The Strongest Gene - Chapter 286: Nethergaze

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Chapter 286: Nethergaze

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Once again, Chen Feng concentrated on the data of the C-class fusion gene reagents. Soon, he locked onto a particular gene reagent.


Death Lion Gene Reagent

Class: C

Difficulty: 4 stars

Type: Fusion gene reagent

Effect: Obtain the Nethergaze genetic ability

Function: Activates the eye of the netherworld to analyze the rules of the opponent\'s energy and seek the opponent\'s fatal weak point. If the opponent\'s weak point is successfully hit, the user\'s power will be amplified tenfold. Depending on the gap between the strength of the user and the opponent, the time taken for the analysis will differ.

Secret art combination: Not yet discovered.


Nethergaze! An extremely powerful genetic ability. This was a different type of ability than Wind Blade, Myriad Illusions, and Energy Equipment, which were all energy-based attacking abilities. Nethergaze was a pure support genetic ability that was able to help one unleash an extremely formidable combat power.

An amplifier of tenfold signified that this ability alone would enable one to challenge an opponent one class higher than the user.

This was an extremely powerful support ability. However, the amount of users of this ability was quite low in amount. The reason for this was quite simple: this was an ability without any secret art combinations.

The death lion gene reagent did not work well with other gene reagents.

In other words…

The moment one fused with this genetic ability, they would obtain a lone independent genetic ability that would not work together with one\'s other genetic abilities.

One would lose the chance to obtain countless secret arts of one\'s class. This would result in the user of this genetic ability having a secret art that would forever be one star lower than the secret arts of others.

For example, at a class where everyone else would possess a 4-star secret art, a user of Nethergaze would only have a 3-star secret art. When others were using 5-star secret arts, the user would only possess a 4-star secret art. This would create a disparity between them. The difference between secret arts with a one-star difference was as wide as the ocean.

Hence, despite how powerful this ability was, the number of users of this ability was extremely low in amount. A vast majority of people were not willing to waste one of their genetic ability slots to obtain a pure support genetic ability that would only work by itself.

However, for Chen Feng, this was the best ability for him, as he was a person who did not require any sort of secret art or gene armament.

"Fatal weak point…"

Chen Feng focused on this ability\'s description. Before fusing with this ability, he wanted to see the ability\'s actual effect and find out more about the difference in analysis time depending on the gap in strength between the two parties…


Chen Feng started studying the internal database of Star City.



Countless data appeared on his screen without stop. This was a special benefit for the excellence award holders. One after another, reports pertaining to this ability appeared.


Chen Feng opened these reports.


Light swirled around him as Chen Feng entered the virtual video.

This was the basic requirement for one who was testing a genetic ability. During the initial test, it would be automatically recorded to help with data gathering and future tests.

In the video, a C-class middle-aged man appeared. In front of him was a C-class android.


The battle started.

It could be clearly seen that the middle-aged man was at a disadvantage in this battle. Facing an android with off-the-charts combat power, he was simply powerless.

Right at that instant.


The middle-aged man\'s eyes started glowing a bizarre tint of green.

Nethergaze, activated!


The whole world seemingly turned ash-green in color.

Before his eyes was the android whose body was enveloped by a dazzling radiance, which represented the android\'s energy. Apart from that, numerous odd lines that were seemingly related to the android could be seen on its body as well.



Amidst the dazzling radiance, the middle-aged man continued the battle. His eyes glowed with a bizarre ash-green glow and locked onto the android.

From the middle-aged man\'s point of view, a bizarre ash-green crosshair was locked onto the android. The crosshair was formed of three different halos and could be seen rotating without stop while the android was locked onto.

Finally, the android\'s fatal weak point was locked onto.


The radiance of the ash-green crosshair intensified.



The middle-aged man that had been at a disadvantage all along suddenly erupted and aimed straight at the android\'s chest. Toward the initially incomparably solid chest of the android, he unleashed his strongest attack.


The terrifying attack erupted in power, and the android started defending itself in a well-practiced manner. Based on the data it had gathered regarding this opponent during the battle, such an attack would not be able to penetrate its defenses.



That terrifying attack actually ignored everything and, with tenfold power and eruption, bombarded straight toward the android.

The middle-aged man that had initially been somewhat weaker than the android had erupted with an extremely powerful attack, unleashing a power that could even challenge those of a higher class and insta-killed the android.


The battle ended.

The scene before Chen Feng returned to reality.

Chen Feng was shaken. "This is the so-called fatal weak point?"

He was sure that, when the android had been locked onto by the ability, all the defensive abilities of the android had still been working normally. However, that attack had still worked against the android.

This signified that this ability was not a pure physical attack. Rather, it was an ability that existed outside of the rules, an ability capable of ignoring the rules of nature and ignoring defenses—an extremely terrifying ability!

Naturally, the time required for lockdown and analysis was somewhat long…

Chen Feng played a different video. "How about the others…"

This time, it was the same C-class middle-aged man against a B-class opponent. The time taken for the analysis to complete increased greatly. Three whole minutes were required for the analysis to be completed. After the analysis was done, the middle-aged man erupted with a single powerful attack and injured the B-class enemy.

That\'s right, he only successfully injured the enemy. Next, he was defeated by the enemy.

Chen Feng: "…"

Due to the fact that this middle-aged man had fused with this genetic ability, his combat power was already comparatively weaker than other C-class warriors, and he still needed to struggle for three whole minutes against a B class before his analysis was completed? If this wasn\'t a test, he would have probably been killed by his enemy.

Apart from that, even if the analysis was completed and tenfold power was unleashed… Mhm…so what?

Therefore, the test concluded that it was a nearly impossible feat for one to use this ability to challenge a person of a higher class.

"The test result is still trustable," Chen Feng muttered. After he finished studying the data, he was even more resolute in his decision to choose Nethergaze as his ability. The only reason for this was because this ability was simply too compatible with him.

Issues such as weak combat power among those in the same class were nonexistent factors for him. He was sure that he had zero fear against any enemy that was in the same class as him. The only foes he had a problem dealing with presently were those enemies that were way more powerful than him. For this specific issue, Nethergaze would be able to help him accomplish what he wanted.

He was sure that, with his strength, he would not even require a full three minutes to complete the lockdown. Furthermore, this set of data he\'d read was only applicable for a regular version of this ability. If the gene reagent was mutated…

Chen Feng\'s eyes started shining. He had been saving his luck value for quite a while. This was what he had been waiting for.


He took out all the data pertaining to the death lion gene reagent: "Death lion gene reagent is a gene reagent produced from the genes of a terrifying C-class mutated beast called a death lion. This is beast that resides at a unique location known as the Nether Capital, which also happens to be a forbidden area."

"Forbidden area?"

Chen Feng\'s heart leaped as he continued reading.

"Nether Capital used to be an extremely popular city. One day, an unforeseen event happened and every single life form there was killed in a single night, turning the city into a ghost town."

Recommended explorer\'s class: ???

Rate of exploration: 5%

Description: An A-class genetic warrior and a huge amount of B-class genetic warriors were deployed here by the Genetic Union in the past. However, due to the permanent corrosive damage dealt to their body when they stepped into this area, only 5% of the area was explored before those genetic warriors left hastily. From then onward, this became a forbidden area none dared to enter. With the passing of time, some unique mutated beasts possessing bizarre genetic abilities were birthed here. Occasionally, some of these beasts would wander out of this area, giving people the chance to capture them. One such mutated beast is the death lion.

"In conclusion… there\'s no need to enter. I only need to wander outside this area and there will be a chance of me capturing a death lion?"

Chen Feng was tempted.