The Strongest Gene - Chapter 283: Celestial Defense System

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Chapter 283: Celestial Defense System

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Excellent producer! This was an extremely unique identity. From now onward, Chen Feng would be shedding his identity as a commoner and would become part of the association\'s management.

Mhm… At the very least, he would have a vote and right to make his suggestions regarding various strategic decisions of the organization. This was the most important benefit of having this excellence award. Due to his young age, Chen Feng had also become the youngest excellent producer in history.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Now he would at least have some sort of influence when it came to pushing the Association\'s agenda toward certain events, such as the upcoming Star City Battle!

That apocalypse-like scene had been replaying in Chen Feng\'s brain without stop. The scene where the whole Star City was destroyed had caused his heart to thump furiously countless times.

Chen Feng muttered, "Even if Senior Hou Liang has said that the association has already made some preparations, still…"

Those who had never witnessed what he had seen would never be able to imagine how severe the situation was. The only thing the association could do was increase their vigilance and prepare some defensive measures. A method truly capable of resisting against that calamity did not yet exist.

An example would be the defensive system of Star City. Chen Feng had found a defensive system that was a huge energy barrier imitating the appearance of a celestial body that would envelope the whole of Star City. A defensive barrier possessing the ability to defend against and counterattack against all sorts of abilities, an existence said to possess the top-most defense.

Chen Feng contemplated as he studied the details regarding Star City\'s defense.

The next day, as the Star City Conference was starting, the whole of Star City started bustling with noise. Only when something involved a strategic decision of great importance would the upper levels of Star City hold a conference to discuss it. This time around, the topic of their discussion was the loot box.

Since Chen Feng was now already the recipient of the producer excellence award, they were hoping that he would be able to somewhat reduce the price. Countless people were looking forward to this.

The conference started at ten sharp. Chen Feng had arrived early in the morning as well. The so-called Star City Conference was in actuality a gathering of everyone qualified to vote for strategic decisions before they started voting for or against the discussed strategic decisions.

Finally, the decision would be made after the voting.

All the members of the management and excellent producers would be eligible to participate in this. However, none of the excellent producers awarded during the previous years were here. For these people, unless there was something that interested them in the conference, they would simply not attend. Hence, although there was a huge number of people eligible for voting, the final number of voters would be around 20 or 30 people.

Naturally, for this affair concerning Chen Feng\'s loot box, none of them were eligible to vote for it. This was something that could only be decided by Chen Feng himself. As such, they could only discuss it, rather than calling for a vote on it.

Before long, the vice president and the rest entered the conference hall.

Next, the conference officially began. Everyone first proceeded to welcome Chen Feng\'s inclusion into the ranks of excellent producers before moving on with the hot "loot box incident."


Almost everyone\'s gaze landed on Chen Feng.

"All right, just reduce the price then," Chen Feng said indifferently.

He wasn\'t particularly interested in the contribution points anyway. It was only something he had accumulated to obtain the excellence award. However, even if the price was reduced, he had to ascertain that it was done in a way that the old customers of his were not disheartened by the price reduction.

"I will do it step by step," Chen Feng muttered. "Right now, it\'s still the 20% promotion period… After several days, I will permanently maintain the price at 20% promotion. After a while, the price reduction will be 50%.. .followed by 70%... then 90%... to achieve the price reduction goal."

With this, the benefits of both his old and new customers would be protected.


Everyone was overjoyed at this.

"Many thanks."

Now they found Chen Feng much more pleasing to their eyes.

Chen Feng smiled bashfully.

Soon they started discussing other strategic decisions. Everyone started voting. As for Chen Feng, he abstained from voting most of the time. The conference reached the end quickly.

However, just as the conference was about to end, Chen Feng stood up suddenly.

Chen Feng slowly said, "I have a proposal."


Everyone widened their eyes.

Proposal? What was he thinking of doing?

"Chen Feng…" Hou Liang pulled Chen Feng down immediately. Had this child gone crazy?

That\'s right. Although every participant of this conference had a right to propose something for everyone else to vote on, under normal circumstances, only the upper management, such as the vice president, would be the ones doing the proposing. It was quite rare for someone else to propose something.

After all, the others did not possess the authority the higher management possessed. Hence, even after the proposal, it couldn\'t be said for sure that anyone else would agree with what was proposed.

In the beginning, everyone would be making their respective proposals in excitement. However, after finding out that their proposals would always be rejected, as they were unable to obtain majority support, they would only give up on proposing.

Unexpectedly… on his first day as an excellent producer, Chen Feng had decided to use this right of proposal.

This guy was truly brave!

"Oh?" The vice president looked at Chen Feng unhurriedly with an indescribable expression on his face. "Well, let\'s hear it, then."

As everyone heard his words, they wiped their sweat. The president was in seclusion all year round. As such, the authority of Star City was normally in the hands of the vice president. After all these years, a vast majority of the management were comprised of his supporters.


Without obtaining his approval, no proposals would be approved.

This was, after all, a sort of provocation toward the authority of the vice president. After all, back when the conference had first started, its purpose had been to keep the power of the president in check. This was the true purpose of the existence of this conference.

However, as time had passed, it had become how it was currently. Although there were a huge amount of excellent producers, they were generally apathetic people who were not bothered with affairs that did not affect them. As such, the conference had completely failed to keep the balance of power in check. At the very most, these excellent producers would only vote occasionally to affect some minor decisions.

Chen Feng proposed his idea. "I hope that Star City will be able to deploy the Celestial Defense System as soon as possible."


Light swirled.

He started explaining. Using various information he had—some of which was bogus, some genuine—he started talking about various terrifying scenarios that might happen during the upcoming attack against Star City by the Mysterious Organization.

"In conclusion, I hope that we can deploy the Celestial Defense System as soon as possible," Chen Feng said calmly.

Celestial Defense System?

That thing… if what Chen Feng said was true and the Mysterious Organization indeed possessed some methods of attack specifically designed for Star City, it was quite a reliable idea to have the Celestial Defense System installed.

Moreover, even without any crisis, there wouldn\'t be any disadvantages to upgrading their defense system anyway.

"I find this to be acceptable."


"Surprisingly, his idea is quite acceptable."

Everyone started discussing.

Right at this instant, the vice president started talking slowly. "I have two questions."

Chen Feng looked at him. "Please say what you have in mind."

"First, how is this Mysterious Organization capable of possessing the power to destroy Star City? An organization that has been suppressed by us to the point where they can only hide everywhere like a rat, what is there to be afraid of?

"Second, activation of the Celestial Defense System requires the cooperation of the Genetic Union as well. A huge amount of manpower and resources, and funds in the billions, are required. Where should this money come from, then? The reserve fund of Star City? If we were to use up the reserve fund, the progress of development in gene production at Star City will have at least a 200% reduction in speed." The vice president finished his words indifferently. Everyone else sunk into silence. Only two points of his had negated almost everything Chen Feng had suggested.

The basis of Chen Feng\'s argument was the threat posed by the Mysterious Organization. However, at his very first sentence, the vice president had this threat negated. As for all the things he\'d said subsequently, such as funds and the like, none of those were important.

In short, the vice president was totally against this idea. The others exchanged glances and made their decision shortly after.

Soon, some of them started speaking out.

"I reject this proposal."

"I reject this proposal as well."

However, as this was something Chen Feng had proposed toward the end of the conference, a long time was required for everyone to discuss this. As such, the final voting was delayed.

The vice president announced the end of today\'s conference. "Since the discussion has yet to end, we will continue tomorrow."

Soon, everyone left. What had happened during the conference was spread to the public, causing a huge sensation.

Had Chen Feng gone crazy? This was the first thought everyone had.

Hou Liang shook his head helplessly. "See."

"No worries."

Chen Feng merely smiled at this bureaucracy. The only reason he had made his proposal at the end of the conference was so that the final vote could be delayed.

As for tomorrow?


Chen Feng smiled profoundly. "Don\'t worry, there will be people agreeing with my proposal."

Hou Liang smiled bitterly. "How is that possible?"

He had been here for several decades. As such, he had a deeper understanding of how things were done around here compared to Chen Feng.

Out of all the people from the management eligible for voting, 80% of them were from the vice president\'s faction. As for the rest, they might not necessarily support Chen Feng either. Hence, Chen Feng simply had zero hope of succeeding in his proposal.

Picture this situation: If Chen Feng\'s proposal was approved, what would happen if the others decided to start making their own proposals as well?

Or perhaps… one day, someone might decide to do away with the vice president\'s post?

This was the main reason the vice president would not relinquish his grasp of power on the conference. He would not hand over the power capable of deciding his fate to some excellent producer!

The only right those excellent producers needed to have was the right to vote. That would be sufficient. This was the vice president\'s bottom line.

The night passed quietly.

Chen Feng\'s proposal had also caused quite an incident. Everyone was thinking that Chen Feng was akin to a newborn calf that was unaware of the tiger\'s horror. Or perhaps he was simply unaware of the unwritten rules around here.

"He is, after all, too young…"


"Well, he will wake up from his illusion tomorrow."

"As a genius, he indeed needs more life experience."

Everyone discussed calmly.

The next day, the conference reopened to continue the discussion.

However, shocking everyone present, just as the conference started, they discovered that there were around 40 to 50 excellent producers present in this conference.

Their amount was so huge the conference hall couldn\'t fit them all.

"What happened?"

The vice president had an ominous feeling.