Wang Chun was startled awake. "You mean…"

"I want to see the result from this as well." With a sharp gaze, Chen Feng continued, "The killed people can be restored. The damaged items can be restored. What about the destruction of the entire city? Can it be restored as well? Or perhaps there will be some guardian appearing next? I\'m truly filled with anticipation."



The terrifying apocalypse-like scene continued.

Ming Yue\'s voice echoed everywhere amidst the thunderous lightning. "Hahaha, where are you running? Little brother here, come, let this big sister here kill you~." Finally, the whole city was reduced to ruins, not a single intact item remaining. Not a single living being remained either. Dead. All dead.

"Teehee. Test completed." Cheerfully, Ming Yue ran back toward them. Everyone\'s gaze was filled with horror when they looked at her. Wasn\'t this woman here too dreadful?

Even if these people would be able to be restored… the way in which she had slaughtered them all…

"Hmph!" Shen Wei snorted. If this wasn\'t the Nether Capital, she would have stopped Ming Yue long ago.

"Demoness," Shen Yi muttered.

Ming Yue winked before accepting this nickname given to her by Shen Yi. "Why, thank you."

Ming Yue shifted her gaze to Xu Fei, who was staring at her blankly. "This young brother here, why are you looking at me? Do you want to do something intimate with me?"


Xu Fei shivered before hiding himself behind Chen Feng. What joke was this. If he were to encounter such a demonic girl in the future, he would definitely run as far as he could.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "You are truly…"

With such a summon that was completely out of control, he had no idea if he should cry or laugh about it.

"All right," Chen Feng said indifferently. "Since the test is already done, the only thing left to do is wait for the results."

"All right."

Everyone nodded. This was the only thing they could do for now.

The next day, the moment the first sunlight appeared, light swirled around the whole city, and at that moment, the city started waking up. The door near them once again opened, and a familiar voice could be heard.

"Yo, dear customers, you are all quite early, ay? From how you all are dressed, you are all probably from the Western Regions?"

The waiter! Their hearts chilled. Indeed, him again!

Xu Fei felt helpless. "Once again, it has repeated…"

"Even slaughtering the whole city won\'t change anything?" Wang Chun smiled bitterly. They had always believed that the key to solving this issue was a certain person or item in this city. Surprisingly, even after Ming Yue destroyed everything here, the day had still repeated.

It was probable that some mysterious power lingered around this area. Was it the so-called death aura? The aura of justice possessed by Shen Wei was ineffective against this death aura. Even Ming Yue\'s mysterious power was ineffective against it.

"Will we be trapped here forever?"

They were horrified at this prospect. They could imagine what the consequences of them failing to solve this problem would be.

Chen Feng shook his head. "We won\'t. This is just something caused by a certain power existing here. As long as…"

Midsentence, Chen Feng\'s expression abruptly changed.

That was because his Luck Aura\'s alarm system had triggered.

Alarm? Someone else is here! The direction is…


Chen Feng looked toward the direction. It was actually outside the city.

Chen Feng was astonished. "Someone is coming."


Wang Chun and the rest were shocked as well. Apart from them, there were other outsiders coming here as well? Were these people here to hunt for mutated beasts such as the death lion as well?

"Let\'s hide first," Chen Feng decided without any hesitation.


Noiselessly, they concealed themselves.

Distantly, the tightly shut city gate opened and a group of people stepped into the city. From the way they were dressed…

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. "They\'re from the Mysterious Organization!"

Could this city be a base of the Mysterious Organization? However, just as this idea surfaced in their brains, they noticed that all the newcomers were staring at this ancient-looking city with confused expressions.

"Nope," Shen Yi judged. "They look lost as well."

"That\'s good, then," Chen Feng answered.

Chen Feng\'s group was too small. As such, they lacked the manpower to solve this. If it was these newcomers from the Mysterious Organization, though, they might be able to solve this repeating problem. After all, from the aura they were emitting, even the weakest among them was at B class.

These people were definitely core members of the Mysterious Organization.

"They might have a way out of this," Chen Feng guessed.

"We won\'t be able to defeat them," Xu Fei shrugged.

If these were some regular B-class warriors, Chen Feng\'s group would still be able to handle them. There were numerous methods available, such as assassinating them one by one in the dark, but now, with two A classes among their ranks… a single one of these two was sufficient to deal with all of them.

This was simply an opponent in a different league.

Chen Feng had a profound smile on his face. "Who says that we need to fight them? They are unaware that we are here."

Wang Chun\'s eyes shone. "You mean…"

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "That\'s right."

His plan was quite simple. If this city was treated as a game where everything would be automatically restored every day, these residents would be the NPCs of this game. As for them, they would be the players of this game.

Both them and the people from the Mysterious Organization were the same.

However, as the group that was here first, they possessed an advantage over those people.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "From now onwards, call me NPC Chen."


Within a small, shabby-looking house that was uninhabited, they changed into something that was similar in style to what the residents here were wearing, perfectly blending with this city.

Currently, the newcomers from the Mysterious Organization had finally entered the city. This was a group of 12. They stepped into the tavern in an orderly fashion.

"These few lords here, are you only stopping for a meal or are you staying over in our rooms?" The waiter could seemingly sense that these people were those he shouldn\'t provoke. As such, he was extremely respectful toward them, giving them the premium treatment. Toward their questions, he tried his best to answer as well.

However, they were not able to get much information from him.

Nether Capital?

Night curfew?

Escaped convicts?

All the information they gathered was the same as what Chen Feng\'s group had gathered previously.

They seemed to be able to feel an unusual power lingering here as well. As such, they did not dare to act recklessly. At such a forbidden area that the outside world was unaware of, even A-class experts needed to be on alert at all times.

Thereupon, the day passed peacefully.

The next day, they finally witnessed the mysterious power of restoration this city seemed to possess. However, instead of being alarmed, they were all overjoyed. For all items and living beings to be restored…the moment they noticed that even the killed people would be restored, some guesses surfaced in their brains.

The captain\'s gaze was sharp. "Necromancy indeed exists for real!"

The deputy captain beside him smiled coldly. "Seems like the only thing we need to do is capture the one pulling the strings here."

Since the target of their mission had now been ascertained, the only thing left to do was act on it. However, even if they wanted to act on it, they needed to know where to start. Unfortunately, after using all sorts of methods, they still failed to solve this.

They even tried slaughtering the whole city as well.

The captain frowned. "Seems like we have to do this slowly, then."

They started aimlessly wandering the streets. After several days of testing all sorts of methods, almost everyone in this city had been killed by them at least once. As such, they no longer cared about what the residents here thought of them.

Unexpectedly, when they were passing by a shabby-looking building, they heard something.

"The tale of all lands under the heaven. Your story, my story, and the story of all living beings under the heaven. I am Half-Immortal Chen. Are you all interested in having your fortunes told?"


The shabby-looking door opened.

A young man with a long beard walked out of the building. "From what I see, with your dark foreheads and your lifeless eyes, it is quite apparent that you all are about to face a bloody calamity in the coming days…"