The Strongest Gene - Chapter 285: The Fourth Gene

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Chapter 285: The Fourth Gene

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The next day, at The Strongest Gene shop in the virtual community, this small shop that had been gradually forgotten by the masses officially began selling the heaven-dazzling gene reagent. The sale was limited to three per day. This was the result of Chen Feng\'s consideration after passing the certification for this gene reagent.

Three gene reagents per day might be able to somewhat satisfy the market demand, but surprising everyone, all three sets of this gene reagent were sold at an extremely expensive price. The price sensationalized the whole world.

"This is crazy."

"This price…"

"It went over ten million just like that?"

Everyone was bewildered. They had never imagined that a gene reagent could reach such a price. However, even at this price, the demand still wildly exceeded the supply for this gene reagent. It was said that all three gene reagents released on that day were purchased by some resellers.

Chen Feng and the heaven-dazzling gene reagent became the two terms that were trending worldwide. The wave that was Chen Feng\'s name, which had calmed since the competition back then, was once again raging, his name becoming known worldwide.

However, at this moment where his name seemed to be all the rage, Chen Feng was hiding in seclusion. He had no other choice. The amount of gene reagents he owed others were truly too high in amount. For example, those old brothers that had voted for his proposal at the conference.

Although these people had no use for this gene reagent, it was different for their descendants. That was also the reason they all had come out and voted for Chen Feng\'s proposal. After seven whole days in seclusion, Chen Feng finally managed to produce enough of this gene reagent to pay his debts.

As of now, the legend of the heaven-dazzling gene reagent started spreading. Along with that, Wu Yaotian became a figure of legends among the masses. Wu Hui was extremely grateful for this. He was aware that this was a gift to him by Chen Feng.

Wu Hui clenched his fists. "Master…"

Surprising everyone, at this moment, an odd piece of news started spreading. It was actually the objection of the Wu family that believed that Chen Feng had stolen Wu Yaotian\'s formula.


Wu Hui was at a loss.

Wu family? What Wu family?

When further investigation was done on this, they found with astonishment that these were the relatives of Wu Hui, the bunch of people that had previously bullied Wu Hui terribly. This bunch of people had appeared.

"These guys…" Wu Hui\'s killing intent surged. These were the same bunch of people that had been causing a disturbance at their family the first instant his father had perished.

"You feel like killing someone?" Chen Feng asked toyingly.

Wu Hui\'s gaze was sharp. "Yes!"

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Go, then. However, before that, there is something that you need to do."

Wu Hui raised his head blankly. "Ah?"

A sinister smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "Something that should have been done long ago…"

He was simply filled with anticipation for that thing.

The next day, just as the Wu family\'s relatives were raising their objections, outside of everyone\'s expectations, a video was released. It was released at the combat forum and had an astonishing title.

"Wu Hui, Son of Wu Yaotian: The Genius Youngster, a True Demonic Murderer!"


Everyone opened the video with curiosity.

What they saw was a seemingly ordinary recording of a battle. However, the instant the video started playing, the intense killing intent from the recorded scene felt like it was leaking out of the video itself. That intense killing intent seemingly condensed in the sky, akin to the arrival of an apocalypse.

An ice-cold voice echoed, "Cosmic Manifestation, first form…"

The air trembled. From the horizon, a pitch-black aura gleamed without stop before a terrifying black sword appeared, seemingly piercing through the horizon to descend upon this world from the heavens.


The viewers were almost shaken out of the video they were watching.

"I am Wu Hui…"

"I once killed an A class…"

"This is the first form…"

"Cosmic Manifestation, second form: Demonic Asura Hatchet!"

"I have a hatchet originating from the Asura Domain. Accompanying this hatchet is the power to corrode the universe and the might to crush mountains. Every single slash with this hatchet disintegrates space itself. The instant this Demonic Asura Hatchet is unleashed, it will not return without first tasting blood."

The indifferent voice echoed.

Every single time Wu Hui moved, heaven and earth trembled.

Second form…

Third form…

Every single time he attacked, rivers of blood were created.

Those formidable B-class genetic warriors were killed by him!


Light swirled around as the video finally ended.

The bone-piercing chill startled all the viewers awake.

It was also at this instant that they discovered that their backs were already drenched with sweat as of an unknown point in time. Only now did the masses realize that the strongest person in the Wu family was not Wu Yaotian; rather, it was Wu Hui.

The most eye-catching genius of the Wu family was actually this youth.

"He\'s only 14 years old?"

"Killing an A class at 14 years old?"

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

That scene with rivers of blood was etched into their brains. Along with the sale of the heaven-dazzling gene reagent, as the popularity of Wu Yaotian peaked, Wu Hui\'s appearance created an even bigger uproar.

Henceforth, Wu Hui the Demonic King was known worldwide.

Under Chen Feng\'s intentional dissemination, the video of Wu Hui\'s battle spread far and wide. Almost everyone formed their impression of him: "Wu Hui is very powerful. Extremely powerful, at least an A-class combatant!"

Wu Hui was extremely nervous. "Master…"

"Go." Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "Now everyone has a preformed impression of you. You can go back without worry now. Wu family, hehe…"

Wu Hui was grateful. "Yes."

Chen Feng reminded him, "Remember! Don\'t tell anyone the truth of your ability. As long as no one knows about it, you are undefeatable! Oh right, remember to record more of your battles. The recordings of those scenes with a terrifying atmosphere can be used to create a virtual video to remind everyone of your strength. Only with this can you become even stronger."

"All right."

Wu Hui left.

With the return of this youngster enveloped in the demonic aura of a genius, those clowns at the Wu family would most probably be huddled together while they trembled in fear.

Chen Feng stretched lazily. "Finally, I\'m done with the busy tasks."

The Celestial Defense System was already deployed and would be ready in a month. At that time, Star City would finally possess a certain degree of defensive power. Chen Feng did not need to worry about any sudden attacks that would directly destroy Star City anymore. Wu Hui\'s affair was settled as well. Next… he could finally proceed with his personal affairs.

Gene fusion!

Chen Feng concentrated his gaze on the C-class gene reagents list.

With his current status, 80% of the database of Star City was available to him. He could easily obtain all the information pertaining to C-class fusion gene reagents.

Wind Blade, Myriad Illusions, Energy Equipment…

What should the fourth ability be?

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

Due to the existence of his unlimited Wind Blades, his Energy Equipment was extremely formidable. He was currently well equipped for both defense and offense. Apart from that, he also possessed a capability to skip classes and battle those of higher classes to a certain degree.

Based on the difference of their attributes, for him to battle someone of a higher class, the minimum requirement was that the opponent\'s power not exceed his power by tenfold.

The tenfold here did not refer to merely ten times his attributes. Rather, it was tenfold his power. For example, if his opponent were using an ability that multiplied his combat power by two, Chen Feng would require a combat power equivalent to a C-class\'s power multiplied by 20 in order to contend against this opponent.

Chen Feng analyzed. "The amplification effect of Energy Equipment is 500%... If I use unlimited Wind Blades as the energy supply, I might be able to amplify my power by tenfold. If Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade are used to obtain a property that my opponent is weak against, I might be able to double the effect of my power."

Based on this calculation, he might have a chance of victory against someone who had newly advanced into B class. Naturally, this would be limited to a B class without any genetic abilities with a power amplification of more than 200%.

As for a veteran B class, he could casually used some genetic abilities with an amplification of 300% or 500% or some random secret art and Chen Feng would be directly defeated.

Skipping classes was simply a feat that would be harder the higher a person\'s class was.

Chen Feng rubbed his head. "I am still too weak…"

His plan to charge into A class before the Star City battle was somewhat unreliable. Moreover, it was quite probable that the A class that he reached in a rush might not be too formidable combat power-wise due to the haste in his advancement. If that were the case, things would be worse for him. Hence, after thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to put his focus on increasing his actual combat power to A class rather than actually reaching A class. This seemed to be a more rational path for him to take.

However, a casual attack by an A class would be a hundredfold stronger than a regular C class. A regular genetic ability wouldn\'t help if he wanted to reach such a level.

He did not possess a unique bloodline like what Wu Hui possessed.

How should he increase his combat power, then? What was the genetic ability capable of this?

Chen Feng started speed-reading the data of countless gene reagents.





All these properties were capable of bringing a formidable combat power to his Energy Equipment. However, after contemplation, Chen Feng rejected all these, as these were properties that Myriad Illusions would be able to provide him anyway. When Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was used to assemble Energy Equipment, the Energy Equipment would be of the most optimal property to face the opponent he was facing. That was also the strongest aspect of his Energy Equipment and the basis of Chen Feng\'s combat power.

"Filter all property-based amplification genetic abilities."


Eighty percent of the list Chen Feng was reading disappeared.

Chen Feng raised his head and focused on the remaining abilities on the list.



What remained were some formidable and rare abilities.

Naturally, due to the unique usage of these abilities, the combat power of these abilities was somewhat weak compared to a regular property-based ability. There was a gap of at least threefold in combat power.

For example, the gravity-controlling ability. When this ability was used by itself, it would only be able to weakly affect gravity. Only when this ability was used as the core with other complementing genetic abilities to form a secret art would it unleash its true power. For a person like Chen Feng who would not be able to use any proper secret arts due to his existing genetic abilities, such genetic abilities weren\'t particularly useful.

Increasing combat power…

Challenging those of higher classes…

Chen Feng skimmed through the list speedily. However, he could not find any genetic abilities he was satisfied with. A vast majority of these abilities required some complementing genetic abilities to unleash their true power.

Suddenly, he blanked.

Wait. To defeat the enemy, increasing his combat power was not the only way to go about it. If he was able to weaken his enemy…