The Strongest Gene - Chapter 288: Demonic Girl

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Chapter 288: Demonic Girl

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


A violent clump of flame was ignited. Accompanied by a miserable shout, that little amount of newly grown hair on Xu Fei\'s head was burnt clean and once again. His head became the shiny bald head it had been in the past.

Shen Wei snorted before stopped her flame. "Hmph."

Chen Feng: "…"

Wang Chun: "…"

They stared at Xu Fei, sympathy in their eyes. Fan fiction was usually something resulting from some comic, and a huge amount of the content was XXX rated… Wasn\'t Xu Fei courting death by asking this question?

"Clean those up for me when we return." Shen Wei stared at Wang Chun coldly and continued, "Anyone who still dares to wantonly draw such fan fiction, kill without mercy!"

Wang Chun wiped his cold sweat. "Yes, yes."

"My hair…" Xu Fei did not even have the tears to cry. He had truly only been curious, that was why he had asked that question!

Just as he was feeling all gloomy, an intoxicating and alluring voice drifted into his ears. "Ah, young brother, have you seen my fan fiction? I\'m referring to those embarrassing fan fictions, yo…" The soft voice echoed by his ears.

Xu Fei raised his head abruptly.

Before him, an astonishingly beautiful young lady appeared. Her beauty was absolutely not below the Shen Wei siblings. What caused one\'s blood to pump was the pitifully little amount of clothing she wore. On her body, there were only several pieces of clothes, which were only sufficient to cover the important parts of her body… That alluring odor she had… and that intoxicating expression on her face…

Her body started pressing near to Xu Fei, to the point that her body was almost pasted to Xu Fei\'s body. However, for an unknown reason, Xu Fei\'s body chilled.

This feeling… this tone of voice…

Xu Fei was startled. "It\'s you!"

The demonic girl: Ming Yue!

A supervillain in The Crystal Palace!


All the pores on Xu Fei\'s body shuddered as he retreated rapidly and alarmingly stared at her.

"Keh, how boring." Ming Yue curled her lips before settling her body down.

Only now did Xu Fei notice that, since an unknown point of time, the Shen Wei siblings had been fully armed and was staring at her on full alert. That was quite reasonable, since in the comic, they were archenemies!

Shen Wei sneered. "Why have you come out again?"

"Teehee, why can\'t I come out?" Ming Yue beamed as she rested her right hand on Wang Chun\'s body. "Am I right, my little master?"

Wang Chun started perspiring.

Ming Yue…

Chen Feng contemplated.

Was this the third character summoned by Wang Chun? Wait. From what Chen Feng remembered, shouldn\'t the character summoned be a person he was thinking of summoning in his heart? He had originally believed that Wang Chun would continue summoning the girls of the Shen family. Surprisingly, this brother here had quite a huge capacity for love and had directly summoned the supervillain of the comic. Moreover, out of all the villains, this demonic girl was the person he had summoned. Chen Feng remembered that, in the comic, this chick here was an omnipotent existence, capable of destroying everything…

Chen Feng gave Wang Chun a thumbs up. "You are a true man."

"It was an accident, an accident." Wang Chun had a bitter expression on his face. When he had been performing his summoning, he had been planning to summon the other member of the Shen Wei siblings. For an unknown reason, he had ended up summoning Ming Yue instead!

Moreover, he had never expected the summon to be successful! She was a supervillain! Her combat power surpassed everything in the comic! A character at such a level wasn\'t something he should have been able to summon with his present strength! Surprisingly, the thought of summoning her had only drifted past his brain briefly, and behold, the summon had succeeded!

Even if her actual power here in the real world was limited due to Wang Chun\'s strength, she was still extremely powerful. Because of this, he had gotten the silent treatment from the Shen Wei siblings for several days. He no longer had the courage to keep them inside the comic either. Every single day, they were released outside and were served like queens with good food and drinks. Who knew that…

"That was because our hearts are truly interlinked together, yo." Ming Yue embraced Wang Chun and continued happily, "Although theoretically, he isn\'t supposed to be able to summon me, if I am agreeable to being summoned out here, a small ounce of effort on his part is sufficient for me to be summoned. Am I right, my beloved little master?"

Ming Yue stared at Wang Chun while beaming.

Wang Chun was ashen faced.

The Shen Wei siblings merely snorted at that. "Hmph!"

They were mortal enemies in the comic. For them to not erupt in a battle right here, they were already giving Wang Chun sufficient face.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "You… what is it that you want, exactly…"

"What I want is very simple." In a cheerful manner, Ming Yue continued, "Find the author of this comic and get him to draw more underlings for me in the comic. On top of that, I want the women of the Shen family to all be locked in a cage and drowned, to be gang-raped to the point even their souls will eternally be unable to reincarnate."

Wang Chun: "…"

Chen Feng: "…"

Xu Fei: "…"

Damn, this chick is quite vicious.

Chen Feng and Xu Fei exchanged glances before looking at Wang Chun with sympathy. There were indeed times where a harem was not such a fun thing to have. Xu Fei rubbed his bald head and suddenly felt that his fate of being bald once again wasn\'t that pitiful after all.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "Big sister, this is not possible. The moment I decided to use this comic as my core genetic ability, this version of the comic I used became independent from the rest of the comics in circulation. In other words, from that moment onward, the world in my copy of the comic has developed independently and is no longer be related to the author. This is my very own world, and it is also your very own world. The moment my ability activated, everything online, everything written or drawn by the author, everything else no longer affected all of you," Wang Chun stated honestly.

Ming Yue stretched lazily. "I will believe you for now."

"Oh… yeah… I have a question. How did you come out here?" Wang Chun asked cautiously.

As their master, the only authority he had was to decide if he wanted to have a character summoned out into this world. This was also the only advantage he held over them. Surprisingly, Ming Yue was able to appear here directly without being summoned. He swore that he truly hadn\'t thought of anything improper earlier when she\'d gotten out here. That was genuinely the truth!

"It\'s very simple." Ming Yue looked in the Nether Capital\'s direction. "There… I felt a familiar power. There, something seems to be calling for me," Ming Yue muttered.


Everyone else\'s heart throbbed violently.

Nether Capital? Calling?

Ming Yue was the tyrant of the Nether World of the world in the comic. What on earth had happened here at this Nether Capital such that even Ming Yue could feel that source of power? As they thought of the disappearing death lions and the irregular smog that had appeared here recently, something seemed to be happening at this Nether Capital, hidden in the darkness.

Xu Fei looked at Chen Feng. "Should we… cancel this mission?"

He was immune to any corrosive energy, and Wang Chun had the protection of Ming Yue and was even more powerful here. When they thought about it, among the three of them, in this place, Chen Feng would be the weakest! Such a circumstance that had appeared due to the unique environment here was something they couldn\'t do anything about.

Chen Feng\'s gaze was resolute. "We will still be going."

The death lion gene reagent was something he had to obtain. All this while, he had faced way too many dangers. How could a mere Nether Capital force him to stop?

Shen Wei stepped forth. "Let me protect him."


Her flame started surging.

A trace of a unique power was contained in the faint glimmer of the flame summoned by Shen Wei. This was the power of justice unique to Shen Wei, a mysterious power originating from a different world.


The flame intensified and dispersed all the corrosive energy around them.

"If we are only going to step into the 5% explored by the seniors before us, there shouldn\'t be any problems, since we have the map provided by the Genetic Union. We should be able to find those death lions there as well," Chen Feng analyzed.

Wang Chun urged him on. "If there\'s no problems, let\'s depart quickly, then." He couldn\'t continue this way. He was truly going crazy.

"All right."

Chen Feng glanced at Ming Yue before they set off with Nether Capital as their destination.


Their figures stepped into the sinister smog noiselessly. Chen Feng and the rest had solemn expressions on their faces. The only exception was Ming Yue as she spread her arms, an obviously comfortable expression on her face as she stepped into the smog.

This feeling… how familiar…